Bilal - Love It Lyrics


When I look at you
What I see is my future wife-to-be
Only God Himself
More important in this life to me

You've been there for me
Nurtured and cared for me
Never left my side
In you I can confide

Love it (I love it)
Love it, love it (Everything about you)
Love it (I love it)
Love it, love it (Hey, good and the bad)

You know I love it (I love it)
Love it (Can't imagine life without you)
Love it (Oh...)
Love it, love it

Give me peace of mind
Conversations be so soothing
disagree sometimes
But it only shows were human

Cause I'll take one for ya
like you would the president
The love I have for you
one couldn't even measure it

Love it
Love it, love it (Hoo, I love it)
Love it
Love it, love it (Everything about you)

You know I love it
Love it (Can't imagine life without you)
Love it
Love it, love it (Ho, I love it)

Love it
Love it, love it (Everything about you)
Love it
Love it, love it (Love could end the pain)

You know I love it
Love it (Hey, I love it)
Love it
Love it, love it (I love it)

And your love make this life worth livin'
Give so much of yourself and you keep on givin'
Givin' me (Me) everything I need
Baby, what more can ask for

Love it
Love it, love it (Baby, and I love it)
Love it
Love it, love it (Good and the bad)

You know I love it (Whoa...oh...)
Love it (Baby, I love it)
Love it
Love it, love it (Everything about you and I love it)

Love it
Love it, love it (Baby)
Love it
Love it, love it (Whoa...ho...hey...yea...)

You know I love it
Love it (I love it, I love it)
Love it (I love it)
Love it (Love it), love it (I love it, love it)

Love it (Love it)
Love it (Love it), love it (Love it, love it)
Love it (Love-love-love-love-love-love-love-love)
Love it, love it

You know I love it (I love it)
Love it (Everything about you)
Love it (I love it)
Love it, love it (Hey...hey...yeah)

Love it
Love it, love it (Oh)
Love it
Love it, love it (I love it)

You know I love it (Hey, hey)
Love it

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Bilal Love It Comments
  1. Deahra Shelton

    Love it meow

  2. oof sauce

    Is this a j Dilla beat?

  3. NaturalDivineGoddess


  4. NaturalDivineGoddess


  5. Santana Jackson

    I love it !!! listen to it over and over bring the moves out in me home alone dance it bilal

  6. arielioness2

    02:25 THE Dirty Harriet RAH DIGGA ...dulcet 💜

  7. arielioness2

    02:25 THE RAH DIGGA ...💜 IT

  8. Brian Thomas

    Man i'dove to know where i can get a necklace like Bilal wearing and that 2tone leather jacket @2:17-2:20 min is dope..

  9. The Lopez Extravaganza

    Am I the only one still bumping this joint in 2019? 🤔

    EnigMa AGODAMi

    The Lopez Extravaganza **HeLL nah faM I'm righT aLonG wiTh ya onE oF my favoRiTe sonGs oF aLL tiMe.!** {10-27-2019} 🎶✊🎶🍻💪

    LEXI B.

    Nope, to this day 11/19/19 still LOVE IT!

  10. Travis Wheeler


  11. It’s Jaysadditty

    Listening to it 2019 ❤️

  12. pinky019

    2019....still my fave!!!

  13. Omar Justin Smith

    on the "hunt" lol

  14. Tony Foster

    Saw this brother in concert an amazing experience definitely underrated we need to get back to this sort of music ✊🏿👍🏿

  15. michael rodriguez

    It’s a travesty that this hasn’t hit a mil views. It’s a hard song to find if you don’t know the name of it though, it took me a while.

  16. jazzybash1

    Where’s my husband?

  17. Phyllis Kerby

    Damn this is a CUT

  18. Patricia Kerby

    Damn I like this

  19. Carlo J. Morisset III

    "Love It"
    1st Born Second
    Director: Nzingha Stewart

  20. Linda Owens

    Loving it 2019 still lol when music was Music.....!!!!!

  21. Farrah Array

    This song is so sexy!

  22. Courtney Fields

    Music like this! Jacques says he’s the king of R&B. What a joke! He couldn’t hold a candle to old school R&B artists!

