Billy Squier - More Than Words Can Say Lyrics

More than words can say
or the sweetest song that I can play
More than words can say
I love you now
More than you may know
from the simple ways I try to show you
More than words can say
I love you now
They can take you where they want
Will they bring you back
They can give you what they want
They can't give you everything
Walkin' down the road
far away from home
Many miles to go
but it's all right
So much work to do
before my day is through
But when I think of you
my spirits fly
They can hurt you if they want
How are you to know
Desert yo when you need them most
I will be there constantly
More than words can say
or the sweetest song that I can play
More than words can say...
But if I can't reach you now
what am I to do
If I can't reach you now
I will reach out constantly
More than words can say
or the sweetest song that I can play
More than words can say
try hard as I may
More than words can say
more with every passing day
More than words can say
I love you now

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Billy Squier More Than Words Can Say Comments
  1. David Irby

    one of my favorite ballads of the 80's.

  2. Lewis Fortney

    Ik a guy that has a tow truck 😊🤔 js

  3. Jon Maejeck

    The 8os hairbands rock if anybody dont like go back to your rap crap

  4. Mr. ENGlishJELLo

    Sounds like a song that would be played in the final dance at a wedding! LOL

  5. Kim Wise

    The music was so good in the 70s & 80s. This song reminds me of the live of my life. I made a mistake and I am still paying for it. I am so sorry and I still live you and always will.

  6. Nob the Knave

    When you thinking about food the day before the food stamps come.

  7. Paul Matthew G.

    Guy can really sing but this some really heavy CHEESE

  8. Kevin Granquist

    Lead singer from the band Sheriff and their hit When i'm with you

  9. Mariano Duarte

    Que temita eh please

  10. Joshua Huff

    Wonderful music from the rock of the 80s! Sure do miss it!

  11. Ivan J. Conway

    You know, every last one of these damn, songs slices through me like a knife now. I struggle so, hard to keep from getting insanely, emotional but it's a loosing battle. There was a spirit throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s that simply, does not exist anymore. I don't think the kids today, will ever understand.

    Long Live Disco. Long Live Rock. Best of 2020. Out.

  12. Tong Mabinay

    we missed the 80-90's music.ilove it

  13. just ERIC

    good thing i still got this on my mp3s. btw. i got around 3k of songs from the 80s & 90s 😋 still in my smartphone

  14. John Spears

    I love you Camille

  15. ailysworld

    2020. . Miss all the ballads songs from the 80's 90's

  16. Anthony P

    Timeless 🥂

  17. Tty Gonzalez

    More than words can say....this moments with you and amazing nights ...cosito lindo😘cip

  18. rolando ferrer

    whos here 2020?

  19. Sugi Lanang

    Cap khau angkatan 93 mana suarany.

  20. Giles Skelton

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    Here is a quick out of no where point:
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    go listen to it if you care to, this is for all the races of mankind.

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    If you want to?.
    God I pray for our children. come back to life~
    In Christ's name A men-

  21. Ruth Gómez


  22. Sha Alkhairead

    Omg ..i miss this song

  23. himawan hood

    I need you like..2020:)

  24. j b

    En fait, en ce jour mon ex-mari est venu chercher NICOLAS pour manger avec lui! Oui, chouette, super midi! Il me gonfle cet homme! Je ne le supporte plus du tout!

  25. Azhar Iqbal

    80's songs are forever...

  26. cristine fiel

    It's year 2020 and I still love this

    Jojo Pimentel

    Hi cris :)

  27. JeffreyJing Caducano

    2020 ..... still rock's our world .......

  28. Jhean Baldapan

    Nkkamis ang mga old songs sarap sa tainga pakinggan😍

  29. Laura Salinas

    The song I had my first kiss to!! I married that guy😁 Great memories!!

  30. Dark Claw

    Looks like 625 people who dont know how to play an instrument or music, its a real shame what they consider music now, because it takes no talent or practice

  31. Rose Red

    The lead singer looks like a combination of Tiny Tim and Buffalo Bill 😳

  32. Five Punch

    Same lead singer from the group Sheriff..... Merry Christmas 2019♥️


    wow, I never knew that. Love Sheriff

    Five Punch

    @JIMMY ROSE look up the group Sheriff if ya haven't yet.

  33. Muffin Man

    Was I the only one who thought peter cetera was the singer when first hearing it without knowing who actually sang it? More specifically during the first verse

  34. denni fLowerhorn

    mantapp 😍😘😘😘 i am from indonesia wkwkwkk

  35. jhe craft

    very good this music

  36. Wilfredo Rodriguez

    I trully love this song

  37. DeiaOlliv

    Linda música 💗

  38. Tarmizi Zulkarnaen

    The time when music so beautiful..

  39. Sandra

    Dec 2019?❤️❤️❤️

  40. Gemini 1984

    dang this is how i feel now

  41. joel750

    I first heard this when I was in 3rd year high school back in the Philippines back in 1983. It’s great to hear it again after all of these years 36 years later. I have a lot of great memories connected to this song.

