Billy Ray Cyrus - Back To Tennessee Lyrics

Fancy cars and diamond rings,
I seen all kinds of shiny things,
I should be feelin' like a king,
But lord I don't.

Great big towns, so full of users.
Make a million, still a loser.
Some may bet on you to win,
Most hope you won't.

Livin' wild, ain't no mercy being free,
When it brings you to your knees.
Can't keep lying.

I've seen the road now,
I know just what I need,
To find my way back to Tennessee.
I'm going home now,
To Southern, is so sweet,
And find my way back to Tennessee

I was only seventeen,
I lived behind my beauty queen,
I turned my back on everything,
And everyone.

Rooms with lots of pretty faces,
Still don't fill the empty spaces,
Wanderin' where Amazing Grace is,
There is none, no.

Now I know, there's no comfort in this world.
God I miss that hometown girl,
Want to hold her.

I'm on the road now,
I know just what I need,
To find my way back to Tennessee.
I'm coming home now,
To Southern, is so sweet,
And find my way back to Tennessee

All this time I was chasing after dreams,
It was right in front of me,
I was lost without her.

I'm on the road now,
I know just what I need,
To find my way back to Tennessee.
I'm coming home now,
To Southern, is so sweet,
And find my way back to you and me,
Find my way back to Tennessee.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Back To Tennessee Comments
  1. Robbie Stewart

    I'm Goin' Back To Tennessee With My Baby Shayna Baszler

  2. DantesVEVO

    #Amazing #Song #Love #BillyRayCyrus

  3. rus harley

    Best song he ever performed.

  4. Samantha Williams

    I love you Billy Ray Cyrus

  5. Felix Garibay III

    Back To Tennessee > Old Town Road

  6. Prophet Lola Marie

    Saw Billy Ray in concert in Ohio . The best experience I've had in forever. Have me a greater love and respect for him professionally and personally ❤️🌹🙏 want more ❤️

  7. RTL The Musician

    Going back to Tennessee with the horses in the bacc

  8. Jeff Sue

    God bless.

  9. Christina Judkins

    Is that his wife leticia??? The girl in the video

  10. Swaggin dragon

    Miley was in the video @ 3:33 😍😍

  11. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    This is definitely a Number One song! .. But I read it wasn't ... Love this song! ... Should be on EVERY country radio station EVERY day! ... Play it again Sam!

  12. Blandkhalel Khalel Bland

    New songs ft Laura Marino

  13. Aaron Winterberg

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey ad befor the song 😂

  14. NickJey Channel

    2009 - Back To Tennessee
    2019 - Old Town Road

  15. Skylor Madden

    I'm 20 almost 21 and I still love this song from Billy Ray Cyrus

  16. El Tony Senpai

    Se parece a Juanes xd

  17. Christopher Torres

    billy ray cyrus before:back to tennessee

    billy ray cyrus 2019:im gona take my horse to the old town road

  18. Hillary

    I wanted to marry him during his Achy Breaky Heart days.

  19. Zoé Ponti

    love this soo much

  20. KiwiBaby1988

    Billy Ray Cyrus is so sexy 😍😘❤.

  21. Crystal Knell335

    Here because I just love billy Ray and miley and I was bought up with billy Ray before Hannah Montana and I’m 19 lol

  22. Mgriff 7

    Who here after Old Town Road remix ??

  23. Matthew 11

    Whos here from old town road?

    Strawberry Milk

    No I'm here because I wanted to listen to actual quality music that credits it's maker. Boom!

  24. Issa Snake

    I'm not American but I really like country music😌

  25. Donald Trump


    x FlushestMean93 x



    @x FlushestMean93 x HAT IS MATTE BLACK

    Cool Shadow


    Strawberry Milk

    Here I am I'm gonna break this down for you ok? He is and will always be a sensation but putting him in the category of what he has been FORCED to sing because of the difference in music taste is WRONG. He is much more talented than singing a small line in a song. Ok? So next time you are quoting any Billy Ray cyrus songs make sure they credit their amazing maker! Ok?

  26. Oscar Cervanteslopez

    Oh yea i love This music i love tennesse shelviville

  27. Valeria Espinosa

    Love it

  28. Erika Soto


  29. Jair Valle

    Stevie Ray looks young.

  30. Tatiana Montilla


  31. chris king

    the man that made me love country music

  32. kaitlyn wilson

    Thank you so much Kristen that song really really mean to me

  33. Leire Uri


  34. PhuongLinh Dinh

    I love your voice!!!

