Bilal - Longing And Waiting Lyrics

When we was talking on the phone last night
He said you woke up with them dream and vision in you loving me,
Close with, body shaking,
Oh, you got nobody there hold you.

And I'm longing and waiting
I'm longing and waiting.

Best time I ever had, 'cause we choose
On the midnight time
'Cause what I'm looking for,
Church go body naked,
We got a lot of catching up to do,
And I'm longing and waiting
I'm longing and waiting.


Baby, you know
Miss you
I miss you too
What if you touch me?
Won't you?

Strip down at the front door
Eat up the kitchen floor
Right it to the bedroom
Give you what you're waiting for
If it waits so patiently baby

Turn it on, take a shower,
Look down after hours
Say baby you're the one that I'm looking for
Let's play for a while.
Turn it on, take a shower,
Look down after hours, you'd know
Say baby you're the one that I'm looking for
Let's play for a while.

Baby, baby.

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Bilal Longing And Waiting Comments
  1. deano9110

    i was asking myself who does this song reminds me of , now it ticks Andre 3000, imagine if they could do a collaboration, it will be explosive

  2. Foxy Boop

    Who's still Here in 2019?!? 🙄🌊🌊

  3. quasar jenkins

    This track is amazing, Bilal always makes great songs. Reminds me of summer 2013.

  4. Bobby Po- True Universal Magnetic Allah

    Bilal is the truth

  5. Joshua Owens

    I ran into him at shoprite a few days ago. Cool reg person. Dressed like a norm philly nigga sweats and a hoodie.

  6. Frances פרנסס Free One

    He's coming to Hawaii in Sept.! I can't wait!! Blue Note Honolulu, Hawaii

  7. jim rock

    get to see this guy live....he is the we say here in London......quality or dope!.......... ......both.

  8. NaturalDivineGoddess

    Turn you on
    Take a shower
    Love you down
    After hours
    Say baby
    You're the
    Only One
    I'm looking for
    Let's play
    For a-while..

  9. Aneya Slimm

    So seductive, intimate, and extreme 💪🏾💪🏾

  10. Akiesha Dean

    He is soooo talented.

  11. phest02

    dre tried but bullshit wants to run unharmed

  12. G. Johnson

    This one here boiiiiii!!!!

  13. HeiressJ Dawkins

    This dude right here..Omgoodness😣

  14. Sherrion Jenkins

    Love you Bilal since 1998

  15. SAI03

    Yaaaaassss!!!! when are you coming to Dallas,TX?!!???!!!!

  16. Stephanie Keaton

    so slept on man

  17. Deborah Carmen

    Nice. Got that prince m deangelo mix in there.

    G. Johnson

    Any Prince you can recommend that are similar to this one? I have listened to some prince, and never find that Neo-soul style in his music, mostly rock, alternative, funk... Thanks in advance.

  18. Ms Hill

    this sounds like a prince joint

    G. Johnson

    which Prince jams would you suggest? Thanks.

  19. London Etc


  20. Lacy Harmon

    This is a dangerous song but I oh so love him

  21. Carlton S.

    the artwork reflects the sound and style perfectly

  22. XBackToLifeBabyX

    Amazing !!❤

  23. James Edwards

    STRIP DOWN AT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! this song is perfect...its sultry, passionate, everything. 

    Shie Empress

    You have my dad and brother's name. Cool.

  24. Clayton Dover

    This song just knocked me off my seat!!! Yes, CB...too cold!!

  25. Robert Elliott

    PREACH BROTHER B' ......

  26. SomeGuy28

    It amazes and saddens that this man isn't more famous or topped the charts.


    @Nicholas Barker if he was famous then his music wouldnt sound this authentic, electic, brilliant and original. he plays instruments and writes his own lyrics.I think thats why he left Interscope Records in 2000 and became an indie artist. I hope he never ever becomes mainstream or else he will lose his authentic sound and become commercialized like most of the talentless musical puppets of todays music. Notice how they all sound alike????? Bilal is in a class of his own. Pure questions asked. Period. He makes his rounds throughout the country and he is always in DC....

    Ronald Maddox

    it's probably best he didn't reach that commercial success because the music wouldn't have been the same


    SomeGuy28 Thoae are my exact sentiments, he is such a wonderfully unique artist.

    Will Santos

    SomeGuy28 as long as hes making a living from music which is his gift and what he loves to do.. I'm sure hes happy.

  27. naenae326

    if I wasn't so young, I would want to marry him!! this man aint nothin to play with!!!!

  28. Michael Hunter Jr.

    Love this song. Prolly make a baby to this later. Lol. Good song.

  29. dragondisciple1205

    Those Philly Cats are always putting out some good tracks.

  30. Edward Little

    Keep keepin on Bilal. We love the music.

  31. *Ang*

    Bilal is my favorite. His music is the best and his voice is phenomenal.

  32. Kelly Benson

    People are sleeping on Bilal and Dwele!!! I love everything they touch!!! Seen both of them perform live several times and will continue as long as they are performing!!!!

  33. Turtlebusterred

    Neither of those artists are their old stuff and I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

  34. SunKissNicole

    Lucky day to have found two new yet under rated artist I will always listen to their music its gorgeous: bilal & dwele!!

  35. V V


  36. Ms. Pretty Brown Cancer

    Retta love him

  37. feliciousone95

    I freakin love this jam, one of my faves off this cd. Bilal is the truth. Classic album.

  38. omoogun473


  39. Deja Gibbs

    This song is so sensual, just pure sex and not love. It's not anything anybody could truly appreciate or describe

  40. MeekBeauty

    I love this songggggg

  41. MsMerising

    The midnight sun line reminds me of Isley's Midnight Sky and yes, it REALLY takes me to LoveSexy Prince through-and-through. Yet, it's wholly Bilal and makes me wanna take up pole-dancing as a private leisure activity, lol ;P <3

  42. MsMerising

    "Best time I ever had...was with the midnight sun" <3

  43. musikmann10

    amazing song, one of the few true artists left!!! support this brother.

  44. TVtime86

    Yep, I love

  45. Will Love

    love it

  46. Neira

    I cant help but love everything this man does.

  47. Nadia Bellamy

    Soul-Amazing. It's on constant rotation in my mp3 and mind :-)

  48. ShedATLANTA

    What an incredible piece of artistry. I HAD to support this bruthaz music. What a fantastic talent.

  49. keishafam02

    This is my fav from the album. It has a nice vibe. A little Prince infused with Bilal = AMAZING!

  50. imagee02

    Well worth the wait. Bilal is a great artist

  51. juse miguel

    If only i had the age to buy all of his albums... Oh my, this is so good.

  52. juse miguel

    My fav singer! Omg this is so smooth... He's veeeeryyyyy gooooood.

  53. bboycook

    Nice yes keep it coming