  42. badrodin mangindra

    dont know but 80s music brings me to a place i cant find todays.... i love 80 and 90s


    Beautiful...simply beautiful.

  44. Forgonefall4 is in the house

    love songs and a rock song . love it love the 80s n 90s for this

  45. zen poe

    What happens to freddy curci now,he looks so fat in his recent bideo

  46. Bill Monach

    Roger Fisher from Heart on second guitar

  47. MURENA


  48. Blondie Seeker

    If he only knew how much I need him...will always love this song 🥰

  49. Nimrod

    mela cueca

  50. manisch kreativ

    Perfect tune for lonely crying nights

  51. Free Nemo

    the era when music was really touching your emotion.....

  52. Alex Mendes

    Boa demais essa música um show

  53. Carrie Cat

    That lead singer looks like Jason Biggs with curly blonde rock hair

  54. Monica Mason

    A great album. Played the cassette to near death. Glad I have it on CD.

  55. martin wiltrout

    The music will take you back.


    Fantastic Canadian AOR - Fredy Curci great singer


    Fantastic Canadian AOR - Fredy Curci great singer

  58. Malamute Aerospace


  59. dejavu

    Lucky me being 80' generation...

  60. duckiedale80

    The singer of When I’m With You and Heart minus the Wilson sisters.

  61. Alfred Pullra

    Rock vidieos is the foundation of sucksess

  62. Metal Scholar

    2:40-2:44 Most memorable part of the song. Agree?

  63. G Berrios

    ❤❤❤❤ October 26, 2019

  64. Luiz Henrique

    Assim como eu, algum brasileiro aqui que conheceu essa música através do Lovy Metal com nome e artista diferente e que por isso demorou pra achar a música no youtube?

  65. Cesar Camacho

    One of my favorite Power ballads ever. The others: Alone by Heart and Listen to your heart by Roxette.


    Cesar Camacho The rhythm section minus the Wilson sisters are on this song.

  66. Ell En

    A lot of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to this song

  67. Jozy Nascimento

    2019,e eu ainda aqui ouvindo, pq amoo😍😍

  68. Misty Stafford

    This used to play on my radio every night. I fell asleep listening to it countless times

  69. Orlando Bautista

    I thought it was firehouse song I need you now til I saw this video. More than words can say is the title of the song not I need you now.

  70. Ronald Montano

    This band featured Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Michael Dorosier from the original Heart line up!!

  71. Born Free

    2019 & forever!

  72. 80'sHolyHighRecords

    To my Love of my life... Yuliana. I Love you.

  73. The Flame89

    Wew, I downloaded this song long ago, it was titled as " I Need You Now" by Firehouse... I always loved this since then, sometimes credits ain't given to whom its due because of misleading info...

  74. Metal Mulisha

    I thought this song is from firehouse😂

  75. First order commander games

    Awesome rock ballad...rock on ex 80 ers

  76. Boricua Guerrero

    Who else is listening to this great ballad 2019

  77. Julio Guardia

    I love this song,Freddy curcci es un grozo

  78. MrTraumadude

    Fred and the whole band ROCKS

  79. Isabel Bel

    Linda música não se faz música como antes assim

  80. ikiss zango

    Notre génération n arrivera jamais à rattraper l écarts ou le faussé qui nous sépare de ces musiciens incroyables

  81. Scrub Plant

    I had to wait for the chorus...then it hit me...oh yea, i remember this song, still sounds great!!!

  82. Guitarzan !

    maybe if you idnt wake up at 6 o: clock in the morning and let your lady sleep you would still be tagging her....just saying.....i never bother my lady before 7 and been married 25 years.....just saying bro

  83. Julio Garcia

    la primera vez que escuche esta cancion,fue Georgia en 1996 eran las 10 de la noche,extrañando ami esposa.

  84. Eduardo Peña

    Beatifull song, forever!!!

  85. Blondie Seeker

    They just don’t make songs like this anymore 🥰 love the lyrics💗

  86. Arlene Togana

    this song is very beautiful song

  87. Ken Musillo

    Great tune

  88. DrRiddlez2015

    This song peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990

  89. EmiLy SaNdRa 10273


  90. Gadski J. B. D.

    I need you now. Murphy.

  91. kennethchristopher Phillips

    It feels like 89 90 or 91 I love these hair bands and their ballads I used to have this on cd I love this song and band Alias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Marla The 80's girl

    Here I 6 o’clock, in tha monin’....

  93. Yel Buico

    What?! All these years i taught the one who sang it was Firehouse haha damn! 😭😣🤣

  94. sarahstacy81

    The debate rages on. Just who survived. Hair Metal vs Grunge. Hands down it's Hair Metal. These ballads meant a lot to people. Even 30 years later..They still get a response from people. And that says a lot.

  95. Dan Rudloff

    Excellent lyrics and vocals

  96. Patricia Lazo

    IT makes me remember my father! 😭

  97. Radio EBR

    Greetings from Argentina amigos!!