Bilal - Sometimes Lyrics

This is a song that makes me
Spill out all my guts, sometimes

Sometimes, I wish I wasn't me
Sometimes, I wish I was drug free
Sometimes, wish I saw the exit sign first
Sometimes, wish I knew the truth without search

Sometimes, I wish I could go where I never been
See what I never saw, do what I never did
Or walk before I could crawl

Sometimes, I wish my eyes wasn't so red
Sometimes, I wish I had breakfast in bed
Sometimes, I mean it's worth it
Since I did all the work last night

Sometimes, you ain't good to me, yes
I am good to you and you don't see my attention
The way that I do

Sometimes, hey Slim, you should be nicer than you are
Sometimes, you take that complaining shit way too far
I mean, I thought it was cute in the beginning but now
I think you only do it 'cuz you know I hate it

Sometimes, you got me wishing I didn't have home training
Sometimes, then it wouldn't hurt me so bad
With dreams of knocking you in your head
Then it wouldn't hurt me so bad, with our kitchen knife put up your ass

Sometimes, wish I knew life with no pain, yeah
Wish I held the keys to this game
Sometimes, I pretend 'cuz I'm afraid to be, 'friad to be
Sometimes, I hope I live to see twenty five
Sometimes, I wish I could be like Moses
Round up my people, move out the ghetto and live a better life

Sometimes, I wish I didn't try so hard
Sometimes, who knows truth any way
They don't know nothing, who needs that approval

The sun in your hands player
Move at your own pace, listen to your own mind
Do your own thing, yeah, yeah
I'm saying it because I love ya
And I wanna grow with you, yeah, yeah

But you wanna run in the other direction
So I got to stay on my path until I win, I win, I win, I win
I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win

Sometimes, sing it with me I wish
I wish in love and I wish, oh I wish
I wish in peace, oh sometimes
I wish in hope, I wish hope

I wish true, I wish true
I wish clearly, hey I wish so clearly sometimes
Wish with no fear, I wish with no fear
I have no fear, I have no fear

Have no doubt I have no doubt
I don't doubt I don't doubt
Have no doubt no, I don't doubt
Have no doubt, I wish love
I wish love, hey, hey

Oh some, sometimes
Sometimes, sometimes

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Bilal Sometimes Comments
  1. Demmond Dorris

    Bilal was a genius

  2. Blac Cat kodiac

    Who here cuz of Snoop?

  3. Nyree Dix

    Relationship therapy right here

  4. Nyree Dix

    My baby sista hip me too this brother thanks sis

  5. Denise Poole

    I would love to hear Bilal, Raheem Devaughn and Sir sing a song that would be too much soul!!!!!!!

    Nyree Dix

    Mos Def Common just added more right on

  6. Tee Taylor

    Sometimes I'm still here💓

  7. Gary Woody

    im wishin love im wishin peace

  8. Toni Johnson

    This still goes hard in 2019, one of my favorite songs ever. Bilal's vocals are so underrated.

  9. Chanell J. Wilson

    this song speaks to me in a way that I can't explain...and always catch the Spirit in the end...something shouts up in my bones! Since the beginning thank you for posting this one

  10. Kaleo Alexander

    Beside the music amd the vocals this shit is so true!

  11. Terrence Spencer

    If you disliked this you have nasty teeth and your house smells like cat piss and earring backs

  12. EFH


  13. cornell mcneill

    I love how black folks take it to the bridge they take it to church cause you been there

  14. Jeremiah Hill

    Love this song!!!

  15. Jeremiah Hill

    I wish we put down labels and be human and just experience life.

  16. xXdrake_oneXx

    the begining of this track is mindblowin'!!

  17. Wylker Kenedy

    O cara chama bilal kkkkkkk

  18. moochincrawdad

    "Sometimes..wish I held the keys to this game". 😔

  19. Leoness Butterfly

    Theres an underground group who sampled this...whats the group? Starts with an 'n'

  20. Peter Parker

    Does anyone know the first few lines of this song that before he begins to sing like "This is a song that makes me spill out all my guts, sometimes…?" I can't find those lyrics or words anywhere.

