Billy Ray Cyrus - Country As Country Can Be Lyrics

I grew up on Jones and Tammy Wynette
Blue collar dollars and the sun on my neck
Nascar and earnhart, still miss number three
Hey, I'm just as country as country can be
Wide open spaces fit me like a glove
Still live for my truck to be covered in mud
I got hard workin hands, I got boots on my feet
And I'm just as country as country can be

Hey I'm just as country as country can be
Red, white and blue are the colors I bleed
I thank the all mighty for the land of the free
And I'm just as country as country can be

I hear all this talk about time for a chance
I can't help but wonder what's wrong with the same
Who I am already is alright with me
Though I'm just as country as country can be

Hey I'm just as country as country can be
Red, white and blue are the colors I bleed
I thank the all mighty for the land of the free
And I'm just as country as country can be
Hey I'm just as country as country can be

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Billy Ray Cyrus Country As Country Can Be Comments
  1. GianlucaPlay

    alguien mas viene por el episodio de soutpark ? XD

  2. b1rdkeeper S

    They made us square dance to this atrocity in elementary school.

  3. Samplestudent McGenericname

    If I ever have to face a firing squad, I hope this is playing in the background.

  4. Peekadam

    If it weren't for this song nobody would have any idea who Miley Cyrus is.

  5. QueenPineapples

    knowledge of billy in three gens (kinda)

    achy breaky billy
    hannah montana dad
    old town road high old guy

  6. Aimen Hichem Benamira

    La coupe longueuil!!

  7. Quentin Dugger

    Who all is listening in 2k20?

  8. Crypto Bin

    Mah heart

  9. Adolf Zweimal

    He has only one Hit and this is a Cover ..

  10. Michael Ahsin

    Home girl is hot 🥵

  11. Evelin Medrano

    O diablos me encanta!!! Enero 2020!!

  12. Kisey Naty

    This is " no rompas mi pobre corazón the most famous song to dance together in group in any Mexican party. Look for it.

  13. Nickola Hristov

    Of course the "she" never broke his achy breaky heart when he is buying her a Maserati's and Fendi Sport Bras....

  14. Jon Lorg

    If only he didn’t do that buck 22 thing

  15. Melvin Rosario

    You can tell the world you never was my girl
    You can burn my clothes up when I'm gone
    You can tell your friends just what a fool I've been
    And laugh and joke about me on the phone
    You can tell my arms go back to the farm
    You can tell my feet to hit the floor
    Or you can tell my lips to tell my fingertips
    They won't be reaching out for you no more

    But don't tell my heart
    My achy breaky heart
    I just don't think he'd understand
    And if you tell my heart
    My achy breaky heart
    He might blow up and kill this man

    You can tell your mom I moved to Arkansas
    You can tell your dog to bite my leg
    Or tell your brother Cliff whose fist can tell my lip
    He never really liked me anyway

    Or tell your Aunt Louise, tell anything you please
    Myself already knows I'm not OK.
    Or you can…

  16. monkey53821

    Back when country was actually country. Not this Keith urban and Florida Georgia line bullshit

  17. Miih Uchiha

    1:52 Miley Cyrus voltou no passado pra ver o show do pai kkkkkkkkk

  18. Citlalli Chavez

    Robbie rye stuart

  19. George Sever

    Just look at how amazingly beautiful that the women are - who are line dancing! You know just how much this singer is appreciated by how well dressed that people are when they attend his concerts! Thank you, Mr. Cyrus for making the world a better place with your music!🐴😀

  20. Ola Bojko

    2020 still gold

  21. calum brown

    Still great in 2020

  22. Sarah Weekes

    There was so much noise in the room when I start playing this that his words sounded like "MOPBH mpbh mpbh mpbh"

  23. Franco Aguila Chikencripi

    Vengo de futuro a decir que este con un morenaso hará la mea canción

  24. Martin Doyle


  25. Sina Karimi

    That sweeeeeeeeeet mullet.

  26. Shameka SoSexy


  27. Wesley Doughman

    No. 34 on my Facebook Group Top 100 Songs of all Time 2019.

  28. Cry

    square dancing ptsd

  29. isdar polhut

    Best Dancing Cowboys 💖

  30. Sur taucher

    Oh yeah
    don´t pratt me hard, me achy breaky hard
    just don´t leave it on a stamp
    don´t break me baby, me achy breaky baby
    i´m just goin´ to the land…
    Wonderful song !

  31. alonzo ortiz

    Stan bailando.

  32. Adam McMahan

    Say what u want..but that mullet got him so much ass

  33. Fran .Schw

    La version française de Corbier "laissez les mamies faire" est tout aussi sympathique

  34. Dannibee Hill

    And u just look after my man lol xx

  35. Child of God Melton

    My grandma that raised me from birth she loved this song and she loved Billy Ray Cyrus. She passed away May 19th 2015 I love you so much and I miss you a lot mama.

  36. SoderoPiojoso

    South Park?

