Bilal - Queen Sanity Lyrics

If I could block the moon
And rob the sun from the sky
My love for you would still
Shine through me somehow
And if the rain won't fade away
My love would still soar

I love you girl and I know it shows
I can't deny the joy I found
And when I'm at my wits end
Say the word that gives me peace within
Queen of sanity from sanity of sanity

My soul is what you touched
I love you and I know it shows

How do you run this race
And never lose your pace?
(You're the queen of sanity)
Cold breath of night, calm voice of morning
(You're the queen of sanity)
Warm embrace of day, what more can I say?
(You're the queen of sanity)

I'd forget life whenever I hold you tight
(You're the queen of sanity)
Girl, I love you so
And I'm never gonna let you go

My soul, my soul is what you touched
And I love you so and I know it shows

How, how do you run this race
And never miss a beat, never lose your pace?
(You're the queen of sanity)
Cold breath of night, calm voice of morning
(You're the queen of sanity)
Warm embrace of day, what more can I say?
(You're the queen of sanity)

I'd forget life whenever I hold you tight
(You're the queen of sanity)
Girl I love you so
And I'm never, never gonna let you go
(You're the queen of sanity)

Queen of Sanity
(You're the queen of sanity)

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Bilal Queen Sanity Comments
  1. latricia nation

    Omg! I Iove him!!!!

  2. Kenneth Mitcham

    and when I'm at my wits say the words that give me peace within

  3. Chocolate Coated Life

    I lost all my mind listening to this!

  4. Lequincy Griggs

    2019 still bangin'

  5. Rock Steady

    Bloodclaaart! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Indigogoddess1111 Stevens

    Now here come the tears 😔 wowww just wow

  7. Miss Super Hottie

    This man's voice is an instrument. He gives me goosebumps constantly.... His lows are so rich...

  8. hellarandom00

    Bilal was SANGIN’ per usual but someone in the background was flat as all hell (soprano?) and it was irking me lmao

  9. Issere Nijobe

    Wish I waz their toooo hear and experience Bilal (Queen of Sanity #Live)

  10. whenuknow uno

    Bilal can get it, however he wants it!

  11. Walk One Day In Our Shoes

    I just...WOW! 💜


    When you out sang (yes sang) your own original version.

  13. TMK

    I desperately need new music from him😩 Love this man’s voice.

  14. Kedar.

    whoever thumbed this down, sits on their own thumbs

  15. classic LINEZ writers


  16. Christina Watts

    What make an artist ageless ? That’s a question that doesn’t require a lot of thought just watch around you when the songs are played. I was born in 1955 and my daughter in 1985 and we’re both born under the sign of water and insanity ! Bilal is the artist that we both play daily , just imagine that if you will.

  17. Derrick McKinney

    Bilal is a beast and always have been musically!

  18. Sue Perdouchy

    I can't!! And yet I must!!!! Nothing better!

  19. jeffery hawkins

    he is killing it!!!!

  20. Kevin Green


  21. HD Wellness

    Wow. I'm shookethspeare I've slept on Bilal, and I naturally love all the other Soulquarians. This shook my soul, and homie's at 5:55. Haha.


    His range is sick!


    That voice is like butter, and that's smooth. NeoSoul, for life!

  24. KatsThought KP

    Absolutely Amazing

  25. Shay Jones

    I absolutely LOVE Bilal.

  26. Darrell Johnson

    Love this one! Sing Bilai!

  27. Julius Thompson

    5:47-5:56 flawlessly from Ray Charles to Prince

  28. Lequincy Griggs

    I must have seen this about a zillion times lol B is DAT dude

  29. Kevin Green

    Bravo Bilil !!!!!!

  30. M Watson

    Standing Ovation...just keep the applause coming forever more👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💕💕💕💟💟💟💟💕💕💕💕💟💕💕💕

  31. Dennis Stuckey


  32. ncstateofmind

    greatest singer alive

  33. Jo Stokes

    Straight to the core

  34. Erica Kimble

    😢tears of joy when ever he opens his mouth❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Joe Mac Supa Chef

    How fucked up is he when he made this?


    Joe Mac Supa Chef he wasn't. He always looks like that when he performs. He is vocally on point

    Mouzone Bakari

    Don't Matter he KIlled It!

  36. Chanell J. Wilson

    This is my favorite song of Bilal!!!!


    WOOOOO ♥

  38. Raven Rose

    did Bilal attend Berklee anyone??

    Raven Rose

    Oh thank you for the info. Yes Ive loved him from day one. Im making it my business to see him live this summer. I dont know how I went so long without ever seeing him.

    Miss Super Hottie

    Raven, I've seen him five times. I can NOT get enough :)

  39. Quinn Fields

    yall bedda sing...bilal....u inspire me...ur voice is so crazy

  40. 4EDEEDEE

    Put the right gospel words to that song and it's over up in there!!!!! Pentecostal church!!!!!!

  41. Terry #27


    Mouzone Bakari

    Hold Your Text Pastor

  42. LynnetteLove

    Second 5:23 he is really feeling this moment!!!


