Big K.R.I.T. - Life Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Transmission I miss my mark day one
I was so close to the sun, I burnt the top off my roof
I travelled a million miles to uncover what most would doubt
Although I believe in God, I need proof
I'm itching for conversation, answer if you can hear
Where you lost amongst shining stars?
Life can seem oh so clear, death can seem oh so near
Dodging these comets, I promise my baby I be back if I loose cons
Tell her I love her, I miss her
I keep her picture upon my dash
And I wish her the best of luck, that's if I crash
I saw a few flash just the other day while I was making haste
Could be reaching, but I found a beacon attention base
I get paranoid swerving around these asteroids
Lord forbid I have to abort my mission
But it gets hard when you searching in the dark
For that one and only spark
I think I see what's missing

[Hook x2:]
I found life
I found life
I found life upon this planet
Damnit, I've been damaged
But I I can manage
I won't take this for granted, life

[Verse 2:]
I found life, in the darkest of times
How can I describe what's God's design
With these faulty eyes that often lie
Stars shine bright but they often die
I'm asking for permission to perceive
I'm closer than I've ever been
I probably shouldn't leave
I probably should record some of the things that I perceive
To be more sublime and divine than you and me

[Hook x2]

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Big K.R.I.T. Life Comments
  1. cslamonica

    How the fuck is there only 43 comments

  2. Jaymes Martin

    I listen to this song every day. Gets my day going

  3. Jaymes Martin

    39 dislikes? I guess this didn't touch they it did us

  4. Tee Peterson

    This is Big Krits answer to Kendrick Lamar's sing about me

  5. ThisIsDK

    Interesting flavor from KRIT. Still revist this track from time to time

  6. TDE

    stars shine bright but they often die

  7. Shrike Butcherbird


  8. Monkey Mutant Boss

    78,767 views before the Creed 2 trailer dropped. Let’s see where this goes. 😏

  9. Mable Sally

    The music has the highest if beauty. And the lows of the beast of life. It is outstanding, love, love.

  10. Mable Sally

    Yes back in the day we didn't have the right to choose our own destination but we love beyond the flesh and body. Our wise generation loved within their hearts and spirit, soul,and mind before they gave their love of their body to one another. That's what's missing in this generation. Just my thought on it

  11. KngNotorious

    I will party

  12. Wilson Bazan

    "I found life, in the darkest of time" great song BIGK


    then 5 haters respond let's ask them not to jump off a bridge lol

  14. Kendrick Johnson

    Inspiration in searching 4 amen-ra in me

  15. Brett Hruska

    Powerful K.R.I.T.

  16. Carlos Siqueira


  17. Fred Dukes

    This Song should have 100,000,000,000 Views by now! Keep sharing this folks!!

  18. FinalMystery

    can someone upload this on soundcloud already

  19. NAboy

    Me when i have wifi again :D

  20. BigxCodyxGee

    The 1 dislike needs to find a life!

  21. 3kT.V.

    I love this song can't wait until he drops another project👏... Sub to our channel too for hits like this and videos dropping soon

  22. Randy Myers

    The Big (808) BOOM

  23. Randy Myers


  24. static1217

    This album is still in my cd player, always bump this in the whip!!! KING.REMEMBERED.IN.TIME

  25. Mack 357


  26. SI- LINCE

    "I've been damaged but I kan manage!"

  27. Indaneshia Grier

    He is the outkast of this generation all in one person I absolutely love him

    Hey Bob-O

    Outkast, 8ball & MJG, U.G.K and 3 6 Mafia.

    Indaneshia Grier

    +38ecko38 yep, I been saying that for awhile now. I can smoke and ride to a whole album.

    Hey Bob-O

    +Indaneshia Grier real raps!


     @38ecko  Don't forget the Geto Boys he has a little bit of them in his music

  28. Prayer is The Key To Salavation

    Krit is My Favorite Rapper I'm Artist TQDatManye Check out on YouTube God Bless

  29. JBwellOrig

    Heard This On The Creed Trailer And Lost It! KING!

    Michielle Mock

    JBwellOrig Which one can you tell me (I know stupid question it’s been 4 years)

  30. Justin Carneiro

    Dawwwwwg, home run

  31. melvinism

    Krit you have to release another album! Cadillactica was a top 10 last year! We need another bomb!

  32. soulj7sli7

    dyamn been waiting for this ..

  33. Streetz Beavers

    you the Best K.R.I.T....... I listen to u everyday and ride my LAC and Slow Sip to 85% of yo Music cuz it put me in a whole other world

  34. Bentality

    I found Life!!!


    "Dammit... I been damaged... but I can manage... I won't take this for granted..." SPEEEEEAAAAAAKKK!

  35. Sometimes Angel

    I Love It This is my Shit 😊😊😊Thank You BK