Bird, Andrew - Orpheo Looks Back Lyrics

And there are places we must go to
To bring these hollow words on back from
You must cross a muddy river
Where love turns to love turns to fear
They say you don't look
There's only one way
On back from on back from here
They say you don't look
They say you don't look cause it'll disappear

And our eyes they keep on strainin'
As if to see what lies behind them
Through the shells of empty buildings and great columns of glass
They say you don't look
They say you don't look
Cause it'll drive you mad
And if it drives you mad
If it drives you mad
It'll prob'ly pass

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Bird, Andrew Orpheo Looks Back Comments
  1. Varzaru Valentin

    The best! So close to my soul...

  2. Men X

    ένας καλός σφυριχτής

  3. Leticia Vanessa

    impossível ouvir apenas uma vez.💙

  4. DukeOfDeath27

    the fact that they made that sound with one mic is insane! what the hell!

  5. Oliver Campion

    I really love this song

  6. Sergio Ochoa

    How can you not love this one?

  7. Miranda Novotny

    how can he whistle so good. :0
    love this song...

  8. Gossamer

    Look up the story of Orpheus and how he tried to get his wife out of the Underworld, but looked back and screwed it all up.  It's a good, but sad story.

    Yvng Mystical

    *girlfriend* but yeah wife works if it is wife my mistake srry


    I think they were getting married when a snake bit her, right? So it'd be like fiance or whatever the female version of that word is... Unless it was like towards the end of the wedding... Would need to check the story, maybe it wasn't a wedding and was just a party...

  9. Stephan Bennett

    That standup bass is majestic, great recording, thank you!

  10. Ryan Campbell


  11. Abigail Loach

    Just saw the wedding ring on his finger... Great. And I totally saw us having a future together, too...

  12. Mizumono

    The violin parts are just awesome.

  13. Joshua Kirk

    Oh yes! No dislikes!

  14. Kate Buchanan

    holy shit this is bril. Love it how every live version is slightly different

  15. Drew Munson

    Great songwriter, musician and singer - PLUS he's a kickass whistler? Screw you Andrew Bird.

  16. Lee Evans

    I'm just happy that Andrew Bird got Judd Nelson to play the guitar for him.

  17. María Peinazo

    it should be forbidden not to love this music

  18. Terry Koch

    Less than one million likes? What's wrong here?