    I need to see this man in concert, then again I probably will pass out. 

    Miss Super Hottie

    +81iceprincess I'm seen him twice this year, and considering traveling to NYC to see him in Feb. I can't get enough of Bila. Well worth the money...


    +Miss Super Hottie You're very lucky, when in February, NYC?

    Miss Super Hottie

    Feb 15, 2016 City Winery


    Cool, thanks!

  43. Paul Douglas


  44. itwaswritn1980

    Bilal's voice is equivalent to the climax during an awesome love making session!


    itwaswritn1980 yes


    That's the perfect description!

    أبو سهير

    Y'all are a trip 😂😂


    Gosh, I just clutched my pearls 😯

  45. Queen EpicStory

    He truly deserves a Tribute..... Now about that Jill Scott tribute

  46. Ben Hackl

    Bilal blows my mind.

  47. NaturalDivineGoddess

    I Can't Deny the Joy I Found
    And when
    When I'm at my wits end
    Say the Word 
    that Gives Me Peace Within
    Your like the Queen of Sanity
    from Sanity of Sanity
    My Soul is what you Touched

  48. Queenofdacastle

    I love Bilal and been a fan since day 1. But every live performance I see he looks to be way gone on opiates. So sad because I too have known that pain all too well.

  49. TheDucciano

    Cot damn.

  50. Tisha King

    If I was there I probably would have been in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth waiting for my straight jacket !!! Lawd!!!


    omg, yes!


    Tisha King lmao yoo I feel u..I freaking got the biggest man crush on his voice (no homo)

    Mouzone Bakari

    Bring them All boys

    Quinn Fields

    That was hell. I feel u..


    This is what Music all about, from the Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Candace Walker

    I adore Bilal...what a true Broths in every sense of the word...magnificent talent from above!!

  53. myonie22


  54. Dametria Parker

    Amazing loved it!!!!
    Singers and the band are on point with him!!!!

  55. Marva Brown

    REPEAT !!

  56. Marva Brown

    awesome greataness!

  57. 1thickMz


  58. Rise&Shine RolePlay Community

    Bilal's low to high is unbeliveable Amazing!!!

  59. M Watson

    Bilal is simply amazing, a phenom, what a gift! the Berklee Ensemble is also a work of art.

  60. Ray Campbell

    straight to churches chicken

  61. gabriel Torrence

    We need this real music in an era where it's all fake and all about the money rather than the music. I'd love to be your drummer bilal, like the song says " I would never miss a beat"

  62. ajducky666

    Watch the dude behind Bilal @ 5:51--I think he got confused and thought he was at church!


    That was Amazing!!!!!

  64. Christopher B


  65. NaturalDivineGoddess

    love how Bilal takes no thought as to what to wear. effortless and trendless. now that is the unwritten law of Flair for Style 101.

  66. Music to my ears

    I forget life, whenever I hold u tight! SING that!

  67. Cindell Baker

    Yo that Daryl Coley comment got be rolling!!!lol true story tho

  68. Cindell Baker


  69. Hebrew Honey

    what a beautiful man

  70. Dianna Brooks

    Did Bilal and the Berklee Ensemble just take us to church?!! Bilal always been the truth!

    Indigogoddess1111 Stevens

    Yesss! I'm late as hell, but they took us to that deep place...that place where God dwells.

  71. Jordan Williams

    This Joint Is Soooo Churchy !
    Killin Tho !!

  72. J McGhee

    Yeah, he definitely went gospel there.

  73. J McGhee

    Man, that note he chooses at 3:07...I'm done. Over. Night, night.

  74. hugogirardisking

    Perfectly stated.

  75. Roy McKoy I.M. The Kingdom, Wisdom, and Faith

    Nobody can touch Bilal's versatility. Control, range from low to high, pitch, vibrato, power. He always knows where his voice is taking him even when the listener does not, in turn making him the best and most exciting singer of our generation.

  76. NaturalDivineGoddess

    ' Keep My Head On Right '

  77. NaturalDivineGoddess

    ' There is NO COMPARISON in fact BILAL has carved his OWN LANE '

    Few Good

    NaturalDivineGoddess #speakYourTRUTH ✊✊🖤✊✊


    🤝 Let The Record Reflect

  78. MacMeezy34

    There can be only ONE!!!

  79. luvpepperhead

    Bilal, this here bother, you are extraordinary. That voice! You bless us!!

  80. wendelicious

    someone said a legend. I say should be infamous and maybe he is . I found myself listening to him over and over and feeling heavily blessed and honored to do so.....Bilal is exceptional and very well appreciated <3<3<3

  81. JQWay

    THE G.O.A.T.

  82. Carlos Flow

    Bilal is NICE!!!!!!!!!

  83. JQWay

    pioneer of our time..should be labeled as a great..a legend

  84. LYDIA

    I've loved this man since 2001! He is the TRUTH!

  85. Raymount Talley

    This dude here is "UNDER RATED"!!!!! Love thsi Brother music!!!!!!

  86. tribequest25