Billie Holiday - Day In, Day Out Lyrics

Day in - day out
That same old voodoo follows me about
That same old pounding in my heart, whenever I think of you
And baby I think of you
Day in and day out

Day out - day in
I needn't tell you how my days begin
When I awake I get up with a tingle
One possibility in view
That possibility of maybe seeing you

Come rain - come shine
I meet you and to me the day is fine
Then I kiss your lips, and the pounding becomes
An oceans roar, a thousand drums
Can't you see it's love, can there be any doubt
When there it is, day in - day out

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Billie Holiday Day In, Day Out Comments
  1. Adrián Cao

    "Ollos de auga". Domingo Villar

  2. Alfredo Midis

    i love this song


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  3. Georgous Snow saint fully sinner dragon killer

    What's love other than a feeling?

  4. Watcher Offools


  5. Khey Charles

    mf... was that Wynton Kelly on p ?

    R. Powell

    Jimmy Rowles.

  6. Carsten R Lauridsen

    The bay of pigs,
    Martin scorsese

  7. Carsten R Lauridsen

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  9. Carsten R Lauridsen

    Le monde de Paris

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    Bloomberg is a mixed bag

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    it's the natural beauty of it

  12. Carsten R Lauridsen

    and most speaking people do not know, what to say, bfore they have said it

  13. Carsten R Lauridsen

    Most writers do not know what to write, before they have written it.

  14. Carsten R Lauridsen

    my heroine

  15. Carsten R Lauridsen

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  16. Carsten R Lauridsen

    My best song of all times

  17. Carsten R Lauridsen

    Recorded in London. The Sax is Webster, Who lived in Copenhagen in the 1970'ies. I bought the record after my first divorce. It was during a sabattical year before moving to Paris

  18. lpa1417

    I need the piano sheet music on this

  19. Jimi Wilder

  20. Theresa Golden

    I love Billie Holiday's voice and her style. My son and her shares the same birthday!!!



  22. Grace Notes MusicThe Singers Center Grace Testani - Jazz

    Happy 102nd Birthday Ms. Holiday - you have influenced so many musicians (singers and instrumentalists)- Thanks you for bring Jazz to me. You will live on forever. Singer-songwriter and musician ElanoraFagan famously known as "Billie Holiday" was born April 7, 1915 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

  23. Tom McSweeney


  24. Meth Zwerg

    i need a Techno remix of this xp

  25. Kathryn McMorrow

    How can this not push your WoW buttons!

  26. Dario Tessone

    keep on swingin' Lady Day!!!!

  27. marizcona


  28. marizcona

    first time I ever heard Ms. Holiday, she gave me hope and worth!

  29. Antonio Carlos Novelli

    O fantástico de Billie, é sua extraordinária divisão musical, ela simplesmente, desliza sobre o ritmo. Também a destacar a incrível "cozinha" que a acompanha com o lendário sax tenor Ben Webster.