Big & Rich - Lay It All On Me Lyrics

Happiness is a state of mind, a place so hard for us to find
Ain’t no map and the road just winds, on and on
I don’t know who calls the shots, who wrote the book or connects the dots
I can only pray our hearts be satisfied

So lay it all on me baby
Lay it all on me
Yeah I’ll always be here for you and when the world is going crazy
Yeah lay it all on me

I’ve got every element since I met what heaven sent
Now this feeling of content goes on and on
It don’t matter where we go, how high we fly or how low
One thing that I know for sure, I’ll be satisfied


You can never get close enough to me


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Big & Rich Lay It All On Me Comments
  1. Tammie Hardeman

    December 2019 nice

  2. Q Tē

    no one gives two for me

  3. Michael C.

    Directors cut & all that build up to Nothing.
    Two people walk in hay.

  4. Kyle Yarborough

    Anyone know the chords to play it?


    The song is bland and the video is liberal pandering crap. Big & Rich have zero creativity. They're like a party everyone has been to before and now it's gotten old and boring. These guys are just two more reasons country music sucks today and isn't getting any better.

  6. orangesporange

    I was expecting the comments section to be the usual race war...Good on you all for being above that bs.

    Ben Kuhns

    You want them to have Holstein kids?

  7. kikidolls

    I believe that the girl may be succumbing to pressure from friends and family about their interracial romance and she feels very bad because she likes him very much....he is obviously incredulous over this and turns to walk away, but as he is walking, he is remembering the first time they are going to spend some time together and cannot deny how they felt about each other when she came out to meet him...he doesn't want to walk away from it because he knows they really love each other.

  8. Maples01

    It seems it's been lain on me a lot, piled over, god won't give you more than you can handle I've been told, almost feels he's I have no limits, sure have lost a lot the past few years.

  9. ulaş erkan özberk

    yeap , İ LOVE BİG & RİCH please welcome to TURKEY ' İSTANBUL!!!!!!!!!

  10. slfahfksljHflsg;h

    I am now officially a fan of big and rich........ I love and appreciate all their music

  11. amuto tsukiyomi

    i literally cried at this song and video i loved it.

  12. Creators

    sorry caps

  13. Creators


  14. bobbie byington

    love this

  15. Libby Stuart

    Lovin' this band ♥

  16. joanna brown Love...

  17. jjmane253

    Will somebody help me understand the song? I really like it just don't fully comprehend it.

  18. christopher brown

    Great song great lyrics

  19. Mike Martin

    Love it!

  20. Rocky R. Twitchell

    Awesome !!!!!!! Big & Rich rule the Galaxy !!!

  21. Batzilla60

    Song and Video both beautiful. Loved the big wide open spaces as a backdrop. Loved this!!!

  22. Jason Dallin

    LOL i was thinking the same thing

  23. cdtnplyr

    this should be there next single

  24. Omnytamer

    I like the song, but I don't get the video. Are they fighting? What are they fighting about? It just doesn't make sense.

  25. Yasmine Brazil

    awh :) tht was beautiful & the lyrics to the song made it all come together ! :)

  26. TheBobyMusic

    Awesome song