Big & Rich - Brand New Buzz Lyrics

Midnight staring at the ceiling getting so high
Rolling with the feeling just you and I
Your ponytail swinging as you dance alone
I'm about half gone

And the champagne sweating on the table
And the bomb still waiting on the Jager
And you're so smooth I don't need a chaser
When I taste your lips sip by sip

I got a brand new buzz
Hits a lot harder than the whiskey does
One shot of ya and you're in my blood
Oh, and I can't get enough
Wish I could bottle it up, 'cause now I'm hooked on love
Oh, I got a brand new buzz

There's a hundred proof chilled up and waiting
With the blue moon
I hate to waste it, but I've moved on to your temptation
And I'd rather drown in this love I've found


Now I'm done running them bar tabs up
Ain't sneaking no Makers in my coffee cup
Not a day goes by that I ain't kissing on your good stuff

[Chorus x2]

I got a brand new buzz
I got a brand new buzz

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Big & Rich Brand New Buzz Comments
  1. Alicia Wigfall

    Just recieved this album as a gift 🎁

    It's signed!! 💖💜

  2. haylestormable

    The moment you realise these guys also sang "save a horse, ride a cowboy"

  3. Jaden Hull

    I want someone like this

  4. Mrs J

    💖 this song and my first time ever listening to this song 👍

  5. AmericanBoy1

    Wish I could bottle it up cause now I’m hooked on love !!

  6. AmericanBoy1

    Love it !

  7. Dylan Bartholomaus

    Holy, if theres ever an underrated song, its this one


    The whole album is underrated!

  8. Nick Bloom

    "One shot of it and your in my butt" ... That is all I can hear

  9. Travis Carr

    Big N Rich true Americans

  10. Rodney Brown

    Be buggered! Just when you think it doesn't get any better, they smash it with this one.

  11. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 In Navy, then Volunteered Rescue Squad and Fire Department, wrecked /Rollover a Fire Truck. 7 weeks in a Coma, Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy

    Austin Smith

    Michael BUCHANAN Thanks for your service.

  12. Lutian Murphy

    John is just a cool dude as well as great singer song writer !

  13. Chris Wilfong

    I got a brand new buzz hittin this repeat button

  14. Clear Prop

    wtf is he with this clown dude with a dirty old

    Wild Police

    Clear Prop u don’t know who that is ..that’s truly sad

  15. Madelyn E. Perez


  16. Jennifer Dijames

    It's been a long time since you had another song out. Anyway I love it.

  17. Dawn London

    Really good.

  18. Chad Williams

    Love b&r have for years!!!!!

    Matthew Carroll

    Cat and dog

  19. Amethyst Panda

    Discovered this song yesterday and I already love it

  20. Frosty In Alaska

    Love it!

  21. John Slater

    When are you guys gonna do a UK Tour

  22. Fran Brister


  23. Kathy Crider

    I love love love love this song so much I recommend everyone to listen to big and rich they will touch your heart like they do mine 😍

    Blake Stammet

    I agree

  24. jc3Teacher

    Why was this taken off Youtube for awhile? This whole album rocks!

  25. loza3

    Great song guys!!