Big K.R.I.T. - Multi Til The Sun Die Lyrics

Multi, Multi
Til the motherfuckin' sun die
Til the motherfuckin' sun die
One time for Multi, Multi
Til the motherfuckin' sun die
Til the motherfuckin' sun die
One time for Multi

[Verse 1:]
I did it for the people that believe in me
Never shine on my family cause that could breed envy
Friends up and turned foes and I done seen plenty
Cause Lord is all we had and I believed in it
I can't deny that
Most don't survive rap
Cause being poor wasn't easy and we survived that
Too many times I left home and had to drive back
Cause deals fell through instead of beats they'd rather buy sack
Multi since 86
A lot of motherfuckers out there hated this
To see a king from the bottom of country bumpkin
from nothing Good Lord you know I got it right
So put your lighters in the air for me
If I'm down I pray you care for me
This for them fans everywhere for me
Thank God that they were there for me


[Verse 2:]
Ain't no secret I'd ride for it
If need be, I'll die for it
My plane could crash and burn but I'd fly for it
Fight the power raise my fist in the sky for it
I put my brothers on, divide the pie for it
Then get it popping like the 4th of July for it
You can't low ball, I want the high high for it
My Grandma died knowing that I tried for it
Many nights alone, yeah I cry for it
Seventeen, hit the road made a drive for it
Pedal CD's out the trunk break my pride for it
Apply for a job just to get denied for it
So many tries to sign but I decide for it
On the stage of life Titans still collide for it
Last song, breath gone, stage dive for it
Say goodbye, close my eyes for it


Be just and justify your actions
Breathe Deep and walk up right
Lead and never follow
Love the people, be other people
Humble yourself and pray
History remembers Kings

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Big K.R.I.T. Multi Til The Sun Die Comments
  1. jon gomez

    6 years later and still a beautiful song but I cant believe it took him and cole 6 years to do a song together

  2. Filip Bojic


  3. Tyler Piechowiak

    Aint no secret I arrive for it,
    If need be, i'de die for it.
    My plane could crash and burn,
    But i'll fly for it.
    Fight the power,
    Raise my fist in the sky for it,
    I put my brothers on,
    Divide the pie for it,
    Then get it popping like the 4th of July for it,
    You can't low-ball,
    I want the high high for it,
    My Grandma died known I tried for it,
    Many nights alone,
    Yeah I cried for it,
    17, hit the road,
    Made a drive for it,
    Pedal CD's out my trunk,
    Break my pride for it,
    Apply for a job,
    Just to get denied for it,
    So many tried to sound,
    But I decide for it,
    On a stage of lights,
    Titans still collide for it,
    Last song, Breathe Gone,
    Stage Dive for it,
    Say goodbye & close my eyes for it,

    2013 til the mother fucking sun die - MULTI!

  4. Raum Beats

    Be just and justify your actions
    Breathe deep and walk up right
    Lead and never follow
    Love the people, be of the people
    Humble yourself and pray
    History remembers Kings

  5. Mark Mckeown

    Gets better every time. Headphones full whack

  6. Danny Pena

    Gibbs,bun nozzle, spitta, cole...dope

  7. Danny Pena

    One of my of his best

  8. Danny Pena

    Krit...salute !

  9. Elijah Ashman

    Grammy worthy type music

  10. Mark Mckeown

    Oh Yeah. Forgot about this. Fuck. Goose bumps.

  11. Gabe R

    I have been listening to K.R.I.T. since the year of our Lord 2009, when he released the song Voices. I have watched his career with anticipation for every project and excitement as he finally left his Def Jam deal. After watching the full breadth of his career up to this point, I must say that this song, Mutli Til The Sun Die is by far his best. This beautifully composed instrumental helping underly his tale of suffering to do what he loves is riveting every time. When he says 'My grandma died knowing that I tried for it,' get me close to tears every time.

  12. Lex

    Love BIG K.R.I.T.

  13. Marvin Crumbie

    When he talk about his grandma shit makes me choke up errytime I feel that shit

  14. Nick Belanger

    Justin Scott- you're the reason I haven't given up on love and life

  15. W W

    Captured the sun rising

  16. Phonso Robinson

    I'm so late

  17. Enlightened .M

    Fckn underrated man

  18. סמהון מולה


  19. סמהון מולה

    j.cloe show some love its' good to see

  20. Malkia

    I love what Cole said :)

  21. Mable Papillion

    History remember Kings and Queen.

