Big & Rich - Cheat On You Lyrics

You better hope another man don’t look her way too long
You better hope he don’t do all the things right that you’ve done wrong
If he comes knockin’ she’ll just turn him down
’Cause she’s not the kind of girl that goes runnin’ around

But you make her wanna cheat on you
For all the hurtin’ that you put her through
She wants to stand by her man but I’m not sure if she can
’Cause you make her wanna cheat on you

She tries to be your everything all the time in every way
She lit the candles, pulled the covers back and put on that lingerie
Then you come walkin’ in and you fall into bed
You never say a word or even turn your head
And it makes her...


She’s been livin’ for a love that keeps letting her down’
Looking for a reason just to hang around


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Big & Rich Cheat On You Comments
  1. Kori claypool

    Dumb song

  2. Tammy M

    I would love to do that to an Xbox one, PS4, switch, both of his phones.

  3. King Dragon Blood

    Yo I love you guys and your song but... destroying property... even if it's not like real or whatever it's still not cool man hahaha but the song is great

  4. Kim Whitney

    You better make time for her or somebody else will. Just sayin. Good song. How true it is today.

  5. suzie Lee

    This va. girl Tx Transplant just thinks the world of both of you.saw you in Albq &loved every min.I have all the cd's I can get my hands on. John I have you with a previous group. My cell has been yelling "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" for years.Keep up the good work. Love from an adoring fan,Suzie "Spoon" Lee Goodwin.

  6. Hank’s Hollerin’ Outdoors

    No way in hell is she gonna smash my guitar

  7. Devin Hess

    That must've been a fun video to make.

  8. aimee borders

    I just love this group i can relae to all of thier music. keep up the good work guys.

  9. Kyah Clevenger

    dang u ppl r touchy XD

  10. jdsr2008dmb

    Add money and race cars

  11. felipe huaroc

    Será mejor que otro hombre no mira su camino demasiado largo
    Será mejor que él no lo hagas todas las cosas que has hecho mal
    Si viene knockin 'ella lo va a rechazar
    Porque ella no es el tipo de chica que va corriendo alrededor

    Pero la haces quiero engañar a usted
    Para todo el hurtin 'que se pone a su través
    Ella quiere estar a su hombre, pero no estoy seguro de si puede
    Porque la haces quiero engañar a usted

    Ella trata de ser tu todo, todo el tiempo en todos los sentidos
    Encendió las velas, tiró de las mantas y se puso esa ropa interior
    Luego se llega a caminar y se cae en la cama
    Nunca dices una palabra o incluso girar la cabeza
    Y le hace ...


    Ella ha estado viviendo por un amor que mantiene decepcionarla '
    Buscando una razón justa para pasar el rato


  12. Attam

    I know. If you're ignoring your girlfriend for coffee, that's more of a problem than anything else highlighted in this video lol

  13. J S

    I can so relate to this song my bf dose the same thing to me with his damn xbox just want to smash that thing

  14. xxAlexito714xx

    Why did they smash a Keurig coffee maker? Lol


    I don't get it, where was Big & Rich in the video? Plus Women are on their phones more than guys, and I don't understand the guitar.... The Skateboard yes, the NES maybe but unlikely. The video doesn't match the song.

  16. Rebecca Maynard

    There not saying to cheat it said you make her want to not that she is going to pay attention to the song title

  17. Kaitlyn Larson

    Big and rich y'all are so amazing!

  18. Michelle Ramsdell

    considering the song..I think this video could have been made with A LOT more meaning than that...but its not my favorite song :-(

  19. Nicole Dunlap

    add in xbox and golf clubs

  20. Sarah Lynn Slininger

    Add in some hunting decoys p,ea

  21. Monica Golden

    love love love this song!!

  22. girllovesmusic

    I agree that there is never a reason to cheat. There are many reasons to leave...but not to cheat.

  23. Sarah Jane x

    I don't know what I like more, the song or the film clip! can't wait to see these guys play tonight!!

  24. James Mays

    i lost alot of respect for big & rich for this song. There is never a reason to cheat on someone if you not happy leave him. And the reasons they give for her to cheat is stupid. Women you think theres reasons to cheat? Then dont bitch when your old man cheats cause im sure you've done something then.

  25. Diesel Girl

    Omg thank you big and rich! This is the best song. Men don't realize how they make women feel maybe this song will wake up some men up!

  26. scott mcgrath

    if you cant give your all you are a cheat

  27. Parks Curtis

    ps : that goes for men and women if you are cheating its your own decision and your own faul;t God does not honor that kind of behavior in either spouse

  28. Parks Curtis

    rediculous, first of all people cheat because something they lack in themselves, our culture wants to make excuses and blame others. second if its that terrible instead of being terrible yourself get out and start over with someone else. thirdly this is acsorry excuse for a country song , just dramatic pop music that has lost its roots and meaning whiney loser stuff.

  29. Shavon Cavness-Roybal

    LOVE THIS ONE !!!!!!!!

  30. bdrniles1991

    This song is my life right now!

  31. TheMotoManiac

    idk......breaking your boy friends stuff will pretty much get you single lol

  32. Alchemistic Academician

    That's healthy, be considerate to your woman or she'll fuck someone else... I have no issue with the song, but can the women in the comments please stop taking it serious like you shouldn't be blamed for cheating. You don't like your man, leave him. If you love him too much to leave him, you know cheating is wrong.

  33. Desiree Gadient

    goooo big and rich.

  34. Max

    lol I can see this happening to me!

  35. Allison Waterbury

    Heard this song today and wow is all I can say. I felt like they were singing about my life.

  36. Ellis Risner

    Once again BIG & RICH keep singing songs of my life.... all I can says is keep' em coming as me and my wife have made it through 33 yrs of marriage and still going strong.

  37. orasis

    Man these guys need to get out of their contract! ... GREAT SONGS... 4,000 VIEWS?

    BAD MARKETING ...!!!!

  38. Dakota Payne

    They needed Fifa 13 broken.. if u know what i mean(;

  39. megamanmtv

    John R i love you but this song blows. What happened to the good stuff?

  40. Alice Faye fishburn barton

    that described my marriage... and was not worth the crap

  41. yellowsuit1

    Not... The... NES!!! :(

  42. Yasmine Brazil

    i dont even know where to start with this song ! it just blew my mind. Its so meaningful, and every guy who treats his girlfriend wrong shud really think about it. Cause like Big and Rich said, it will lead to her cheatin on him ! But overall, this video was amazing ! :)

  43. TheBobyMusic

    Awesome song