  21. Terrence Spencer

    if you dislike this song you have nasty teeth

  22. Tiffany Hall

    This is one of my favorite songs because at first ear it seems like an angry song on the contrary it's a song of self reflection.....its like when someone does something bogus and be like oh u mad now did I make u mad.....its like the fact that ur whole angle is to see me upset is the thing that causes me to remain calm......its like I realize I don't even get mad.....disappointed maybe discouraged possibly but never ever mad but thanks for trying to piss me off and thanks for letting me know that u love to see me pissed off vs me loving to see u happy *cause u don't see my intentions the way I do ((sometimes)) #beast mode 🙃

  23. jessica M

    August 9 2018 and still listening to this. Bilal was so underrrated n so was this album. Wasnt promoted enough. Best song hands down! Damn he was telling the whole truth in this song.

    risa barry

    That's right!

  24. EverAscending VibratingHigher

    This song legit changed my life. Starting with "they don't know nothin! Who needs their approval? The sun is in your hair playa...

  25. T.Hunny

    Its been 16 years since I've heard this song. .smh and I must say hearing this at an early age has spoken so loud but being a GROWN woman ,its SCREAMS at me.

    Michelle McDonald

    lovin'natural beauty
    I used to work at Sam Goody & they used to play this all the time


    Michelle McDonald real???
    Then they were slappin' some good ol music! 🙌

    Michelle McDonald

    lovin'natural beauty
    nostalgic memories from 2001-02


    Michelle McDonald fa real.

  26. Jeremy Reid

    I wish my eyes wasn't so red sometimes

  27. Ray Datdude the poet

    A girl I was fucking put me on this song along time ago...i remember her because of this song.

  28. #MB4L# S.Merriweather

    One of my all time favorites, some came out in the early 2000's but it has so much meaning

  29. Daliwonga Pantshwa

    27 idiots that should fall off the earth...disliking this song, damn illuminati

  30. Havoc Baby

    Does anybody know the beginning lyrics?

  31. Adewale Ogunboro

    Lots of love for this tune from Northern England. The North remembers this tune for certain and the nights were sweet and full of love.XxxxxxX

  32. Queen_ Keys

    Love this SONG!!!!!!!

  33. Shay

    This man is genius. the way he moves through the changes just genius.

  34. Robin Lewis

    for those of you who can't get down wth Bilial's song "sometimes" need to really listen to what he's saying. Everyone has felt this way some where in life.

    Matthew Olden

    I know I have

    Marcus R Banks

    Robin Lewis what is he saying in the very beginning... from inside my bed the tears are.... 🤷🏿‍♂️

  35. killahk94

    Can't stop listening to this

  36. killahk94


  37. Mia Williams


  38. Sanell S

    luv luv luv this song it does something for me every time i play it

  39. High Street Radio

    hate is a plague got nothing but love

  40. 主STI注册

    pro era is genius

  41. Shay

    this is so fkn creative. love the instrumentals and his honesty. He does his own thing and that's why I love his music.

  42. The Michael Mico Welch channel

    I find it disheartening that the lyricist and major contributor to the melody of the song "sometimes "is not mentioned if this actual and factual. Please enlighten me as to who is actually performing this work

    Julian Qualls

    The Michael Mico Welch channel Bilal Oliver

  43. Larita Lane

    so true sometimes

  44. Luxury Life

    its not planet earth

  45. Melinda Honeychild

    he's so creative!

  46. NAVI J


  47. #LinkPlug

    school high-pro era

  48. Crystal


  49. Rodney Lyons

    ####My Shit

  50. dra Willis

    dope singer I can feel his his soul

  51. theCheesemonger

    Pino Palladino on bass!

  52. Monica Yvette

    who are these ppl disliking his songs and what's wrong with them?

    Jermaine JoJo Hernández

    I f'n love this song.... F the haters

    Kiwana Nadine

    Its one ofr the best Bilal songs... they don't know nothin...

    Richard Johnson

    They prob gave it 10secs.. nevertheless their loss! Seen him perform live in Atl it was super dope. Big up to Bj the Chicago kid too these dudes had me in shock

    Denise Poole

    @Richard Johnson did he preform this live I been listening to regular version for years!!!!

    Denise Poole

    @Kiwana Nadine this one and Soul sista!!!!!!

  53. Kandis Ruffin

    13 years ago this song spoke to me . Today 2015 it still has the same meaning to me as it did then. He is the second child as I am and I get it.😘

  54. Nhlanhla Ngcobo

    Kendrick and Pro Era brought me here !!!

  55. Mac Man

    Very underrated

  56. matthewtattoo


  57. Thee Hee

    Thank you Kendrick

  58. Omar Rasheed

    kendrick brought me here

  59. André Patterson

    Bilal rocks it! Thanks for sharing! (:

  60. Dee Rich

    This song is like lightening in a bottle...very rare and amazing!