  23. Kay R

    Still listening 2019 ❤️it

  24. BoogiesMama Graham

    Bliss I Love It!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. William Oats

    Mr. Neo soul his tone up and down make it fire

  26. Desiree Savage

    Ain't nothing like this here era of music ❤

  27. Nadette Ralliford

    Still in 2018

  28. smiledotuk

    Still love it in 2018!

  29. Christy Love

    I love it


    I just walking in on this sweetness oh my!! I've heard 3 songs and I'm floored, amazing Artist!!!

  31. Ali Williams

    🔥 🔥🔥


    Still my SHIT! 👋🏾👸🏾💎

  33. Vixtage Cartel

    😍😍😍😍😍😍Fav Bilal Song

    Nicole Griffiths

    rav bail song 1


    The Era!

  35. Idris Awge

    When you thought you found that diplomatic immunity sample smh

  36. Diogo Kazuya

    Nossa... adorei esse Bilal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  37. Maya Edmerson A.A, B.S

    Still waiting for this type of relationship and for a man to feel this way about ONLY me

  38. beautiful beginning's Love

    If u have this enjoy it don't throw your LOVE in some ealses face feed watever u wanna call it please please fight for what God gives U I made a mistake of believing it would wait dum me learn from my mistakes LOVE true and u will get pure love love dirty u end up dirty hearted. If ur married stay married pray for strength if ur dating pray for holy courtship if ur engaged pray for commitment towards one another and for your parents blessing then honor God and get married it will all work out. Pray most of all to leave the past behind and reach for what's before don't BE ME!!!!!!! U don't want to Trust Me!😁😅😄😅😅

  39. beautiful beginning's Love

    Congratulations on the baby

  40. beautiful beginning's Love

    Keep blessing the relationships and marriages in seattle Lord in Jesus name!

  41. Travis Blair

    Melanated Love...Love It!!!

  42. meansbizz75


  43. aaron ramirez

    Slept on

    Bookie Austin

    aaron ramirez fr

    Bookie Austin

    aaron ramirez love him

  44. Mr Barbados from birth One love

    Black Love AWESOME song...U know I love it love

  45. Ken Smith

    when dreads WEREN'T in style!!!!

  46. jason sapp-thomas

    Music that touches your soul

  47. my thoughts

    The opening line on this track is absolutely amazing. you have not been in love until you can relate to that line.

  48. AMN O-Jay

    OMFG, this shit is fucking FLAMES!!

  49. Thandiwe Mathandi

    this guy is soulful 😖😍😍😍😍😍😍

  50. charbih

    One of my favorites song

  51. Bilal Kirbiyik

    my Name

  52. Sammah Houstafari&I

    Nobody sings like this any more bring it back cuz there's nothing but FUKREE out there. SAMMAH SEHSO!!!!

  53. SDS Overfiend

    This Shit right here made me cop the CD.. Bilal came off.💯💪🏾

  54. Felicia K

    Love it! 💕💕💕💕

  55. Kimberly Sharpe

    he is so sexy and his love for the melanated gods is so beautiful..

  56. Jay Jackson

    Bilal looks like smells like outdoors and Egyptian musk...Bilal the type to torture his girl with long talks about organic living then gives her hugs afterwards while whispering I'm sorry.


    Jay Jackson You know I love your comment 😂😂😂

    PrettyRed Gemini

    @Jay Jackson 😂😂😂 it’s 1 in the morning and your comment got me hollin laughing!!💀💀💀


    @PrettyRed Gemini it's 3am! and dat comment was random but funny asf 🎯😂

    PrettyRed Gemini

    Feeva WAGA RECORDS That’s because I was in here laughing loud as hell while everyone in my house was asleep lol! That’s what made me mention the time.

    Zuri Brown

    I'm dead

  57. HTHTV3

    @1:12 #Virgo <3

  58. All mighty justice

    Songs like this keep me encouraged my queen is out there...... somewhere....

    Candies Williams

    Power in creation i pray u find her shes waiting for u

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Power in creation awww

    NailahOneWho Succeeds

    All mighty justice Also keeps me encouraged my KING IS OUT THERE...SOMEWHERE, IN OHIO

    Nikki Jones

    Yes King she is!

    Muna Shirwa

    Did you find her?

  59. Marcy Blakely

    still my fav

  60. Ken Smith

    BET Midnight Love 2001!!