  37. vanessa pineda


  38. Olga Vilalobos


  39. Brandon Gill

    1992! Great year... #NOW23

  40. Danny883

    Omg he’s so young!

  41. José López

    Stan dance, South Park. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    alex silva

    Recuerda Stan cuando alguien te rete lo miras a los ojos y le das esto

  42. Tanya Scott

    I just love this song it was my favourite in the ,90s

  43. codcrap22

    This song is a cover of
    Don't Tell My Heart
    by *The Marcy Brothers (1991)*

  44. Kate Fiene

    Ill always known him as Miley's dad from HANNAH MONTANA and in real life

  45. Arrowed Albatross

    Came here from South Park... good lord, I had no idea it was this guy. This was the last guy I expected it to be.

  46. Spetsnaz Operator

    Absolute trash.

  47. Oop UwU

    ngl he kinda hot

  48. Jo Mae

    1:52 Miley's mom. What a photocopy!❤

  49. Flavio Kersting Malheiros


  50. Frankie Jones

    The song is my mewmew

  51. Nuggets Creative

    He looks like Liam!

  52. Ronald Hoerstmann

    was ist mit mir los? alte Zeiten kommen in mir hoch! What is the matter with me? Old times coming inside me!

  53. Callum Morley

    I love this song so much ❤️😋😋👌

  54. luvhate232 starlight123

    Robbie palooza 😂😂

  55. Frostermos

    I hate that people think he made this song.

  56. Albert E

    lil nas x wasnt even a twinkle in his dad's eye when this came out...damn

  57. Yung Sorrow

    In case you didn’t know don’t break my achy breaky heart

  58. shurtherFTW

    yo madamas entendí: no rompas mas mi pobre corazón xDDD

    I’m weird

    shurtherFTW same

  59. Brian Good

    Brian goodea

    Billy ray Cyrus

  60. Umar Khan

    I only know this song from GTA san andreas 😂😂

  61. Bramble Bop

    He looks like Kurt Russell a bit, no?

  62. Hareish Sawng

    God I so remember when he and this song came out and I still have this cd for this song! He was so hot back then in my opinion! Good times and a way better place for me back then. Dam I'm getting old!! Denise in PA

  63. James Denham

    Im sure that Randy Marsh catch all the movements

  64. Dayane Castro

    He looks like Josh turner

  65. Jeremiah Couch

    I play this song to aggravate my neighbors and wife,and never fails to disappoint 🤣

  66. Jakub Kochan

    Yes and now he is singing about his horse :D

  67. AMiGMan

    not original.

  68. pete Kep

    I don't care what any dick head says. This song was cool

  69. yaboi36

    1993 Achy breaky heart
    2019 old town road

    Callum Morley


  70. Jhad tv

    Who's here after watching Old town road?
    Hit the like button and also Subscribe my channel ❤️❤️ hahahah

  71. alejandro serrano

    and they say white people cant dance


    alejandro serrano they can’t

  72. Mart

    Am I crazy for thinking he looks older here than he does in old town road?

  73. XpertOwl

    Thank you "South Park" for me finding this song, love it.

  74. Jacob Duncan

    Producer: How many achy breaky hearts do you want?

    Billy: Yes

  75. Andrea Castillo

    South Park!

  76. Mali B

    If you see the audience 1:06 you can spot Miley Cyrus mum dancing with the black bra and blonde hair. Love her style

  77. orban zoli orzoli

    Very good 👌🥕😁

  78. Krinessa Calis

    Tish is so pretty!

  79. Rhonda Boncutter

    I absolutely love this song!

  80. Abbi Gill

    Miley looks just like her mom

  81. Sebastian Stolz

    This early 90's style woman in the Front looks so ugly i bet she was a groupy

  82. Osvaldo Cortés López

    Los mexicanos: qué pedo qué pedo

  83. Ben Chatonda


  84. nayely dehoyos

    This is a big ass throw back 🤠

  85. patrick montalbo

    Good cover.
    The only song that made him famous was not even his.

  86. Deva 0308

    I just don't wanna go to work 😂

  87. JyeongVlogs Official

    Who Else Found Out That He’s Miley Cyrus’ Dad? Cause…

    *Cause It Told My Heart, My Achy Breaky Heart.*

  88. Matthew Landberg

    This is what kids should be listen to and try become. We need more young country music musicians.

  89. Jenny Gregory

    Reminds me of good old family braais

  90. Helga Zach


  91. Gabriella Martinez

    Business in the front. Party in the back

  92. Cheyenne Brennan

    And now he's taking his horse to the old town road.

  93. Pigeon

    Country music died when this was released

  94. Roses1401

    He was so beautiful wen he was jung! And he left that awesome song. I think he was a bit afraid. Such much beautiful girls all around...But he sung his song! Unforgetable!!!!! <3

  95. v i e n n a h

    he’s such a dilf omg 😌😳😍🥰😘😙🤪🧐😡💅🏻😛

  96. Jennie Jen

    When your teacher met Bill Ray Cyrus be like-

    Luis Cruz

    Wats up with that, my teacher met johny cash