    Dee Rich yes! He's so different and unafraid to be real.

  61. C Wade

    "I wish I like Moses; round up my people and move out the ghetto. And live a better life." Such a rich line completely absent from soul music today. Big up REAL soul music....its not always about shaking you tail feather.

  62. AerialYorubanWitch

    'You take that complaining shit too far sometimes' ......real music on all levels....

  63. Skylar Stallings

    That middle part...oh gravy its funky. Could 've stayed there alil longer.


    @Skylar Stallings That build though, makes me wanna accomplish anything.

  64. Naomi Elizabeth Murphy

    LOVING!!!!ALWAYS know?always

  65. Trilmonté

    Even as an atheist, this song takes me to church...that buildup in the middle is cathartic. 

    Chanell J. Wilson

    very cathartic...

  66. Beverly McFadden

    I Wish I Know Life With No Pain...

  67. Beaui Black


  68. Myron Tillman

    Dan still sound good

  69. Denzel

    Pro Era - School High 5:05

  70. Jamie Cottle

    "Playa! move at ya own pace, listen to ya own mind, do ya own thing!" Such a fucking great song.

    Lamont Murray

    Bilal is way cool and his music is fire voice is special .

    Michelle McDonald

    my favorite part I can totally vibe & relate

  71. Todd McGill

    This track brings me back to when I was living in East New York, Brooklyn. After the Trade Center came down I often played this album. This particular one always brings back those feelings.

    S Middleton

    Damn, that's real... Takes me back to that as well... And working at Century 21

  72. Niamh O'Driscoll

    I know all the words to this one haha LOVE IT

  73. Reaineal Graham

    I feel like this SOMETIMES

  74. BiGfukkinA

    Pro Era beast coast

  75. DeVon Ambitious

    I'm finally making video so for all you lonely hearts or woman wondering and seeking a nice little poem check out my poem called Mind sex/Naked on my page. It can be guys too I know some dude might feel the way I do. LOL 

  76. LolaBunnay

    I woke up feeling all around bad, but this track kind of soothed my soul... it's gonna be alright :)

    Queen Ki

    your picture is gorgeous 😍😍

  77. Nick Ammirati

    y'all went to high school

  78. WillnSC

    Saaaang Bilal

  79. D'angelo Hustle

    Pro Era bodied it with School High god damn

  80. WooJung

    thanks blu

  81. XxDAVID305

    surprised to see no joey badass references

  82. Chiktail

    @Jack Daniels according to Questlove, drums were inspired by Umi Says and keys by Bills Bills Bills and Bilal just improvised the singing melody and the words during 7 minutes ...

  83. mitchwheresmybunny

    "Sometimes, you got wishin I didn't have home trainin..Sometimes, then it wouldn't hurt me so bad when I dream of knock'n you in yo ass"  Thank God for Home Training 


    @mitchwheresmybunny peep the real lyrics, quite a bit more aggressive.

  84. Dewey Warren

    this is a classic i looooove this shit

  85. Tripeo TVpr

    mos def sampled this on umi says, right?

  86. Indyola Pate

    This song is life.


    and 5:05

  88. Matua48

    Use to bump this CD ALLLL the time in College when it came out.

  89. Prim Ette


  90. Str8Off 525

    This is real talk.

  91. Sean The Bastard

    My anthem, when I was strung out on drugs, and fighting to get away from my personal demons.

    Sometimes: there IS change :0)...

  92. Kimberly Spivey

    yall have to listen to Van Hunt too...brotha is cold and sounds alot like Bilal...i love neosoul and Bilal is at the top for real....a blunt, my pen and paper and him on repeat....that's all i need to write poetry and lyrics for hours

  93. Luckee Juan

    didn't notice the "also", my bad b.

  94. RealismOfLife

    Yea said that before i said this lol....thats why i said "also sampled"

  95. Luckee Juan

    and 5:04

  96. Luckee Juan

    Kendrick brought me back here. The Heart Pt.1 video.

  97. OTKP

    I was listening to Pro Era- School High also and they reminded me how dope this song was when I first heard it back in the day. Always thought Bilal was a phenomenal Artist!

  98. millfordsange

    The Master.

  99. withloveAJ

    That's funny cause I found this video from something else they sampled, well Joey, on this guys channel. Tweet's 'Beautiful'. lol