  22. Fabo Andolini

    Had no idea there was a video. This shit is so beautiful man

  23. Gabe Escobar

    pink floyd big Krit Ozzy Osbourne wutang license to ill how it go

  24. Gabe Escobar

    my big cuz don't have a Facebook he been selling weed since back when an he bump Krit on sum real stoner ish much love cousin roman even though you a ain't ever on the web

  25. Antonio Reid

    Still in 18 💥💪👑👑👑👑

  26. Ali Zeitoun

    How this not have MULTI million views til the sun die

  27. Mable Sally

    Cussing like a sailor but I love the video shows great joy in U.

  28. Chad Hudson

    These visuals are amazing

  29. Michael Midax

    That brother the realest right along with Cole & Kendrick. Believe that

  30. Shamir Bryan

    Pumping. Pumping. It's so good it could never be played on the radio.

  31. Jordan Sailors

    "my plane can crash and burn, I'll still fly forward. fight the power. put your fist in the sky for it. - King. Remembered. In. Time

  32. anheuser1876

    Y'all still act he ain't top 5 #Multi

  33. SiRunAmok CSF

    This is why KRIT is unknown.. Wouldn't have it any other way to be honest.

  34. Josh


  35. Leon Chan

    this is truly special, a fuckin classic. thank you big krit

  36. Ahmon mcclennon

    touch my soul

  37. Sir Creep

    My new favorite song.. I freaking love the hook.

  38. LeFleur290

    M83 - Wait (I prefer it it sped up, or Kygo's version though). ^^

  39. T Fly

    who ever playin that violin is straight beast wit me chills every time

  40. Life with Aj

    Realest fuckin rapper im in Alabama he from Mississippi King of the South 👌

  41. M A

    Underrated song damn

  42. Robert Helbringer

    The video of Krit with Cole still gives me chills man, love this song so much

  43. Gavin Cutts

    one of the realist ever

  44. tyrel jenkins

    King music

  45. Austin St-Jacques

    Thugger and Future have made catchy tunes. They are more likened to jingles. Kritt is making timeless albums. Why wiz khalifa and currensy didn't totally fuck up the whole game with a few albums is beyond me though.

  46. Harold Lee


  47. Travis Efaw

    Timeless 🤔

  48. Jocelyn T

    My favorite Krit song. He put his soul in this one.

  49. 3rdeyerap com

    can anyone tell me what multi means in that context?


    multiply? iono

    Jacob McClure

    NateShakur Multi-Alumni is the label K.R.I.T. is signed to and he's saying he'll represent the label until the sun dies.

    3rdeyerap com

    Jacob McClure thanks fam!


    king remembered in time ...I love this man music! he #2 behind Andre 3000 on my top 5

    Charles Stasher

    IMPERIAL STACKHOUSE ENT. No doubt... Mississippi stand up

  51. HERBALSDUDE SierraMist

    I fucking love this track so dam much

  52. J 47


  53. Terrio Ducre

    krit I swear before I'm gone, they will mention you with the greats...... KingRememberInTime

  54. honeydroodroo

    favorite artist all time.

  55. JetLifeDallasTX4

    Hip Hop

  56. SonnyBoi1978

    How is Krit so unknown, but trash rappers like Thugger and Future are popular?

    Jay Anderson

    How come Cole and K.Dot popular and not Krit?

    Carl Hilton

    Yasiin Bey 47 Krit never sold his soul

    phil shirazi

    shit thugger and future are top mc's compared to lil uzi vert and lil yachty

    dexterious pertinence

    Carl Hilton im pretty sure he did and reclaimed it .

    Julian Booker

    thugger and future and krit all great in their own ways

  57. Tyler Witt

    You can tell KRIT tryna hold back how hype he was when Jcole was shoutin him out at 3:03

  58. Jonathan Alvarado

    I can't believe I've been listening to Krit for years now. Got nothing but respect for this guy. I was stationed out in meridian MS. Shit aint no city life.


    K.R.I.T. 4eva!

  60. Jason Preston

    Pure greatness #multi

  61. The Dinner Table

    He sampled M83....Holy shit...

    Amanda Martinez

    The Dinner Table exactly!

  62. Giacomo Cescon

    Is that kevin durant at 1.30??


    looks like him

    Renita Palm

    FarebberoTuttiSilenzio 90. yea


    my shit!

  64. Read Neuromancer by William Gibson

    This is the realest shit I've ever heard

  65. Dewey Cox

    Big krit is soooo underrated to me which makes me like him a lot more

  66. A V

    Graduating college this June. This is my graduation song.

