Bilal - West Side Girl Lyrics

Hey, how you doing
I've been watching you, getting down
From the way you're moving
You look like you're from the west side part of town, girl
You ain't gotta talk or lick, body talk a lot of shit
Got one question
Could you roll with a kid like me
I could take you where you wanna go
We where the wind blows
Got one question
Could you roll with a kid like me

Uh, look like you took your good shoes off the shelf
Look like you took your good shoes off the shelf
And you shine, so bright
That I could only see you and nobody else
I could only see you and nobody else, girl
Hey, how'd you do it?
You got me back up, on my 90's kick, yeah
Baby, baby, talking bout the girl it's poison
Well if the devil wears prada this is hell!
Girl, it gets hot when you come close to me
Love, love, potion me
Burn like 51, I think it's so much fun girl
Got you right here with me
No place I'd rather be
You could my number one
You look like so much fun, girl

Uh, look like you took your good shoes off the shelf
You know what to do
Shine, so crazy, you know how to groove
My type, my type, my type girl
My type girl, just my type of girl, yeah
Just my type of girl, my type of girl
Just my type of girl, my type of girl.

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Bilal West Side Girl Comments
  1. Toi Golston

    Faaaaaaacts....body talks a lot of shit

  2. Travis Wheeler


  3. Sharon Nicholson

    love bilal!! here in 2017, waiting for another CD, it's been awhile.

  4. Bart Garfunkal

    Oozing funk, essence of Sly & Prince, yes!!

  5. Brittney Brackett

    Love this album. It helps me clear my head and just relaxxxxx

  6. antj29

    Benji b brought me here, great track

  7. Deborah Carmen

    Nice, still hear a lil prince voice w nice jazzm tremble on end pot few notes, on nice 90's beats.

  8. ben flint

    Heard it about a month ago, thought, Nah I don't like it. Woke up this morning and it's playing in my head like a soundtrack.

  9. Willze Davis

    Shafiq Husyan - one of the producer with SA-RA is the maker of this beat

  10. Tillery James


  11. Kinchi Sully

    "Burn like 151" song is dope.

  12. Lakeita Dryden

    This song makes me wanna go to LA for the first time and rent a Bentley convertible coupe and roll down some street on the west side! I'm feeling like that!

  13. Face916AOB

    maybe another listen and itll stick. . .but as for now naaaww butterfly was/is just to massive 

  14. aminkhalil


  15. Cory Harris

    When someone compares an artist like Bilal to Prince, its not an insult to the younger artist…..Prince is a trend setter just like the artists before him.....Sly, 
    Jimmy, James Brown, Muddy Waters, Eddie Hazel…I could go on. There's nothing new under the sun. I'm sure there's someone out there that sounds like Bilal. This is a great piece of work.

  16. Kelly Seltzer

    Love this sonnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!!!!!!

  17. Heuheu

    bianca makes wear british knights again and this is phest02 saying tht just wrong comp

  18. Edward Little

    Just my type of groove.

  19. Shawny Teate

    Love LOVE Love!!!

  20. Stra Trax

    Nice feel!

  21. kyndallgirl81


  22. Classic SoulMan

    bubble funk.

  23. MsMerising

    We all know he's a huge Prince fan. BUT he has his own style apart from Prince which is why gets major dap and my damn dollars :) <3

  24. James Harris

    1st time I heard it, I thought he was singing with Bilal. On that note, I feel ya.

  25. Iman B. Williams

    He didn't really write it LOL a few other people wrote this LOL

  26. Erica Rogers

    Am I the only one that thinks this tracks reminds me of a Prince track from back in the day?

  27. EdEmKay

    a minute in and i cant believe he wrote this down and thought it was a genuinely good idea

  28. Bizzy OneGold

    Best Track!!! By far!!!

  29. Adam

    undoubtedly the best track on a love surreal.

  30. ashley smith

    can't stop listening to the whole album....this is what I been waiting for.

  31. lyecry

    Awful in a good way, or a bad way?

  32. curiousunique

    already knew this entire album would be on repeat. Burn like 151!

  33. theneedledrop

    man, these lyrics are somethin' awful.


    theneedledrop You ain’t a cool cat, Tony.

  34. mamasue80

    fun with good funk ... love this

  35. Ben Dover

    lol you wont get it

  36. Robert Truitt

    "Ooo, look like you took your good shoes off the shelf"


    On repeat

  38. Tommy Vercetti

    Yes! This is the most Mackish album I've heard all year. On some playa shit. Has that 90's feel. I'm gona spend some money for this one for sure.

  39. ncstateofmind

    How he dumb down????

  40. John Evans

    Dessa is bomb!!

  41. Nicole Jean

    You had me at hey!

  42. Ben Dover

    cant believe he had to dumb himself down to get the attention he deserved lololol
    You flippin genius !

    I Love You all

  43. musikmann10

    the new album is a freakin classic, lost for now, wow.

  44. Dion IAMME

    My dude is back!

  45. Deborah Muhammad

    Sound like a Shafiq beat. Bilal is all that! I love his music no matter what he makes because it has so many levels. Just keep on making beautiful music!

  46. cre8tinme

    under ratedly dopE!

  47. gpwthestatechamp

    Bilal is back!!!! Yes! Heavy anticipation


    Yesss lawd

  49. jcashtr02

    Can't WAIT for this album

  50. Squeezy Baby

    Ohhhh Shit! This is ALREADY DOPE!!!!!! BILAL!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you back bruh! Cant wait! This is one of the few artist who's music I actually anticipate and still even purchase! YEah I said I. I download music for free....because most of it sucks! Make good music like this cat and I'LL BUY IT!

  51. wizztizzlm

    nice musick.