Bilal - Take Me Away Lyrics

Take me away from here
Take me away
Take me away away away from here

Take me away from here
Take me away
(You gotta take me away)
Take me away away away from here

Take me away from here
Take me away
Take me away away away from here
Take me away from this road, does this road after-exist
You can take my heart aswell
Nobody can resist, breaking it
Goin back and forth, I spit it so you can feel the emotion
Numb my heart, don't say you love me
I know you faking it

I'm just stickin you with the hard times,
Yeah you feelin my rhymes
But I ain't feeling these times
A feeling you can't describe
How much did I make for this fucked up music
You think I'm winning but really I'm just losing it, confused within
Like to live my dreams, I'm gonna get ballistic
Can't stop round, it becomes a drug when you used to it
Is being a mom and abusing it
Keep on moving like a movie list
I do this shit in my sleep and I'm used to this
Nobody cares though I stick on going
I'm doofing this with my youthfulness

Take me away,
Stressed, depressed, I need better days
But dad don't wanna listen
I don't wanna be another [?] on the pissin
Regret's the only thing on my mind so fuck it I'ma abort this mission

Take me away from here
Take me away
Take me away away away from here
(yeah you gotta)
Take me away from here
Take me away
Take me away away away from here

The life I had, to the life I have
The friends in the past
The pain in the present
I feel like they learned cos I'm just a lesson
And shit's depressing

You like that quick shit
Fuck it, I'ma spit it slow so you listen
This shit was nothing like a year ago, or the year before that
Shit got hard you wanted more rap,
Homeland Tears dropped, I got six dollars back

Now while you signing Jay-Z, the radio plays garbage
And decide not to play me
You'd rather not say my name to send a way to live
I wanna run so the pain somehow disappears

You want me to stay, you'd rather see me blow my tears
Well fuck it I'm going and after all these years,
I'm still underrated,
You can keep the fame,
I don't give a fuck if I make it.

Take me away from here
Take me away
Take me away away away from here

I'll be everything you want
I'll be everything you need,
I'll be everything everything everything, for you.

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Bilal Take Me Away Comments
  1. zee hero ####

    I have been listening to this rap for almost 7 years and honestly it never gets old.

  2. Hanan Lone


  3. Слишком Молод

    there is a lyrics?

  4. Kai Vlogs

    nice balie

  5. dickjonsen1

    top notch music right here! heard it straight after it came out and haven't stopped listening since hahaha love it!

  6. KKona

    The KFC video brought me to your channel, I just want to say keep it up bro, all of your music is amazing!

  7. Lisa Marie

    He kind of reminds me of spm (south park Mexican) he was and is a good artist...

  8. Jonathan Ortega

    This is quality music i just heard a couple of your joints your sick .....the form of expression is tenancious

  9. Richard Silva

    U don't have to I can take me away funny clock then lame assuming bitchs

  10. heavymetaltattoos

    anyone have the song convict from the movie convict?

  11. Patrick Ng


  12. Krall

    Apply to be allowed join Spotify! :D
    Love your rap.

  13. zam z

    same beat as Rates nightmare 2

  14. joana garcia

    COOL you re so good

  15. Brittany Dunn

    Hey i love ur raps an songs3 dont ever quit u are awesome. I wanna meat u in person. U seem pretty awesome.

  16. ibz121

    That woman has an annoying voice. She needs to be taken away!

  17. Matt Gebo

    Fucking I cant wait till yoy make it to the top mate don't ever quit

  18. dpmile

    rap voice should be louder

  19. apoorv malik

    This guy ! is fucking awesome ! he got really so much talent ! he goes very long i swear ! keep going bro !

  20. MattHDGamer

    LOL first part was shit. sounded like a fucking mouse but omg hes the best rapper.

  21. Carlos Nerio

    I use to think I didn't like rap music until I found out him ... He's fuckin awesome!

  22. Amirul Ashraf

    You such a good rapper man !

