Bilal - Love Poems Lyrics

Yo, I've been needing to tell you something tonight
I guess, I was just waiting for the right time, you know
So why don't you sit down?

As we step from across the room
Starting to ponder what we've been going through
What does my kiss mean to you?
Are we just friends or is this more to you?

But if we label this, just picture what we might lose, yes
That unexpected kiss
The whole feeling that brought me to you
Meanwhile my feelings grow, yeah
Grow, feelings grow, grow

But if we label this, just picture what we might lose
That unexpected kiss, that feeling that brought me to you, yes
Why rush, why choose, why risk this thing, and ruin me and you
I want to love her and keep the friend
I wanna be near you and not pretend

But if we label this, just picture what we might lose
That unexpected kiss, the feeling that brought me to you
The whole thing's got me searching

I find myself searching for love poems
Don't know your soul, yet your presence on my brain
Causes my pen to go insane and I wrote these poems

Your sight is few and far between, bringing my soul alive
I find myself probing for love makers, love songs
The love of the universe and my soul
Damn, what's up with my soul?

Empty like theaters at the encores
Lonely like single mothers on the stew
I am lonely and I find myself searching for love poems

I love you and all, I do, but you see
I need him now, I need to live my life
Too young, too young, got to be young
Woah, won't my feelings remain the same?

We could be friends, into ourselves
Oh, can't you hear me out, yeah
Explain this whole thing, explaining this whole thing

Believe me that if we label this, just picture what we might lose, yeah
That unexpected kiss that brought me to you
But if we label this, just picture what we might lose

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Bilal Love Poems Comments
  1. Nyree Dix

    🔥 best song on this album

  2. virginia redbone

    CLASSIC STILLL.....2019

  3. Rock Steady

    “But IF We Label This, Just Picture what We Might Lose”



  5. virginia redbone

    Classic Still 2019

  6. Geri S

    I just had this debate, but who is the female on this track? I said Eve but no one agreed with me. Anyone know?

  7. Travis Wheeler


  8. Starshine Giggles

    I find myself looking for love poems 💙

  9. You Are Humanity

    "I love u and all I do but cha see I I can't be held down" 🎶

  10. Issere Nijobe

    a poetic descriptive song from a talent named Bilal

  11. Sheena K

    What does my kiss mean to you?

  12. ©️ From your head to your soul

    Great video new friend liked subscribed and rang bell 👍👍

  13. Tracey Manzano

    Still rocking in 2018!!!!!!😊

  14. Nadette Ralliford

    This album...perfection

  15. Humberto Marrenane

    timeless music, superb...

  16. Kelly Harris

    Damn what's up with my soul. Lonely like single mothas on the stoop.💞💞

  17. Victor Holt

    One of the best songs ever. Hands down...

  18. Rocket Groot

    Never noticed how fine bilal is

  19. The Lioness Lane

    Damn, where was I when this brother hit the scene; under a rock?! I am grateful for discovery. Bilal, you have a new fan. Bless you Soul Brotha!

  20. Pretty Nina

    My mom and dad used to travel 75 from Decatur to Kennesaw with me in the back seat, playing this CD, and 16 years later, 16 years old.. here I am in love myself.

  21. Adamu Muhammad

    This album was a slept on masterpiece

  22. MrBjjackson1

    Man when this dropped i just knew this brotha was gonna blow up....That 2nd album woulda put him over the top

  23. Miracle Bailey

    "That if we label this, just picture what we might lose". Sigh

  24. Adrienne Korday

    Someone sent this to me earlier today. I want to be labeled as Man/Woman. So I guess this is his answer to our 15 month relationship

    M Bolding

    Im thinking to send this to someone too

  25. Demetrice Patterson

    Classic music. Raw, honest a musical masterpiece

  26. Demetrice Patterson

    Man. One of my all-time favorites. These lyrics are so real and beautiful.

  27. HSoul

    such a great song & classic album! still listening!

  28. Kelly Harris

    What does my kiss mean to you🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. G Hollis

    Lyrically and melody-wise one of the best "neo-soul" songs made. Totally underrated.

  30. Michelle Ottley

    played the hell out of this cd!! wow memories

  31. Bruce Jordan

    I feel that no matter how much time passes this type of music will never die . due to the eclectic melodic verses beats etc.. Just absolutely awesome.. Bilals's CD stays in the car

  32. Bella Love


  33. You Are Humanity

    When he only want sex and u want more

  34. Michelle Jackson

    This song gotta be over 15 years old and it still sounds as good as it did back then....GOOD MUSIC!!

