Big K.R.I.T. - Kreation (Intro) Lyrics

Let's create
Nah not yet
I'm ready to create now
Naah not yet, hold on
No, let's create now

Let's just take our time
Pretend like we started this
Pretend like we are creation
Pretend like it's all on us to be perfect
How about, let's just be perfect
And let us not pretend that we ain't made in God's images
Let's make good on these promises and be perfect
How about let's be perfect

These hands of mine can hold the weight of planets
Allow me to use the hues of lunar cools to paint a canvas
Of explosions and vibrant emotions that we know we could
Explore the outer most with no risks
Even though we know we should
You are the ocean, I am a mountain
When a piece of me falls off in you there's no way of countin'
The days and times another you and me will arrive
But watch it grow to reach the sky
Emoted to be like you and I
I hope it has your glowing eyes
The light, the dark, I won't refuse it love
Instead I'll give it heart
Probably the same color as Mars
Was shining, blinding stars
To the fathers afar
Until it reaches God


I know what this means
You are all my sins
On this back seat car
Do it big, do me baby
I know what this means
You won't be a [?]
Won't you Shake it for me, shake it for me baby
Do it like you love me, do it like you love me
Do it like you love me, do it like you love me
Oooh do it like you love me, do it like you love me
Baby, baby, baby


So what should we call it?

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