Bilal - Back To Love Lyrics

Tired of all these wars, dwelling in the past
Searching for the honesty in all that jazz
What are we here for, what are we doing?
Last time I checked, thought it was screwin'
Girl, and when I think of me and you
And all the things that we've been through
We're goin' through and, steppin' back
To view the beach, I'm hoping for a brighter day

Jump up in the sky and yeah, somehow, we got stuck
How do we get back, down to us, oh?

How do we get back to love?
Back to love, back to love
Baby, back to love, back to love
How do we get back to love?

Baby, come here!
Let me kiss your temple, breathe in your ear
And cool you down and get out your suitcase
Let's take a trip!
Call at the job and tell them you're sick
Making reservations back to love
Your happiness is what I'm for!
How's Amsterdam, down to Spain
Into Morocco, Marrakesh
Take off the flesh, keep it fresh
Decompress, we've come so far!

Wanna get back to love
How do we get back to love?
How do we get back to love?
Baby, back to love
How do we get back to love?
How do we get back to love?

Like the fruit that falls from the trees
Stronger than the rose that grows from the concrete
Oh, oh, oh, oh
We can bask in the light of the sun
Feel the love around us
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Baby, back to love!
How do we get back to love?
How do we get back to love?
Yeah girl, back to love
How do we get back to love?
How do we get back to love?

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Bilal Back To Love Comments
  1. Kenneth Mitcham

    I NEVER knew there was a vid for this!!!

  2. Dee 1

    He did it on this here..

  3. Elba Beatriz Sarlo

    busco las frases en la programación

  4. Leah Perry

    Liked the song much better before seeing the video.

  5. gabriel Torrence

    Videos aren't that amazing but his voice and talent are not of this world. <------ This guy is a real BILAL FAN...

  6. Sonny Bravo

    This song always reminds me of me and my wife. We hadn't spoke for days one time and i put this song on and just stared at her. 😂. She got the point. I wish that could happen today.

  7. Annette White

    I so love this song. Ever since I heard it.

  8. Your Drug


  9. Leki Jolo


  10. Wild Bloom Sings

    I love you Bilal

  11. Mlondolozi Mbambo

    why do i love this song so much??? anyone?

    Tumelo Masilo

    Mlondolozi Mbambo ngoba slay-queen ba dlale ngawe strong 😂😂😂


    Peace, Bilal dropping knowledge on this. Moorocan-American!!! You heard him. lol

  13. brwntra 1

    love this song

  14. Tatyana Morris

    Underrated fr

  15. Nine

    this video is funny too

  16. Tamara Cherry

    Song gives me chills for all the right high off his substance :)

  17. Redd Alchemy

    God I love his freckles...............So hot!

  18. OL Buckley

    My twin and very dope artist. My dude!

  19. Kenneth Moore

    Bilal.... Beautiful Ones!!! Performance at The BETAWARDS 2016!!! Genius, Showstopping!!!

  20. SpamHusky

    i love it ; )

  21. sunkissed beauty

    he looks so different without the hair and shades lol

  22. allanya74

    Cute video❤️❤️❤️

  23. Eric Jones

    real classic

  24. songstress187

    love it bai bai,

  25. Ally Blom

    267.373 views Only, what's Wrong with this world?????!!!! :| Sigh!!

  26. Khadijah Williams

    I love it


    Dope. Make song with Yasiin Bey?

  28. telliam dumas

    trop bon ce petit son

  29. BILLDRUM81

    Dopeness! !!!!

  30. Emelec18

    This jam is so perfect. I love this shhii

  31. SoliX petrillo

    one love by ilio bitt

  32. Swarthy Daisy

    Awesome song!  Great video!  Love the sweet and simple gift he gave at the end.  This guy..... :-)

  33. Tee Allenify did it again... I don't care what anyone says!


    Bilal has hit bull eye- Great high uplifting song

  35. Awake & Aware

    I love you BILAL.  Your voice is so SEXY, different, REAL. Jazzy like Sally.

    Bilal Aktas

    Thanks hahah

  36. ttaylor705

    Oh, great song! I'm going buy the album right now!!!

  37. Mckenzie Hunter

    Love this song!

  38. Brick Jones

    S/O to D- Boogie and Shadow repping NY Chicago- Style Steppers @ 1:55-  2:50

  39. Frugalfinds NYC

    We Love Bilal

  40. Dazzer1234567

    man, this is one of the best albums to come out in years, and i love this song, listened to this many times in the summer on my iphone while pushing my son round in his stroller 'cause he wouldn't sleep! LOL

  41. Satoshi Katagiri


  42. William Vargas

    Bilal Thank You For Your Music.

  43. Demonkai Mugen

    some grown man words i can seriously relate to

  44. Elizabeth Crisp

    Aww that was sweet. Great song. Real music!!

  45. Martin Ricard

    Big S/O to my cousin, Ayesha, who killed it in the leading lady role in this video.

    Chocolate Coated Life

    Martin Ricard I went to school with her.