  35. samajé Manuel

    i thought this song was a chick when i was little lol i took 94.7 the wave for granted when i was young. This is quality music

  36. Shay

    I have not heard anyone like him ever. Sometime is so raw and this is sweet and soulful. I love that he doesn't limit himself.

  37. Jupiter Stars

    Listening in 2017 . Man I miss Bilal

    Nadette Ralliford

    Jupiter Stars in 2018 still

  38. Rachael Gordon

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!💕💕💕💕

    Rachael Gordon

    Bilal is a musical genius & a handsome one @ that. Always be blessed my brother!!!!!!! 💕💕💕

  39. Tené A. Buckner

    The masterpiece vocals though...timeless.

  40. Kyng Symba

    Classic.... 🎹😎😎🎤🎶🎵🎼🎧🐸

  41. Melly

    Bilal is a great artist. This is definitely a cruising song while you're driving down the highway.! 👊

    Beauty By Jae

    Current situation!!!

  42. brwntra 1

    one my all time fave songs him bad

  43. k. Woods

    Omg!!...I love this song with so much passion

    Tommy Keith


  44. JAI FAYE Robertson

    Bilal, you are so fine...everytime I hear your voice,you touch my inner being ...So romantically done. Yes, I want to be near you.

  45. Shay

    empty like theaters after encores ...

  46. Lakeita Dryden

    So jazzy!

  47. IsisAtlantis

    Jill Scott recited the poem 😉😉


    IsisAtlantis all these yrs and didnt know

    K W

    That is not Jill Scott... Lol, bless your lil heart.

    oof sauce

    @K W then who is it then? Lmao she sounds exactly like her

  48. Valentine Okpere

    'the love of the universe'. From the instrumentals at the start to the poem at the end this track gets me everytime.

  49. Bochanable

    From "Love is Here, Here is Love" sessions of 2001-02. The album was loaded with 14 tracks. "Love Poems" became a B-side and added to:

    "Love is Here, This is Love: Deluxe Expanded and Expressed"- released in late summer 2002


    Always appreciate a song that inspires me to write.... Outstanding song!!!

    La ' Morris Williams

    Kahlil Cooper Ditto...

  51. Michelle Jackson

    a classic!!!!!

  52. Kelly Harris

    I find myself searching for love poems

  53. Salimah Malik

    Never ever gets old....

  54. Sean The Bastard

    My JOINT, right here...those drums, in the very beginning...??


  55. narika bolton


  56. Larry Lewis

    reminds me of old city Philly, the chocolate works, and a very special woman..#memories

  57. William Baker JR

    simply a beautiful masterpiece

    Paul Donovan


  58. Jabree Curry



    narika bolton


  59. Thinking Purposefully


  60. MrBjjackson1

    its a shame that this brotha second album didn't drop like it was supposed to that would have cemented his status....truly talented

  61. MAOR JUDAH Israel

    See you tonight Bilal... 206!!!

  62. I_ambeauty Inthedark

    One of my favorites. Words are so true & beautiful.

    Paul Donovan

    Nicole,I'd actually heard this deep song on a disc that came FREE within the pages of my"Stuff"magazine subscription,and this song immediately made it a favorite of mine!! I love:Why rush;why CHOOSE;why"push"this thing and RUIN me and you?!? I want the lover AND keep the friend;I wanna' be with you and NOT pretend!! IF we "label"this,just PICTURE what we might lose;that UNexpected kiss;that feeling that BROUGHT me to you!!" I know EXACTLY what he's talking about;Let's just LET this be what it's gon' BE!!

    I_ambeauty Inthedark

    +Paul Donovan Yes!!! And the way he sings "meanwhile, my feelings Groooowwww" you feel the changes, the time passing and the actual growth happening within that one sentence. Bilal is everything, wished the world could understand and appreciate this man. 💓

    Paul Donovan

    Our community as a whole could use more songs like this circulating through the heads of our youth,instead of songs about"bling","swag"and disrespecting and demeaning our women!!

    I_ambeauty Inthedark

    +Paul Donovan Yes. 👏👏👏

  63. Jasper Jamm

    "But if we label this, just picture what we might lose, yes
    That unexpected kiss
    The whole feeling that brought me to you
    Meanwhile my feelings grow, yeah"

    ON. POINT.

