Bird, Andrew - Fatal Shore Lyrics

Would it be easier so much easier
If you never knew us
Would you ever fear anymore
If you never knew us
Would we meet on a fatal shore
On a fatal shore?

When are you comin to shore
To never fear anymore
You never know any doubt
Like we who breathe in and out

Are you a breather
Mail receiver?
If you could see right through us
Through our clothes and through our pores
If you could see right through us
You're gonna run into your homes and lock your doors

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Bird, Andrew Fatal Shore Comments

    omg ! feels like heaven

  2. ablank11PlayzMC

    I love it so much

  3. That Douche

    Uh, wow. That's my kind of art. Thanks to all involved for enlivening my cultural landscape with this.

  4. Christopher Ogden

    Where are the outer space Angels ? Just kidding . Well I wanted to say is I can listen to this song in any condition ! It is very nice !

  5. Open copy

    angry bird, I ♥ you

  6. painterphil

    My favorite song ever.

  7. Dirkardo StEvergreen

    Simply awesome, this song is one my all time favourites. The musicianship on display here is astoundingly good and yet so refrained.

  8. Haley Owens

    Ghostly yet so beautiful. Gives me chills.

  9. Patricia Cárdenas

    I can't believe this.

  10. H S

    This is one of the most surreally beautiful things I've ever heard.

  11. ouackstrax

    Great performance. Anyone know what kinda mic that is? Or which mics or amps he might've used on his last EP?

  12. Salma Amrani


  13. harold Brooks

    excellent, unpretentious love of music.

  14. Rocio Romero

    Marry Me Andrew Bird

  15. thebard4


  16. TheOGgamer

    Nice and smooth. My favorite on album

  17. nelem002

    Incredibly relaxing

  18. Maria M.

    Awww !!!

  19. Jon Anheier

    I bought the album and all but i find myself watching this video over and over. Andrew Bird is magic and I'm addicted.

  20. modelleg

    Heard this on Lou and Hal's New York Shuffle XM30 The Loft.

  21. modelleg


  22. alexander elfrink

    saw this on the palladia channel, had to find.

  23. bangaway

    i really like this great performance

  24. omahaisme


  25. Simple Genius

    This is a very cool groove. Much better version than on the record. And taken in a single take.