Big K.R.I.T. - New Agenda Lyrics

[Hook - Big KRIT:]
Bitch I got a new agenda
Grippin' grain 'till I catch a splinter
Stripper pole, set it in the middle
For them bust it's, down to twerk a little
B-b-b-b-b-bitch I got a new agenda
Time and time again
And time and time and time again
I tried to tell these hoes
Time and time again
And time and time and time again
I tried to tell these hoes
Bitch I got a new agenda

[Verse 1 - Big KRIT:]
Doin' two a days in my Cadillac
Flex around me, I might take your bitch and not give her back
Nigga cutthroat, nigga cutthroat, nigga cutthroat
He ain't give you money to give to me bitch? Then what you fuck for?
Ducked off in that corner store
Yeah I got some gators but I need some more
'Dem white wall, 'dem white wall, they was super cold
Since a grasshopper all I ever wanted was some triple golds
'Dem Daytons and that my bass boss
John Travolta, these subwoofers might blow your face off
Take your cape off, super sippin', settle down
And let me tippy-tize, I just wanna rhyme

[Hook - Big KRIT]

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]
Gold teeth on my pitbull your bitch bringin' me breakfast
Just got me two coupes, them hoes Jeremy Shepherds
Hatin' niggas so petty, all I chase is that lettuce
Top down on my fitted, Pittsburgh like Bettis
Smilin' like I'm William "The Refrigerator" Perry
6 mill' for the condo that extra 2 for that terrace
All I want is that lemon pepper, but the flavors vary
Got head in Paris, my AP canaries
See me on that cover of Rolling Stone's embellished
Diamonds drip from my neck, them tats all on my belly
All I had was that dream, Martin Luther my king
And one last request: bury me in my rings

[Hook - Big Krit]

[Outro - Big KRIT:]
Pardon if it's much
Diamonds in the back seat will surely crush
Fishbone the dash, roll around on glass
You talkin' too much
Takes a lot of shine just to Supernova
You don't know my kind
I don't play with kids, bitch I play for keeps
If you don't know I'm with it then you don't know the shine
Take that with a grain of salt, I don't give a fuck about it
Treat the pussy the gold if she down
Then swoll, then she bound to squeeze a buck up out it
Hard protective plate of a suplex, the way I flex on a broke ho
It ain't what I asked for? It's a no no
Bitch I got a new agenda

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