Billy Bragg - Dreadbelly Lyrics

Horses, hounds and humans all sitting on an underground train
That fox that lives in the Mile End Road is gonna get chased again
Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles and his mate Sir Richard Van Dyke
Are following on behind the hunt on a two-stroke motorbike

Who would have thought it?

Dreadbelly come running over the hill and he cried out "I be cursed!
Before it get it out of my system I've got to get some in there first'
He threw himself at her dainty feet and he begged her for an answer
She said "You're a much better fishmonger than you're ever gonna be a clog dancer'

The strong man Egyptologist, he couldn't return her gaze
But she won him over with her tight pullover and her
Wonderful turn of phrase
She said "Clear piss and hard shit is all you need to make
You'll find in life that everything else is just icing on the cake'

Who would have thought it?

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