  23. A V

    This guy got a amazing future coming.

  24. Mrpoop Wars

    can anyone find lyrics for this? if you do please send me a link

  25. Lucas Meyer


  26. BruceLee

    in which language?

  27. Raymondo Motzo

    Youtube to mp3, works like a charm

  28. Lucas Meyer

    Bilal in my country means dick ._.

  29. bri hallemann

    LOVE (:

  30. Stewie T


  31. Tyler Farrow

    Hell yeahh man. Good song lol

  32. iibornfighter

    Fuck you fat fuck :D

  33. anthoelise

    You can send me the lyrics in a private message and I'll make a video (I'm french so I don't understand everything)

  34. ElevateTheRapper

    I wish i could just buy all of you songs and freeestyles!!

  35. someone who cares

    Dude,you`re the fuckin ledge :D

  36. someone who cares


  37. MTB435

    no i disliked because this fucking sucks

  38. allyb617

    Why doesn't this have more views?

  39. jack47250

    Great song you just earned a like

  40. deVerdeler

    Yo Bilal... I enjoyed your rap song hit... thank you.. greets. . A guy from the netherlands

  41. Mari Shakur

    You really need to get noticed more your 2 good love your music keep it up

  42. Teresa Wario

    I love u sooooo much ♡♥

  43. Stoked

    Don't fall into the mainstream bullshit. Your lyrics have meaning, and that's very good my friend.

  44. cheree

    YOU NEED MORE VIEWS! YOUR AMAZING! ~Like if you agree.

  45. DropThatAcid

    No. Just no. You stole that comment from a Bob Marley video.

  46. Shqipe Shala

    Bilal you doin it big. WE be bumpin this from across the world BIG UP Bilal. Respect.

  47. RickyCollier-Waiomio

    sick song ! sent her via facebook !

  48. Doubletee 12345



    your right rosa haidar ali is a sickunt his fukn hecktik

  50. fluxorator

    This explains the writing on the walls at Magic Kingdom

  51. tcal222

    Go back to spittin like this man, straight out.

  52. seb95si

    Good shit bro ill go out abd buy the album when it comes out as long as you make more good songs bro

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  54. ARCI

    lyrics please

  55. adriancoo

    Sau gut ! Greeting from Germany

  56. JohniiBoii1

    Bilal's a fukin legend :D Like if you agree

  57. Marcela Andrea Parra Ramirez

    Saludos desde Chile... me encanta tu música kisses

  58. johnsmithroflmaolol

    the song starts at 0:46

  59. Jon

    They're not even comparable, Bilal on a whole other level.

  60. KanjoBoii69

    You are amazing!!!!! You will be famous in no time trust me! Wallah!!!! I love you bro!!!!!

  61. kip sweeney

    He kinda sounds Australian if you go to some of his other videos where he just talks, like in his boss videos

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    Dude fuck the haters you should be pro better then bliss n eso

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    can we have the lyrics? :)

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    0:22 that punch will kill someone

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  70. Bruuuutha

    This guy deserves to be big. It's a bit of a shame when talentless people like Janoskians are being signed by Sony yet this guy here is without a contract. Keep it up Bilal! You'll make it big one day

  71. smithy winterstein

    bilal derserves fame

  72. ibrahim yehye

    i think the 19 dislikers thought that button ment dis i like! i love this!

  73. Shizzney

    Hello! Do you get annoyed by all of the ads on Youtube? They need to know what you all think, go here
    They are giving away iPhones to the first 1,000 that answer the 5 easy questions!

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    This song realy made me feel like i was listening to an old Eminem song

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    brilliant song...from ireland!

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    You remind me of Yelawolf! keep it up bro, but I'd like to see more fun raps and funny ones if you know what I mean. Like Eminem has :) keep going Billal!!

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    Massive fan, you are going to go soo far!

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    Class! people like Bilal deserved to be recognized, not people who can bearly rap like lil waye

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    You are amazing rapper

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    Ready for Mtv

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