Bilal - Slipping Away Lyrics

Slipping away, your love is, slipping away
For a while
What can I do to change you mind
Talk it back for me late
Slipping away, your love is, slipping away
For a while
I see it in your eyes
And in your voice
Remember, the times we had
Before it all went south
And fell apart

Oh, slipping away, you love is slipping away from me
What can I do to change your mind
Talk it back for me late
Yeah, don't you trip, yeah

Slipping away, your love, slipping away
What can I do to change your mind
Hide back from it lady,
Remember, the times we had
Oh the nights we've shared alone
All the life we showed for something
Something, something,
Oh don't leave me alone,
Don't leave me alone
I be missing you baby, ehe
Yeah baby, oh baby, don't go
Oh baby don't go, don't go
Oh baby, oh, don't go.

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Bilal Slipping Away Comments
  1. Michelle Torez

    Such emotion!

  2. deano9110

    This song reminds me before i was born, from some movie i saw and i cried myself crazy

  3. sholeroy

    If crack was a sound this would be it.

  4. Igor Barbosa Pereira

    he's sooo good <3

  5. Mel W

    Thinking about my divorce.

  6. Mel W

    Daaaaaaam this song just took my breath away, I had to remember to breath.

  7. Mo Mu

    i'm afraid i thought of... Stevie Wonder beautiful 70's love songs... but which would have reached our time, with drugs, political violences, hope and despair ; would Bilal be the same kind of artist ? I'm discovering his music today and I'm just thrilled, AWESOME

  8. citylife313

    Two people just can't take it...

  9. JoeDaBarba


  10. JoeDaBarba


  11. Lara A


  12. myonie22

    Damn song made me clench my teeth and swallow hard.

  13. MsDmarie09

    Post climbing.

  14. oyze

    whoawhoa just found this whole new thing.. investigating..

  15. reeelup007BKNY reeelup007BKNY


  16. pizzaROX

    i thought i knew what this song was about.

  17. reh

    this song just touched a nerve =(

  18. Bernardra Scott

    I looove Bilal!! And this song is very powerful!

  19. MacMeezy34

    Lovely talent

  20. Khaalis bin Carter

    I feel you, Bakari.

  21. bakari grady

    I love this song. But I feel like it should be the intro into a James Bond movie.

    Mel W

    bakari grady Hello yeah, totally agree Bakari..

    Mel W

    So into the song, what I meant to say Oh hell yeah, totally agree.

  22. musikmann10

    in my opinion so far this year,it's one of the best r&b albums. bilal got it on this one.

  23. Mr.Coleshill

    I can hear a similarity to donny Hathaway at times

  24. Mr.Coleshill

    Only a few can make songs like this and not be a commercial artist love it

  25. Willie Vinson II

    Performed this in Motorco in Durham, NC last night. Such a high off this song from the crowd, felt like church! Amazing talent. Don't sleep on Bilal.

  26. ZeroZ

    Best song of the album

  27. Carl sobe

    Such a great song - this guy has "IT"