Bilal - Think It Over Lyrics

I like to think about all the fun we had
Up on a cloud, never thought we would fall
Back to the world, gravity pulled us down then it tore us apart
Why can't things turn out like you wanted?

I never want to take away from you
I feel like you're flying and I'm weighing you down
You should be free to be, go for now
Maybe the second time around will be sweeter

Oh, think it over
Think it over
Oh, think it over
Think it over
Oh, think it over

So we was gonna be forever
Like King and Coretta, I thought we could change the world
But I needed air, I stepped out on the balcony
And the world took me out

But you know I'll always have a thing for you
And if I deny it I'll be lying to myself
I pick up the phone, put it down but I've been asking around
And I hear you're doing better now

Oh, think it over
Think it over
Oh, think it over
Think it over
Oh, think it over

There will always
Always be a hole in my heart, always be a hole
Always be a hole in my heart, always be a hole in my heart
Always be a hole in my heart, always be a hole

They'll be a, a special place
I'll keep a special place for you
And I'll keep it safe, oh, I'll keep it safe for you
If you can wait for me, oh, just wait and see

I will always, I will always have a place
I will always have a hole in my heart
I'll always have a hole

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Bilal Think It Over Comments
  1. ben flint

    I'm a big Bilal fan, but he took a loop from Gentle Giant, a song called Memories of Old Days. Just thought credit should be given.

    Justin Flemming

    ben flint lame ass


    Thank you for pointing out Ben Flint. WOuldn't be a big deal if it wasn't the major rif and harmony for the entire song. Hopefully he'll credit on the album.

  2. Ras Israel

    ONE of the GREATEST to do it!

  3. Ras Israel

    ONE of the GREATEST to do it!

  4. oyze

    all american sound frfr

  5. Cam Diggity

    i wanna die to this shit . or somethin. just sink i guess. but deep.

  6. Mai Iam

    Love him

  7. Betty Campbell

    fantastic voice.I really like soul sista,little ones,and Is this love.

  8. Swiftkillah1300

    Please listen to his version of this song on acoustic set. it is breathtaking

  9. cindy lightfoot

    Something different from Bilal. It is his own style.

  10. jryuwah

    after like 3 years I found out that  this song samples Gentle Giant's Memories of Old wouldn't have ever guessed it

  11. combatveteran1970

    Different. But true.

  12. oyze

    Unfortunately `2nd time arounds` have been sour for me..
    "I needed air, I stepped out, on the balcony,
    and the world took me out"

  13. Bryani and Autumn Clarke and Brown


  14. NAYA401

    That album is a CLASSIC!! Every track is genius, Sista is brilliant

  15. daedae647


  16. Makolele Khosseni

    this man's song be entering my ears and somehow finding a way into a place i cannot define. all i know is i cant have enough of it.

  17. WhoAmI ToU

    i agree, it's frustrating to me though because that 1st Born album was on point track for track without skipping a song, but because of his style/content people were pretty much unaware of it. I bought because the single "Love It" was so crucial. But you have all of these industry clowns making this trash nowadays and real artists who actually make music for the soul don't get enough shine. it's very sad to witness yo

  18. ItsYourGirl56

    nothing can EVER compare to that album...every song knocks...

  19. WhoAmI ToU

    you mess with the 1st Born Second too? I don't think this album is as good as that one though

  20. WhoAmI ToU

    i feel you, he got off with this one

  21. oyze


  22. tseluvki

    Love the guitars...

  23. ItsYourGirl56

    Bilal - Thank you everyday for this song. It soothes me so......You're a genius.