  35. bts y army bts y army

    2018? 💖

  36. Wyleyne

    Aquele momento que a gente se realiza que realmente está ficando velha. <3

  37. Angelina Ferrell

    This is a really good song of his. He had so many good songs.

  38. Lupita Lopez

    I’m not from Tennessee but i love this song 🥰

    rus harley

    And I love you....

  39. Alberto Gutierrez

    Excelente Canción.


    A peaceful song

  41. Daphne Zamora

    Rip Kurt cobain 😔💔

  42. Autumn McKenzie

    2018 anyone?????

  43. Jessica Santana

    adding to the "Playlist relaxing" successfully :)

  44. Danielle Hogeland

    I love BillyRay Cyrus so much

  45. Gabo Hidewike

    este es el papa de hannah montana jaja

  46. Sara Rusman

    I love this song since i watch hannah montana the movie and this song will be forever on my heart

  47. gabi GA

    Extrañó tennessee :-)

  48. Smarika Mishra

    Keep coming back to this, love u billy sir. U r true star

  49. Angela Smith

    I ❤️ this song 👍

  50. Nico Chandia

    I really love this song!

  51. Just My Two-Bits

    My fav BRC song... perhaps my fav period.

  52. Patricia Clark


  53. Patricia Clark

    Come back to TN.❤

  54. Andraž Babić

    love this song

  55. Thuy Do

    I feel this song from my heart eventhough I'm not an American.

  56. Jimmy Monk

    Love this song I go to Peigeon Forge 10 to 15 times a year for car shows and as I pass the Tennessee Rest Area and head up Jelco Mt I put it on

  57. Classic TV Ghost Stories Spiritul Shows Lovers

    Love billy ray Cyrus is a handsome talented humble young his music.

  58. Angela Smith

    I ❤️ this song 👍

  59. Patricia Clark


  60. Emanuelray Dominguez

    hes mine

  61. Mario Neirot


  62. WWE/WWF Action Figure Collecter

    Favorites song when was little!

  63. Bechthold Paige

    I love the song of Bill Ray Cyrus singing back to Tennessee. Best song ever I see he has wonderful kids and brother too.

  64. Becky Rozwara

    I love this song byBillyRayCyrus it's a great song Back to Tennessee weloveyou BillyRayCyrus!Your myfavoriteCountryStarToo and always will be!!I've known youfor25years now and yourstillExcellentSingerToo love you always Becky to award Hammond Indiana!!!

  65. Angela Allen

    Does Billy Ray get better looking as the years go by? I'm serious, very serious. ❤❤❤❤❤

  66. Matteo Vitacco

    Billy ray Cyrus was the best in the show Hannah Montana and he is a really funny guy lol


    huy nooo con ese papá para qué juguetes!!!!ajoooo

  68. Thuy Do

    I'm listening this song and think about marry a Tennessee man

  69. Thuy Do

    I really like love this song.

  70. Gabriel Avlis

    otima musica *-*

  71. awsome33100

    Hi billyray cyrus

  72. Juan Manuel García

    God I love this song!

  73. Parker Neal

    Did anyone else notice that the picture he is holding at 0:20 is of Jan from The Office?

  74. Justine Camastro

    find your hometown means lot to me

  75. rawanne alnimri

    Ayeee Tennessee fam

  76. Angela Smith

    I love this song

  77. Becky Huffman

    I love this song luv u Billy Ray!!!!!

  78. Wolf Girl

    Preach baby preach

  79. Samantha Shiplett

    I love Hannah Montana ❤️

  80. Rachel Murphy

    still an icon

  81. julie brtek

    Awesome song, listen all day. Ever since song play on movie truly fantastic song still enjoy more and every year.

  82. Kenzie •

    I honestly love living in Tennessee there isn't alot of drama and everyone is so nice and I can see some one I'm related to wherever I go

  83. Francisco Lopez

    i love this song

  84. Phoebe Cassandra

    Billy Ray Cyrus is and always will be a true sensation!! <3

  85. Linda Brown

    love all your songs love the video

  86. Tina Fisher

    I like this one cause he puts his feelings in a song

  87. Jamie Everette

    i love this song and I wish he was my dad

  88. Calvin Duffield

    you always have to find your way back home can't always have the best of both worlds

  89. Ryan Stapleton

    Sing it Billy ray ! 😢😩‼️ find my way back to Tennesseeeeeee 😢😩😩😩😩

  90. Zayra Ortilla

    what the hell is that jan

  91. Andy Garcia

    when they where in Hannah Montana was it like there real life with Billy and the lady in the pic earlier

  92. فيتوفيز - fitovies

    2017 ... anybody ?

  93. Sarah Black

    love this song