  61. Corie B

    I've remember wanting this kind of relationship. Now I've been in one for three years! I 💖 it 😘

    Candies Williams

    given family congratulations


    Never forget what got you there, that's the way you keep it. Always feel newly engaged, never act married, used that advice I was given long time ago, and I've been happily married 20 years now!!

    EnigMa AGODAMi

    ADASSA GIRL 👏👍💯💝😇

  62. Sher Mia

    and I still love this!

  63. nationofmillions

    a song made to be instantly liked

  64. Tytanium power

    Love it...

  65. Tracey Holcomb

    Love the song he made with Beyoncé. Real beautiful.

  66. Sonya Young

    love ya!!!!!!!

  67. Dorothea Burns

    i love this man right here

  68. Tanya Cowell

    ya he and Prince, would've been price

  69. Tanya Cowell

    Bilal so inspirational music take me too my exotic side

  70. Veronica M Harvey

    wow.. how Maurice makes me feel

  71. Hip Hop

    Bilal is the truth!

  72. Beautiful Soul

    was that floecist from floetry in this video??

  73. NaturalDivineGoddess

    I Love It
    About Ya
    Can't imagine
    Life without ya
    Oh I love It
    Love it..

  74. NaturalDivineGoddess

    About Ya
    The Good
    And The Bad
    Hey: I love you
    I love it..

  75. NaturalDivineGoddess

    Baby I love it
    Everything about you
    I love it
    You know:
    I Love it.. I love it
    I love it

  76. NaturalDivineGoddess

    I love it
    love it love it
    love it love it
    love it love it
    love it: love love
    love love love
    I love I love I love
    Love it..

  77. Lyrics and Rhyme Inspirations (L.A.R.I.)

    Mike City does it again!!! And again! And again! That boy was FIYAH in the early to late 2000's. Bilal lyrics and production "Love It," Dwele lyrics and production, "I Think I Love You," Carl Thomas, lyrics and productions, "I Wish," Sunshine Anderson, lyrics and production on entire album but especially, "I've Heard It All Before," Jimmy Cozier, lyrics and productions, "She's All I Got." And that is all I can put on here from sheer memory along. He had many, many, many more hitz. God bless and peace unto all on this thread.

  78. Jesse Martinez

    this is why I loovee rnb and hope to make music someday 🔥🔥

  79. Enigma Netxx


  80. steven pendergrast

    You know, I love it !!!!!!!

  81. Baby Doll

    💯💕👌most beautiful video

  82. mmhic1

    Glad others know now:-)

  83. Southern Rose

    Like if Bilal tribute to Prince brought you here😩 and who remembers this? I was so happy to see Bilal perform on the 2016 BET Awards this man is amazing! and so underrated one of the very best neo soul artist this is real music real music is not ☝🏾️👉🏾"I GOT BARS LIKE A PANDA" this generation is lost that Prince Tribute was phenomenal👊🏾👌🏾Bilal literally resurrected his career😊❤️

    Phyllis Kerby

    Not quite no other PRINCE

  84. Keith Thomas


  85. simms386

    His performance on the BET AWARDS 2016 was one of the Best!!

  86. Lin Ross

    Love it! Woulda loved it & he & Prince had recorded a duet together.

  87. JuniusR66

    Awesome job on the BET Awards, Bilal! I have always been a fan and this is one of my Favs from you. Great job!

  88. marcia harris

    I just love Bilal

  89. MAOR JUDAH Israel

    ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONG BY Bilal..  Love it!!!  See you 206!!!

    Chastity Lindsey

    Love It!!!

  90. bff gang bang

    Goodness!!! True R&B Soul Music🎶...where did you go?? We miss you!!!

    Chastity Lindsey

    Luv It🎧🎶

  91. Duppy King

    Still love Bilal. Out of all of his peers, Musiq etc, he's top for me. He's moved on, but feel this album was his true raw essence. Love it!

  92. Valyonga

    This song goes too hard

  93. Pretty Misses87

    i loveee this song ❤ always... beautiful.. makes u value nd appreciate real men... nd it portrays how men should love nd value the worth of their women 😍

  94. Adam Stokes


  95. Corn

    When you are the only white person in the comments

    Pele Kama

    that's alright. you got soul boo.

    Candies Williams

    dam you a A1 for this

  96. Harmoni Kanvaas Workz

    Perfect All of it All

    Candies Williams

    like he said "love it"