    Paul Donovan

    @Jasper Jamm;I heard this great,brutally-honest song on a promo-disc("The Return of Evil Minky") that came free inside the pages of a 2001 "Stuff"magazine issue!! I'd never even heard of Bilal before getting this disc,but this thoughtful,mature song made me an INSTANT fan of his!! Love how he recognized that trying to"categorize"a relationship,can actually be the very thing that'll spell its DOWNFALL,and that just letting a relationship develop as it will,is often the best approach. "IF we"label"this,just picture what we might"LOSE". Spontaneity most DEFINITELY injects interest in a relationship,as it's not"boxed-in"by a set of unwritten"rules". And I had no idea it was Jill Scott doing the"spoken word"herein!! This song never gets old with me,because of its honesty that makes SO much sense!! "What DOES my kiss mean TO you;are we JUST"friends"or is this"MORE"to you?!?  Why RUSH;why choose;WHY rush this thing and RUIN"me and you"?!? I want the lover AND keep the"friend!! I want to be NEAR you,and not"pretend"!!" Can ANY of these current,so-called "artist"come with some material this utterly frank,and convey it in such a tasteful fashion?!?

    Sheena K

    I want the lover & keep the friend

  64. Nikki Dillard

    this has always been my favorite song by him...

  65. Jason Wilson

    Brings back memories fo sho!!!

  66. Patricia Clay

    Just listened to this four times in a row!  Love Bilal!

    Paul Donovan

    +Patricia Clay  LOVE this songs content:"If we"LABEL"this,just picture what we might LOSE!! I want the lover AND keep the friend!!" I keep this song on"repeat"Patricia!! I was surprised that one of my favorite songs came FREE,placed between the pages of my"Stuff"magazine!!

    Patricia Clay

    +Paul Donovan Amazing lyrics! Now I'm jamming to it again.

  67. Cakes Magic

    So nice to listen to, even after soo many years of first hearing it! No matter what I always come back to this 1!


    Classic album

  68. Tawasha Walker

    His voice is incredible!!!!

  69. Esha

    One of my absolute favorite songs by Him!!

    Tommy Keith


  70. Richard Wynn

    one of my fav Bilal tracks. a beautiful song made to be played on a beautiful day.

  71. Michael No Name


  72. bhvrmns


  73. Lorenzo Baines

    This song is in loving memory of my beloved sister, Euricka Baines, who demanded I buy this album. She LOVED this song. She loved Bilal and made me a believer too. I miss you much Baby Girl:-)


    Lorenzo Baines
    Likewise Fam.🙏🏾

    La ' Morris Williams

    Lorenzo Baines My condolences to you, and yours.

    C Knicks


    russell drakeford

    So so sorry for your loss. Your sweet sister left you this song. You continue playing, and every time I play it, it's for your sister too. ❤️✌️& 🙏's my sister.....

    Veronica Gonzales

    She had wonderful taste in music!

  74. Anthony Stephenson

    On repeat !!



  75. Hakim Peterson

    Timeless song my fav off 1st Born Second

    Paul Donovan

    @Hakim Peterson I discovered this song on a disc that came with my"Stuff"magazine called:"The Return of Evil Minky" And this was my favorite song on that disc!!

    Tommy Keith

    Hakim Peterson ALL THAT I AM!! 1ST 2 NONE!!!

  76. Maurice Gardner

    I dig this track...unexpected artistry!
    A "creative-delight {~_o}♡!

    Paul Donovan

    @Maurice Gardner that line"WHY rush,why CHOOSE.."basically has him saying it's best to just LET things go as they WILL,and not to complicate matters by trying to"define"the situation in question,and thereby subject it to certain "rules"and parameters which put unneeded pressure and"limits"on them as a result!! That is pretty deep and admirable!! Indeed:"IF we "label"this,just picture what we might LOSE!!

    Maurice Gardner

    @Paul Donovan ...I don't know how to express how wonderful it is, when I find "hip humans", that understand what's what, you dig!?! That's one of my favorite songs by this fella!

  77. Tamarah Davis

    Aesthetic beauty. 