  46. santospedromr

    smells like prince

  47. Queen of R&B

    LOVE IT.<3

  48. See Dee Beats

    Best song ever

  49. jryuwah

    lol if Chris Brown put out a song not to mention ALBUM like this you'd call it legendary. don't disparage music or an artist just because YOU don't know him lol..our generation doesn't even get exposed to real soul music correctly. now Trey Songz is characterized as a soul singer when in reality he just makes "make you wet the bed" music smh

  50. May Okiwe

    I just LOVED the way this video ended...any man who brings me a big ol' cookie sure is going to get on my good side really quick, that's for sure (LOL!!). :-D Bilal knows how to make us smile and continuously write great music...I am diggin' him for life! <3

  51. May Okiwe

    AGREED!! This is quality music by an extraordinary talent...there is no disputing that. Peace. :-)

  52. Billy Caldwell


  53. Marques Que

    I like the meaning but this shit is ass

  54. BayanTheOne

    where to get it? on the interwebs LOL

  55. bml2007

    He always reminds me of Prince. Love this guy!

  56. Angel J

    Grow your locs back plllls

  57. Rizky Aldino

    Remind me of D"angelo

  58. Rizky Aldino

    it's very Rare to hear a pure Rnb or NeoSoul Music in this Era

  59. character4thought

    that good ol philly neo soul/ funk/ retro shit


    Rahsaan Patterson IS THE TRUTH!!! PLEASE BELIEVE!

  61. Lala Specific

    Man! He looks mad different w/o the locks

  62. lovetap82

    love it

  63. chappe73

    Sorry, I was on the late train w/this one!! this track is HAWT!!!

  64. Boitumelo Lekoaletsoe

    This is a dope track, but my favorite is "Right At The Core", But im totally loving the whole album.

  65. Seyddah Blaq Sondae

    It makes the two of us.

  66. Seyddah Blaq Sondae

    This is my favourite neo-soul artist, and dislike on this piece of art from the bonafide soul, do offend me!!!!

  67. Lauren S. Clark

    So soulful.

  68. El Mondo

    It is nice u got that

  69. Miss Joe

    So sweat !

  70. Denitria Lewis

    interesting, that was the one song I didn't care for as much on the album. always interesting to see what others like. This (Back to Love) was the song that i let linger on repeat for a long while.

  71. LaQuita B

    I love this album!!!

  72. Omar Porter

    Bilal is a true artist. Huge in the true music world. But doesn't get what he deserves overall. Keep presenting us with you genius.

  73. Chandler Gerald

    A cookie for the cookie - nice touch at the end. You're the shit Bilal, keep doing what you're doing.

  74. Perverted Alchemist

    I didn't know Brian "Black" Lavar was still directing videos. Dude directed videos for some classic songs from the mid to late 90's.

  75. Q Ivy

    Bout time!

  76. henridchonnie

    He was absolutely AMAZING at the Black Cat! A birthday gift for my boyfriend. He was blown away by Bilal's on-stage musicianship! Unparalleled! Simply talented...

  77. Neo Brown

    Luv dis

  78. Adam

    If you liked this, check out West Side Girl. I think its actually the best on this album.

  79. Adam

    need attention much?

  80. juan prevost

    this video expresses how doin small things in a relationship can take a big effect

  81. P A L M


  82. juan prevost

    you are right

  83. Rose Kush


  84. QueenK

    I still love B but it seems like he lost some sexy swag without the hair idk

  85. Daniel Washburn

    ..but.... you sit around watching sex toy videos listening to chris brown and channel shows your taste in life..and to me that shit look like it taste like goat mouth bruh.

  86. Daniel Washburn

    ....But you sit around playing halo listening to Wayne and Ke$ha right?...right lol. Hop on a blade homie

  87. Daniel Washburn

    word...john legend is...alright I guess. To me JL was kanye's answer to Dilla's Bilal.

  88. TeeAbrafo

    Bilal is awesome. He sings like a real musician.

  89. Герман Дьяков

    In this vidoe he looks like Danny Glover

  90. Tempest87

    Bilal is making incredible music. Getting great reviews by the music press and is selling out shows. Everybody, the album is out now so support good music!


    Was that a sorry pathetic attempt at a diss? SMH.... I've got more AND better taste in music than ya will EVER have in ANY lifetime. Just because I refuse to like this garbage, ya wanna try and clown. Ya would be better served running along and kickin' some damn rocks. Before ya get ya feeling hurt! Oh wait.... they already are hurt......because I don't like this garbage. SMFH!!!

  92. robnice

    Good Stuff "215", now the that's black lily worthy. Remember the day

  93. Edwin Jalentin

    Give it up 4 this great musician. Love that song. Back to real music...

  94. konspiracybrotha

    The ratchet clap at 1:36 followed by "fucking cookies" at 1:39 - priceless

  95. konspiracybrotha

    Can someone get these 1D muhfuckas off the side of the page. Heaven's sake - my eye's are bleeding...