Bird, Andrew - Sifters Lyrics

Sound is a wave like a wave on the ocean
Moon plays the ocean like a violin
Pushing and pulling from shore to shore
Biggest melody you never heard before
What if I were the night sky
I were the night sky
Is my lullaby to leave burn

What if we hadn't been born at the same time
What if you were 75 and I were 9
Would I come visit you
Bring you cookies in an old folks home
Would you be there alone
And when the late summer lightning fires off in your arms
Will I remember to breathe no I never will
And if I could convince you that I mean you no harm
Just want to show you how not to need
If I were the night sky
If I were the night sky
Here's my lullaby
My lullaby to leave by
My lullaby to leave by
If I were the night

What if we hadn't been each other at the same time
Would you tell me all the stories from when you're young and in your prime
Would I rock you to sleep
Would you tell me all the secrets you don't need to keep
Would I still miss you
Or would you then have been mine

Sound is a wave like a wave on the ocean
Moon plays the ocean like a violin

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Bird, Andrew Sifters Comments
  1. tetsjin42

    What if you were 75 and I were 9?

  2. Marina Pergher

    this song made my feelings overflow. thank you andrew bird, i needed that <3

  3. Klaus Pick

    This isn't a new song.

  4. Elizabeth del Río

    Beautiful as always

  5. lifeisqwertyful

    My favorite version of this song!

  6. Mariska Harris

    Jacob and Isaac's uncle Dan told me to give Andrew Bird a listen sometime.Well,Dan,just want to send out a HUGE THANK-YOU!!Hope you're out there happy and healthy somewhere...stop and say howdy if you're still in the area-I'm still at your brother Aaron's old park.What a fantastic artist Mr. Bird is!bye,Mariska

  7. scifiNotSyfyFan

    Ha that's cool how he changed that up on the album Break It Yourself.

  8. Insignificant Ness

    This is the first version i saw. Immediatly fell in love. Cant listen to the actual version.

  9. josh prentice

    Thats wonderful i love hearing things like this

  10. 61742

    Agreed on all counts.

  11. josh prentice

    I actually like this version better i feel like it has more emotion and the minimalism is much more personal but the break it yourself version is still very very good

  12. Muineth

    Why am I crying?
    What a musician is this man.

  13. Vainglory user, iPod

    Comparing. Why even compare?

  14. Katrina Ipser

    same here! COOL!

  15. Matt Glista

    As nice as this version is, the one on "Break It Yourself" is literally the song of the year.

  16. Rebecca Ciprus

    My heart just melted...

  17. Professor

    This version is so much better than the version on the new album (Break it Yourself).

  18. dunsta5

    if we hadnt met eachother at the same time.
    if i were the night sky.

  19. combatfetus

    aw. that's great.

  20. Eric Schroeder

    @Claudster100 nice try...

  21. Claudster100

    I love Andrews music,AND I'M ONLY11!!

  22. TheChickDrummer

    @Claudster100, you are officially the coolest eleven-year-old I know.

  23. Claudster100

    I think Andrews music is AWESOME!,and I'm only 11!!!!!!!!!!! B)

  24. Eric Schroeder

    This version of the song is just... special. In so many ways.

  25. NoIDontSpeakFrench

    @MrGone92 I did! NPR is my new best friend.

  26. MrGone92


    You can listen to it right now. It is absolutely incredible

  27. NoIDontSpeakFrench

    @MrGone92 I'm superhype. It's gonna be fantastic (I don't see how it wouldn't be)

  28. MrGone92

    @NoIDontSpeakFrench It's also on his new album! SO STOKED.

  29. Justpassingthrough

    My friend gets to see him live this year... so jealous. brb, watching Andrew Bird's, It's not Easy Being Green.

  30. Megan Totten

    "What if we hadn't been born at the same time?
    What if you were seventy-five and I were nine?
    Would I still visit you,
    bring you cookies in an old folks' home?
    Would you be there alone?"
    It doesn't get any purer than that.

  31. NoIDontSpeakFrench

    For those of you who are in love with this song, it's been repurposed! Mr. Bird just scored the indie film, "Norman". It's under the title "Night Sky" on the Norman Soundtrack released by Mom + Pop records.
    May his gift never be forgotten.

  32. xploreurmind

    @TheChickDrummer Thats really awesome Im legit happy that it went down like that for you haha

  33. Gabby G

    this made me cry.

  34. susiesan

    This song gives me chills

  35. Mel M

    my heart just sinks when I listen to this. it's incredible.

  36. ekkimukk

    I needed to hear this today.

  37. Chanbang18

    I just orderd this and it is takining forever to get here....! Does this come witha poster or a booklet or anythign>?

  38. Amir Wahid

    What dumb skank disliked this?
    Seriously this amazing.

  39. Jan Wagstaff

    thanks for posting this with the lyrics.

  40. luckyblindshot

    if someone fired off lightning from their arms I'd probably forget to breath too.

  41. luckyblindshot

    I am man crushing so hard right now.

  42. Jack Bol

    And one person is deaf.

  43. TheChickDrummer

    You know, I feel that way too. But it might be because I had it stuck in my head the day I got engaged.

    (I also met my husband because of Andrew Bird.)

  44. Dayna Marie

    ....Who's the idiot that disliked this?

  45. Glaucophane

    His performances are always so perfect it's easy to forget that it's live.