Bilal - Astray Lyrics

Feel the chills in the summer time, hopped and go,
Something happens to the weather, when you go,
I'm tired of shake take em to heaven
Love me, hate me, [?] any better
Doing what it come down, wanna be up forever
But you need another fix and you're gone away

It's where you ought to be,
Right here next to me, don't go
Don't go astray.
I'll give you close to me
That's where it's ought to be
Your only place.

Have you seen [?] looking all over town?
Looking on the block, I didn't know the spot?
Who showed up just throws as hell
Using the past and escape go
All happened so hard to break.
'Cause you just can't take the pain.

[Chorus: x2]
It's where you ought to be,
Right here next to me,
Don't go, don't go don't go astray.
I'll give you close to me
That's where it's ought to be
Your own, your only place.

SO much, so much, so much

Right here next to me.

Need so much, need so much, need so much.

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Bilal Astray Comments
  1. Miss Super Hottie

    that 1:29 mark.......GEESUS ...

  2. Kendra Baker


  3. KeiyaValecourt

    Can't believe I'm just discovering this guy... I'm in music heaven with these tunes 💙😌

    Miss Super Hottie

    +KeiyaValecourt Bless your soul honey. I'm happy for your discovery. I've bee
    n a fan since the beginning. Keep listening. Enjoy :)


    Thank you :)

    Arun Nair

    Haha, this was my first reaction as well! I always liked Bilal but as a featured artist, never really explored his music! But after watching Common's Tiny Desk Concert, been on a binge listening! :) <3

  4. Lacy Harmon

    Sill rocking this album as if it's brand new straight classic

    Miss Super Hottie

    +Lacy Harmon me too Lacy.

  5. MsPia1980

    He is gonna be at the Howard Theatre- Dec. 14th- Im so theeerre!!

  6. MsPia1980

    im speechless........... a cross between neo soul, rock, alternative, jazz and funk- a league of its own. Unprecedented, sexy, mysterious and in a class of its own.  #love  this whole album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @MsPia1980 chea

    G. Johnson

    MsPia1980 be sure to check
    Our @rojames album -- has all facets as well. Bilal is the man!



  8. Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay

    This song sounds like sex. If that makes any sense to anyone else but me lol.

    Keithon Boyd

    LU Lion yesss

  9. DeVon Ambitious

    I was addicted to white turns to gray now I'm hooked on this SMH

  10. Honeecomb85

    this man is a pure genius. I have always loved his music have ALL his albums and I am NEVER disappointed. good music lives on.

  11. Sonya Warlick

    Guaitar is sexxiii

  12. Sonya Warlick

    Reminds me of the early days of Prince...Hott!

  13. Secrete Emotions

    thank god for his soul I needed this

  14. Nitra Wisdom

    Thank you so much for posting this. This album is my elixir.

  15. Jeff Black

    Bilal has the ability to capture an actual "feeling" in his music and suck you into it. That's magical!

  16. Sea206TV

    A Prince Feel..

  17. Sea206TV

    Im feeling it

  18. Carlos Flow


  19. juse miguel


  20. S Middleton

    Dope Man...