Bird, Andrew - Pulaski At Night Lyrics

Half empty, half full
Cup runneth over
Horns of plenty, coffers full
We're starting over

Half empty, half full
Cup runneth over
Horns of plenty, coffers full
We're starting over

I write you a story
But it loses its thread
And all of my witnesses
Keep turning up, keep turning up dead

I paint you a picture
Of Pulaski at night
Come back to Chicago
City of, city of light

Come back to Chicago

I paint you a picture
But it never looks right
Cause I fill in the shadows
And block out the, I block out the light

I send you a postcard
It says, "Pulaski at night"
Greetings from Chicago
City of, city of light

Come back to Chicago
City of, city of light

Come back to Chicago

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Bird, Andrew Pulaski At Night Comments
  1. Alexa F.

    If this song sounds familiar, but you don't know where you heard it before... A lot of vines used this song back in the day. I just remembered I heard this in a "One Direction as disney characters" vine, and I just heard it again on OITNB, so glad I finally know the name of this beautiful song. :')

  2. elmah

    Like this "Beirut" 😇

  3. Diane Stojentin

    I will never stop hearing this song. I first heard it on it's release, when it came out on WXRT. It's a real gem.

  4. Mariangela Volonnino

    Something brought me here... Call it what you will – fate, destiny, spotify …some good taste- but I'm glade of it

  5. Cryyptick

    I definitely found this song from Orange is the New Black, won't lie. However this song is so much more than "that song from OitNB", truly an underrated song.

  6. brooke bird


  7. Evan Hill

    Driving down Pulaski Street at night listening to this💆‍♂️

  8. alondra rios

    Thank you Dodie for instagramming about this

  9. 0Moonlight Bae0

    The violin part reminds me kinda of a disney soundtrack

  10. ruby

    is it bad i'm here from a bambi/harry styles edit ??

  11. Hecate Baphomet

    Sound very alike Beirut love it

  12. Ross Courtright

    I came here because I live on Pulaski

  13. Rain Paris

    This is so embarrassing but I'm here cus of a fanfiction

  14. Lisa P

    Now that I have interpreted the song’s lyrics as a gentrifying anthem I can never go back to listening to this sh*t.

  15. vivienne Villarosa

    Im here cause of dodie's insta story

    Equestrian Life


  16. R R.

    All the OITNB comments are 4-5 years old...and that makes me feel old 😳

  17. Orsolya Sára Nagy

    thanks dodie

    gabi gomez

    haha her ig story brought me here too

    Equestrian Life


  18. Ia Turner


  19. High Alpine Running

    Anyone else here because of OITNB?

  20. Jalen Andrew

    Didn't think I liked the violin...

  21. Abigahilquintana Quintana

    La. Amooooo

  22. Maty Mažári

    I'm here because Spotify knowing my musical taste brought me.

  23. Santiago Marshall

    This reminds me so much of my brother. Every time i want to be with him, I come here.

  24. Christopher Cardona

    I just finished The Young Pope and I had to visit the soundtrack. It was made beautifully by its music among other things.

  25. anonymous •_

    This is art.

  26. Brady Johnson

    I go on vacation in Pulaski NY every year, and I discovered this song on my trip at midnight.

  27. Francisco José

    Estoy aquí por el furro gato Quetzal.

  28. intr

    kick out silly arguments, listen to the songs of Andrew

  29. Abel Zevallos Montes

    First time I heard this song was in the second episode of OITNB's second season, and ever since I can't remember this song without being reminded of Piper Chapman... :P

  30. Ayush Yadav

    Came here after listening this song in "The Young Pope"

  31. Jūnery Love

    The reason this is so familiar to so many people is because it’s pretty much the same riff from “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf” in the old 3 little pigs Disney cartoon

  32. Louis William James LAM

    Tame Impala "let it happen"?

  33. padma prasanth

    I love this :)



  35. Christopher Bohling

    After listening to this song on the regular for like 5 years I have come to the conclusion that this is the greatest song of all time

  36. Sienna Morell Grant

    I love you Andrew bird

  37. Ramper Screw

    i love this music, is very good but the letter is cery very very hansome

  38. Ramper Screw

    i love this music, is very good but the letter is cery very very hansome

  39. Chunkalunkin

    The New Pope

  40. Jeff Kinkead

    You can't hang and you can't fly, if you ain't a bird fan. 💯

  41. • volume


  42. weeb NATION

    This my all time favorite song from Andrew Bird

  43. terrel's2nd

    Orange is the new black sent me

  44. Jaluba

    This song is so beautiful

  45. Homeless Pyro

    Here from Orange is the new black

  46. Barat Joey

    Only good people like this song :) This youtube channel can only be a piece of paradise :)

  47. Shooney

    those violins are so smooth, makes me feel so sad

  48. Violette Purple

    Everythings is gonna be okay piper 💛

  49. Ali Arslan

    In which year did this song be made?


