Bilal - Right At The Core Lyrics

Right at the core, you got me right at the core
It's the part of love and war
You shot me down
Straight to the heart
Right at the core, you feel the door
Into forever more, and more

At the core, got you at the core
You try to hate me, but your heart is still there
So much more, so much more, so much more
There in your core
Won't take it back, ease up for more
But your heart can't cool, can't cool, no

Deep down inside, you're be right the core
You try to fake, but you just can't go, no,
There's no hope, no

Right at the core, you got me right at the core
It's the part of love and war
You shot me down
Straight to the heart
Right at the core, you got me right at the core.

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Bilal Right At The Core Comments
  1. Adrian Neal

    This is a song about Black Men and Black Women the battle of the sexes.

  2. Vernell Thomas

    Pure love connection 💥💥

  3. Rashaad Jaynotez

    Best rnb Male singer of all time!

  4. Dom Nel

    I could feel KING on this track.

    Kenneth Mitcham

    Does KING have an album?

  5. Nicholas Warren

    The chord progression is somehow similar to wrong man by Matt corby

    Xenia Bedminster

    I'll have to look it up. Thanks for sharing that info!

    Nicholas Warren

    Xenia Bedminster looked it up?

    Xenia Bedminster

    Nicholas Warren Yes, I did check it out! Thanks again. I thought the song was great - of course🧐 - because it was so similar. I absolutely love beautiful music.

  6. Shadow Play in the Woods

    This is definitely KING's essential sound.

  7. Yahonna Give Praise

    So lovely.

  8. broadys work

    I swear... I have a Bilal song for every phase of my life. This one was during a break up with an ex. Dude speaks to my soul.

  9. MsDivaJonelle

    I knew there was a reason I loved this song, king is on it. thanks for uploading.

  10. Jimmy Shingle

    That's whatsup.... Yep

  11. reeelup007BKNY reeelup007BKNY


  12. kayla song

    Good music and Bilal looks like Tonex in this picture.

  13. Claudio Gilberto

    Great song my fav in this Album

  14. Claudio Gilberto

    King did it again with the Great Bilal

  15. syckindahead

    Didn't realize KING was on this track-probably why I enjoy it as much as I do as their voives match Bilal's superbly

  16. LiquidJFunk

    This brilliant, but the first thoughts that come to mind on hearing this track is Pilattes and various stomach exercises. Keep them.coming.

  17. Dealow Morgan

    This was my favorite song on his latest album. King did a great job writing and singing background on this song. And the homie Derrick Hodge is killing on Bass....

    Xenia Bedminster

    Thanks. It's my favorite as well. I couldn't find it anywhere and decided to try my hand at uploading. 


    what is the name of the guywho does his background vocals?


    I didn't know KING had a part in this! No wonder I love it so much!


    It's a all women group named KING