Billy Squier - Two Lyrics

Happy birthday little man
On this night you are two
and I am far away, much farther than
I would ever be from you
You're my dearest little friend
and tonight I miss you more than most
as I rock myself, my arms my lonely cradle
Sometimes it makes me sad
yet always I'm glad for knowing you
Good night my little man
Thought mine you'll never truly be
I will watch you grow
and maybe someday you will know
how very, very much you mean to me
It's been a happy day
You've learned what presents are
But the greatest gift by far
is the presence that you bring
Sleep tight, my little man
and fill your days with wonder
of kites and sand castles and colored elephants
so many wondrous elements
Be safe and happy with your dreams
and smile that special smile that says
for all the world to see
"I see the world fro all it's meant to be
and know that all of it is meant for me"

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Billy Squier Two Comments
  1. SuperReverbious

    I loved this album. I liked this song musically although not really lyrically. The 28 quarter note cymbal crashes in a row at the pinnacle give it a big energy burst. And the guitar signature lick in the intro and chorus is fun.

  2. Jyn Roman

    How is nobody talking about this AMAZING song

  3. Rocken Balls

    awesome tune.  good shit!