Bilal - Sirens II Lyrics

Can you hear them calling from the seas
Amenity, so beautiful
Sirens have come to take you away

Oh, those golden eyes, the big disaster
The gentle touch has pulled me under
(I can't breathe) Sirens
Sirens have come to take you away

Take you away

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Bilal Sirens II Comments
  1. dibo197100

    I don’t alway love his songs but his voice, tones and choice of notes is fucking amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pure talent !!!

  2. karim jaafari

    tx kexp

  3. gurchtschalllly

    damn his band sounds good

    Linda Grand

    Lady ga ga

    Bubble Trouble

    That's exactly what I thought... Instrumental version would be better to me.

  4. İbrahim Uzmanoğlu

    Bilal abi türk musun xdd