Bilal - Lost For Now Lyrics

Here comes another sunrise
Traveling on this road again
This the story of a broken heart
Looking for an angel to call
The shooting star that light the way
I've been moving alone
And driving for a while
Just lost from now

It's me alone on this ride
And in the day I don't mind
But I stay up, I stay up
It gets cold at night
I need somebody to hold
I gotta learn how to be
On my own

Some time being, start new
Feel like I got nothing
I got nothing left to do
I'm riding out of town
Oh, this hoping, get in the way

Can you take all the pain away
Make this heart brand new, yeah
Teach me how to love again
Make everything alright
You got a style that changes everything

Can't smile down, smile, smile.

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Bilal Lost For Now Comments
  1. marshall ray II

    This is my exact mood 😞

  2. Zariah Moore

    An unappreciated song😞😢

  3. jim rock

    bilal is magic.......go and see him live ,he is the nuts(comment sent drom southern italy/londoner)

  4. Joshua Bernard

    Looking for marina to come... shooting stars to light our way. And we are moving along and driving for a while... just love for now..

    Its me alone on that one .. in that days i dont mind. But now im up with her. Its warm at night. I need her to hold i gotta learn how to be on my own.

    Starting new

    Feels like i got so many things to do.

    Like ride out of town......

    Oh this hoping open the way............... ❤️

  5. William Otey

    Simply beautiful.

  6. Richardiba

    Sounds a lot like Sade's "Mermaid"

  7. Stefan Joseph

    This song sister...oooooh this song sister ,this song is the soundtrack to a journey I made back home to my wife and children in the mountains of Northern Spain from London. The tears I shed as Bilal was singing what was in my heart at the time.

  8. LaKeisha Robinson

    I just heard this song for the 1st time & I love it! ;-)

  9. MosTalent

    POWERFUL......Soooooooo deep.

  10. lewis maiden

    Awww man this is second to "Butterfly". This is a wonderful song. Bilal should really honed into this style of music. It works for him.

  11. thelifeofaperformer

    beautiful song...

  12. Lydia C

    sorry after he says cant smile down...**

  13. Lydia C

    I need an extended version after he says 'you got a smile that changes everything' - his voice is soooo moving.

  14. The Baroness

    My fav song on the album along with 'Longing & Waiting' <3

  15. Freedom Is Rebellion

    More time than ill admit

  16. Freedom Is Rebellion

    I listen to this song more times and not limit. Lol but I will admit that my favorite song on this album has changed more than once. This was my latest favorite, and most people will never hear it. So deep....hits you right there in the heart

  17. oyze

    man I need to get back in the love game..

  18. S Middleton

    There is nothin' or no one like Bilal..

  19. samdian

    sound like john mayer

  20. Stefan Joseph

    This is my tune at the is so bad it hurts

  21. jelangel

    Thanks Mo!

  22. Off Grid

    I thought I was the only person who had this on repeat.

  23. Lawrentz82

    I'm living this right now...for as beautiful as this song is, the reality that it brings me back to is very painful. But somehow, someway...listening to it soothes me, if for nothing more than a it's on repeat.

    Favorite song on the album, but I guess I'm slightly biased lol.

    Monesia Hobbs

    coming back and reading comments.... i hope you're in a better place now. :)

  24. Rise&Shine RolePlay Community

    Love This Song :)

  25. LB Productions

    171 views.. Wow this should be at a million soon

  26. jociecraw

    so in love with this song....