  78. Ashley Godwin

    moka only is genius for this sample @5:07   Gabriel Teodros - "no labels"

  79. Jae White

     Bilal is one of the RARE artist who REFUSES to alter his artistry to keep up with the industry, so he is not played on radio or promoted!  "PLEASE SUPPORT NEO-SOUL"
     These are the Neo-Soul Artists that are staying true to their craft people like Angela Johnson, Amel Larrieux, Adriana Evans, Alice Smith, Alice Russell,  Bilal, Carol Riddick, Chico Debarge, Cilla K., Conya Doss, The Endangered, Eric Roberson, Gaelle, Renee Neufville, Jean Baylor, Shana Tucker,
    The Foreign Exchange, Frank McComb, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Incognito,
     Janelle Monáe, Jarrard Anthony, Marcell Russell, Gwen Bunn,
     Jesse Boykins III, Jose James, Groove Theory, Carlitta Durand,
     Karen Bernod, Keite Young, Lady,
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    The Internet, Terri Walker, Thundercat, Rajdulari, Maurissa Rose,
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    Yolanda Rabun, Sandra St. Victor, AYA,
     India.Arie, Heston, Maxwell, Erykah Badu,
     Fertile Ground, Deborah Bond, Darien,
     Deborah Jordan, Darien Brockington, Darrius,
     Angie Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae, Choklate, ReneeDion,
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    Big Brooklyn Red, Carmen Rodgers, Carol Riddick, April Hill, Avani, Avery*Sunshine, 
    Abby Dobson, D'Angelo, ,The Brand New Heavies, Res,
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    PJ Morton, NYR, Noel Gourdin, Nneka, N'dambi, Nikka Costa, Muhsinah, Monica Blaire, Monet, Mint Condition, Maya Azucena, Mycah Chevalier,
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    Snarky Puppy, Antoine Dunn, Anthony Hamilton, Anthony David, Amy Winehouse, Chris Rob, Marques Toliver, Sade, Soulstice, Sunshine Anderson, Jaguar Wright, L'Renee, Lianne La Havas, Sy Smith AND A WHOLE LOTS MORE....                  

    Neo-Soul is a timeless musical genre that fuses real instrumental, Jazz, contemporary R&B and 1970s-style soul,funk,and rock with some elements of hip-hop. As it's name (new soul) implies, Neo-Soul music is essentially modern-day soul music, with contemporary attitudes and sensibilities. It differs from contemporary R&B in that it's organic and obviously more soulful,and it also tends to have deeper messages and meanings than R&B.   

    Whitnee C

    I believe you on that one

    Bobby Po- True Universal Magnetic Allah

    Saw Bilal lady night at National Sawdust in Bklyn and of course he killed it. I love this brother. Meet him on a number of occasions personally and i try to attend every one of his performances when he's in NYC. He's a talent unmatched by any of today's artists...there's no one like him.

    Sirius Sessions

    Somebody answer this so that it comes 2 my email please!

  80. LolaBunnay

    Why rush, why choose, why risk this thing, and ruin me and you.. 

  81. Jeffrey Legerme

    Funky. I like it

  82. Liban Mohamud Hussein

    its a great vedeos

  83. falsespring

    i could make love to this for HOOOOOUUUUURRRRZZZ! ;-D

    Tommy Keith

    falsespring CALL ME PLEEEEEEEEEZ!!

  84. IndiaTravora1

    <3 THIS SHIT!

  85. Mrs. B.

    Great Talent!!!!

  86. Nokuthula Tabede

    This song makes me relevant to my situation right now!

  87. jazjai08

    He's very much still involved in music just overlooked & underrated

  88. MsSuperSoulFighter

    Hmmm. Having heard this for the first time I connect Janelle Monae's harmonising at the end of Say You'll Go with those heard on this song (label this), must have been inspiration! Anyways, been meaning to connect with Bilal's music, this is a great representation, I love it

  89. QueenJewel8


  90. jermaine dorn

    it seems like if listen to this brother ,this song will change your life ,in the positive though ,enjoy!

  91. Melinda Johnson


  92. I'm Just Sayin'

    ctfu!! ahahahaha thats some real shit !

  93. 2yecch

    Dude dropped a jewel and then checked out.

  94. MsPrincessaj

    I feel like I'm in Chuuch when I hear this song! I've been in love with the harmony of this song for years. Beautiful.

  95. winnie the poop

    this song understands me

  96. winnie the poop

    this song gets me

  97. kobe mitchell

    I have been searching for this song but really didn't know the name of it!!! Love this!!!