    John Hurd

    Wow... that's a beautiful song too play.

  67. Leaffie

    This shit came out my sophomore year. Damn time flies by. 😭


    He's playing kino der toten at 2:50 haha

  68. davaughn237

    this my guy!

  69. Dominique Johnson

    Dope azz track 🔥🔥

  70. Greg McGee

    I listen to this song everyday

  71. Damon Brown

    nah care age of song se dc gone be sick of me when I get my wheels. cuz I'm playing this every damn day

  72. GoBuckeyes554

    So damn underrated its insane

  73. dexterious pertinence

    best in the game right now honestly

  74. Nadetastic Kiuna

    Luv this rite here

  75. Jonathan Zucker

    Who is playing the cello at the end?

    Jocelyn T

    Jonathan Zucker The Mad Violinist

  76. Meow

    The anthem !

  77. GroovyCam

    I always come here to see him and Cole interact. Krit, Cole, and Kendrick need a tour together. I think If you're a fan of one you're a fan of all three. that tour would be monumental and Legendary


    don't forget Drake and Joey Badass


    +Chris56076 Drake has to stay home on this tour. Drake is a commercial artist who barley raps. Why would he go on tour with guys who love the underground scene, and who spits vicious bars.

    Derek Dissell

    minus j Cole

    Noe Degollado

    big krit is better tho than both of them

    Mark Mckeown

    I'll have to get round to em. Who comes close to Krit except Masta Ace. Can't see it happening.

  78. Joshua Elliott

    Yo this cat deserves nothing but the best! Nobody does it like him. RESPECT

  79. Donnie Mcgill

    One time for Multi

  80. Matthew Leija

    thank god for KRIT 💯

  81. big_mz

    What exactly does he mean by "multi"?

    Sean G

    +Germ been wondering that for a while -_- its possibly a type of rapping? thats one meaning.

    Lieutenant Tentacles

    +Germ it's his record label

    Sean G

    ooh word.

  82. Angela Moore

    I feel ashamed that I didn't know who freddie gibbs was when I 1st watched this video.

    Corey Sargent

    What does this have to do with freddie gibbs

    Angela Moore

    @Corey Boss nothing I was just stating how I felt. So go troll somebody else.

    Corey Sargent

    +Angela “Angie” Moore you are on a big krit video talking about freddie gibbs sayin im trolling

    Aaron Beniz Boi

    +Corey Boss Freddie is in this video

  83. Robin Howard

    He is really the truth 🙌 the words he says at the end gives me chills ❤️ #Classic

  84. Adam Blackburn

    K.R.I.T you the truth homie....keep bangin that classic ish.....GOD Bless the South

  85. Black Mind

    I love this song to death but why does it make me sad???


    +KevinDurants Feet Because you're not living to your true potential.

    Black Mind

    @Kermit The Frog Wait? Huh? What?


    @KevinDurants Feet its The same reason this song motivates people to work out, or take action on something.  listen to the end.  It makes u sad because you are not giving 100% in life

  86. - SCOOBA


  87. DelusionalProductions

    Krit deserve so much more. I'm from the far pacific northwest, this and J cole is the shit I wanna hear more of from the south.

  88. ThaBlissMC

    Kritikal is simply the best rapper right now. Most of his songs have meaning and there are over 10 songs that i can listen to for few hours straight...

  89. Miguel Cruz

    This song is literally my preworkout

    M A

    Miguel Cruz Hell yeah

  90. rainman554

    I was wondering, what are they singing in the background? for example at 0:25 
    sounds like "north side up"

    Black Mind

    its a sample its say "no time" but he made it sound l

  91. Charlie gc

    i'm proud to say i been a fan since day one when i heard his 'The Last King' mixtape back in '09. I knew he was special the moment his music hit my ears. I spread his music to others any chance I get. It's crazy how many people I run into that don't know who he is smh.

    Jason carper

    +Charlie gc except he came out in 05 so yo been a fan since like day 1460

    Charlie gc

    +Jason carper
    except by day one I meant the first time i heard him. sooooo??? you're irrelevant at this point.

  92. NJDTN.91

    M83 - Wait is the sample for anyone wondering.

  93. Jervoris Hewey

    This should've been the song for Obama's inauguration.

  94. Samuel Perez

    its a shame this has only gotten 135k views in 7 months. one of his best tracks and most people are oblivious to it.