    Released in November 2013

  50. Nelly Orellana R.

    Why am I now finding this

  51. Puck Bryn

    when this song came out: ok I'm into it but what the fuck is fenty
    coming back to it now: oh don't you worry, my life is full of fenty

  52. Eduardo Valencia

    This song, roma fade, tic motion and breaking yourself are the best of Andrew Bird

  53. Savannah Green

    This song gives me the best nostalgic feeling ever x ❤️

  54. Ard Zz 92

    Listening this song for me is like drugging me, knowing it hurts...But I do it anyway! And reading the comments I understand that I’m not the only one feeling in this way. It is like something supernatural and divine.

  55. Claudia Catanese

    This song makes me sad and also... happy

  56. Kris Crystal

    it reminds me of beirut band a lot

    Santiago Marshall

    This song reminds me of Nantes

  57. Maher Khedder

    Music that makes human being relief

  58. Annabel Victor

    This gives me Anne with an E vibes

  59. Alexander Sillan

    I love this song....
    Actually I’m just a massive fan of his work

  60. Julian West

    This was great when I saw him last week in LA

  61. keith fletcher

    As a fiddler myself, I really appreciate the new ground Andrew is breaking with the violin in pop music. It is something new under the sun. And as someone who loves Chicago, I am glad he has given this gift of a song to a great city.


    Does this song just make you so sad but happy.

  63. Virginia Moncada

    Young Pope <3

  64. Daniela Steffen

    amo que amo

  65. Axelástico

    Orange Is the new black brought me here.

  66. Danna Evans

    yo nada más vengo por el video de Harry comparándolo com bambi

  67. Barbra stanwick

    I'm here because of an old Misha Collins edit, I've spent quite I while looking for this song. Somehow it alwayd slips my memory, but it's so guud!!

  68. Marcos Vinicius

    Que musica sensacional!
    alguém em 2019?

  69. Sebastian Toledo

    Listening this is the key of happiness

  70. Elyce Kinzer

    "Oooooo start it over"
    _presses repeat button_ anything for you mr. Bird

  71. genuineCorn

    I dont know about the young pope series or whatever i’m here because i watched kishi bashi on the npr tiny desk concert and someone said “ok when will he meet andrew bird”
    Hey commenter.
    I agree

  72. Electra Heart

    Im crying.

  73. Donsoreng Koireng

    Love this song


    so wonderfull!!!

  75. Diné

    I came here from The Walking Dead edit. I love this song!

  76. Rachael Newsome

    good songs that what i; =s ayung you jnow?

  77. C. wan

    So glad I got this in my shuffle.

  78. Sno HE

    Find you someone who makes you feel the way this song makes you feel

  79. Shruti Venkat

    I have strange urge to scratch someone and peel off their skin

  80. Shruti Venkat

    I lou titties

  81. Guna Jegorova

    First time heard it in Christiania 🇩🇰!
    Absolutely magic feelings♥️
    This song always reminds me - people are free if they want.

  82. Randy Herrera

    Dammm just singing along makes me cry

  83. MrLuck #

    Check this out these guys %100 stole your composition if they dont have the permit from you.

    Clearly they've inspired by your song dude.

  84. Janiya Henderson

    Who else is here from orange is tha new black??!!

  85. Lothbrok

    I'm here cause of the Young Pope.

  86. J Spin OH MY

    Ye gods... the tears...

  87. The Nimble Ninja

    Incredible song. One of my all time favorite songs.

  88. MattF

    This should be heard by everyone

  89. William Sockerson

    I saw the word "Pulaski" in the title and thought of an axe. Now I am here

  90. nice girl

    I don't know but I just love it

  91. Decio Teixeira

    Never get tired of this .,2019.

  92. ElectricAvian

    I miss Chicago...

  93. Mateusz Lubiński

    This song is even cooler if you are Polish

  94. Tay lin

    Orange is the new black anyone

  95. Goose Marker

    But piper *hates* deep dish

  96. SłońToJa

    Thank you Mr Puławski! <3

  97. Rachel R

    I feel like I've experienced this song in my life before but I haven't ❤️

  98. Street radio

    Πολυ όμορφο και συγκινητικό κομμάτι! Για να δούμε θα το ακούσουμε ζωντανά φέτος το καλοκαίρι στην συναυλία του;