Big K.R.I.T. - Life Is A Gamble Lyrics

Life is a gamble, oh baby
Where you win or loose
Life is a gamble

[Hook: BJ the Chicago Kid]
They say life (is a gamble)
So be careful when you shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
They say life (is a gamble)
So be careful when you shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
I roll the dice one time for my folks that died off
Rep the side they believed in but they sidle off
Let me toss a seven for the ones won't see tomorrow
Cast those shippings for sometimes we don't need to ball
Gunshots bring out, everybody hang out
Yellow tape party, all over we sang out
I don't like this feeling, ain't nothing that appealing
Bout reminiscing, over you
My God I couldn't cry cause your mama couldn't stop crying
And that's hard, lord I wish my folks would stopped dying
But who am I to say it wasn't your time to black out?
You betted all on a spot I guess you crapped out
For the finer thangs, and did we chase
We told your patience it was funny, how the thing we love, can make us hate ourselves
Russian roulette table, I gotta bet safer
You gotta know when to fold your cards
When you ain't able to reach into that dash when that
Jackal up and flashed that, brass like, give me all you got or that's your ass
That's all that it would took, the house got me shook
Cause ain't no point spread, but God doing books


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
Life is a gamble feel like I'm rambling sometimes
Like what the fuck I'm sposed to say in this rhyme
I shed tears and they won't come back
I said the word and they won't run back
My slot machine was broken this time
Ain't no tokens, I can't redeem to preserve the focus of mine
So many died and I'm scared it's just a matter of time
For I'm lifted myself, six people I know
Ain't been in church in a while, I heard I reap what I sow
Casket close, Caddy doors, can't commemorate
This tracks my gurney, my verse can be the ventilator
So I breathe, cause Loathing in Las Vegas wasn't meant for me
Too scared I'll stay too long and forget where I'm really meant to be
Heaven maybe, heaven lately, but all these lights are captivating
I had to play it, for the sake of me and mine
Lord, I pray I hit it big this time


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Big K.R.I.T. Life Is A Gamble Comments
  1. Mikhail Herrington

    Love this shid🚧

  2. Sir Shaun Able

    👑Acoustic & Lyrical Genius 👑

  3. Hivi Amunugama

    Just simply Beautiful. ♥️

  4. krispy908

    Its hard as fuck to choose a favorite song from K.R.I.T. but this is a contender for me

  5. John Fenty

    Niggas been sleep

  6. TheIanjordanmayes24


  7. Quintin mason

    2019 y’all who still bump this ??

  8. Chris valdez

    2019 and goin

  9. Hivi Amunugama

    Just Pure Fire. 🔥

  10. Iran Walton

    The closest thing to musical perfection I've heard. Beyond superlatives.

  11. JayFalconsfan404

    listening in 2019 too

  12. JayFalconsfan404

    2018 anyone

  13. MartianLif3 4hunnid

    Bro this song is so underrated KRIT is a living LEGEND

  14. l l Topnotch l l

    Still have this on replay In 2018. Beautiful hip hop and big krit at its finest

  15. Dominique Turner

    Can't believe it's already been 5 years since i first heard this song. Easily my favorite from KRIT. R.I.P. Jennelle Carrillo ❤

  16. anna201294

    I love K.R.I.T. !!!!!! MISSISSIPPI BREED #601-662 #Meridian

  17. Samuel Wilson

    Who's bumping this in 2018?!

    Don Bienve Rosario

    Samuel Wilson just discovered

    Jeremy Etter

    Been bumpin krit since middle school, I graduated in 2017! K.R.I.T has been a major influence to me all these years and I’m gonna turn 20 this month!!


    @Jeremy Etter Oh yeah dude I'm a 8th grade girl and I grew up on my older siblings listening to Krit. Krit's music has gotten me through some painfull times

  18. Stephen Roundtree

    God doing book's!

  19. StezeEnt Entertainment

    StezeEnt captivates

  20. Jose Luis

    2013 memories

  21. J-RO & PRESTO

    This should be well over 10million

  22. Adonix

    Get chills everytime!

  23. GrabA Grabba

    2017 Bless Up !

  24. Alma Thornton

    if I'm right Frank Ocean I know it's not John Legend plse let a H Town now lol


    Alma Thornton Both wrong, it's Bj The Chicago Kid, great artist and has been featured with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Freddie Gibbs, Joey Bada$$, and etc.

  25. melvinism

    The most underrated song of all time.


    MH DOOM u fux wit soulection dawg?


    SagePhaze 25/8 hell yeah bro! They got the best beats to Jam to as well

  26. jenniferroxan whitelocke

    inspired by your dreams homie g shit I fuck wit you 386 600 block Busta free may hear me on radio in God's Time

  27. Robert Brinkman

    so underrated. bomb song

  28. Building 9

    this is 9th wonders beat...its on you tube "Gamble"

  29. Thirty Two

    throw back Friday

  30. Frank Silva

    Wish people would appreciate this type of music more cause this shit deep #forthereal

  31. Raphael Nelson

    That Marvin Gaye sample is beautiful

  32. KwikNik22

    classic. makes me cry

  33. Pineapple Express

    Don't understand how this song only has 20k views smh #2016

    Joshua Bynum

    hell yeah. i put on at least 200 of those. lol

    A. Rashad

    50k now. A shame

    l l Topnotch l l

    Big Krit is in the wrong era of hip hop. He’s probably one of the best lyricist out but ppl are just looking for hype and beats with catchy hooks today. I always come back to this project. This is hip hop.

    chris wheeler

    2018 69k smh

    John Doe

    Real shit, this is my favorite K.R.I.T. album.

  34. lifeofadon21

    3 people accidentally hit the wrong button

    elijah andrews

    lifeofadon21 this shit hard as hell

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    realife music... puts me in dat zone

  36. OGxIAM

    this is amazing

  37. 1stLyfe

    This song is fire....definitely a classic! !


    dope i love his mix-tape true fan!

  39. Pretty Flaco


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    its the persians with their gold and purple styling

  41. David Kuznetsov

    Ohmylawd, saw this on hip-hop memes defienitly song of the year.

  42. Brentez or Lampshade

    Where's the video for this eargasm!!!

  43. Carmen Angeles

    K.R.I.T. is surely what he'll be.

  44. noun uneedtono

    One word for the haters: superiority