Big K.R.I.T. - GossipZilla Lyrics


We on fire fire fire fire
Yea! We on fire fire fire fire
Yea! We on fire fire fire fire
Yea! We on fire fire fire fire
Yea! We on fire fire fire fire
Niggas wanna tell it, hoes wanna gossip
Niggas wanna tell it, hoes hoes wanna gossip
Niggas wanna tell it, hoes wanna gossip
We on

[Verse 1 - Big Boi:]
No introductions needed, boy just call me the undefeated
And underneath this Georgia dry I know I can’t be seen (winner)
Fire vocals because my voice was a classic
Like Coca Cola when they had cocaine in the package
I meant to say blowing the ingredients
But I went to the mall today and all the niggas had those mediums
Little bit of it close
Like dancing with the stars without the judges or the dance floor
Oh and niggas don’t dance no mo
All they do is this
Beefin' up, call me Venus fly chart waitin' on fly emcees to eat em up
I’m fly, yes I can beat them weak as fuck and ain’t no keeping up
I’m balls deep and then we big in the
Fat sacks nigga, Cadillac killer
Cataract prescription filled up
I got my medicinal card from Los Angeles, the city of lost angels
A connoisseur of cannabis
I’m from Atlanta bitch, we never shop with strangers
No matter, we strain the slanging, some of the game rules done changed
Niggas is outchea talking like a cockatoo to a cop or two
Now they watchin' you and yo mama too, bird’s eye view

[Bridge - Blue Oyster Cult:]
With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
He pulls the spitting high tension wires down


[Verse 2 - Pimp C:]
I’m getting blowed on the regular
Riding and talking dirty on my cellular
Player I got some real good that will save you some
Uh and if you my homeboy she gon give you some
And it’s all for the paper but she still gon come
You dip it then you cook yo jaw now you sprung
I have you trippin' like it’s nothing thorough
Played on my hoes, don’t talk to nobody, gon tell yo girl
(Uh, now look)

[Verse 3 - Big Krit:]
Okay but niggas wanna tell it, hoes wanna gossip
Cus they pussy wasn’t hittin and they lip was super sloppy
Sucka duck a motherfucker, we done chop the brain about it
But my money corner pocket, plenty game ho
Slap it like a biscuit, king of diamond, king of trickin', what’s the difference
Got it poppin' like a skillet with some chicken grease in it
Country born, country paid, from the village to the grave
Worth the payment, body truckin' cus the money I already made


[Verse 4 - Bun B:]
Man I hate that all the time I got haters in my bizz
Talking bout the trill but don’t know what the fuck it is
Mothafuckas nowadays are seriously sorry
Thinking that the key to life is putting yo business on Mari
They say you’re rockin Mari but them mothafuckas Rockport
Always talking bout you bustin nigga but your Glock short
I know the truth so ain’t no need in yo line
Bullshit ain’t workin, ain’t no need to be tryin
I’m dyin to be that nigga that’s spyin in the telescope
Prowlin with triller niggas but iron to yo dearly folk
Telling them talk tales, vibs and hung angers
Save it for Jeremy, Kyle, Steven, Jerry Springer
Buzzin like a bee, tryna sting me wit yo stinger
Bitch you could get the middle, (what middle?), the finger
Stick it in yo ass and let it linger
No homo, we give the hynel like the RnB singer Obomo

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Big K.R.I.T. GossipZilla Comments
  1. Dora Winifred

    Why am I just finding this???

  2. Jessie Castillo

    Underrated af

  3. Last X

    This is KRIT song on the Week of KRIT Mixtape

  4. rimisak redam

    Woooow same feeling when i first heard for your sorrows. Sick shit!
    Lean back and puff slow

  5. Marc Mona

    This Song Is The Shit  FR FR_

  6. Aurelie Renault

    Ok, that was cool but nobody should touch to Blue Oyster Cult ;_; The massive fan that I am had some hard times listening to this... haha

    Black Mind

    Aurelie Renault why are you here?

    Spirit of Yusuke 008

    You'll get over it lol

  7. Lush Depths

    Talk about a fresh mash-up!

  8. optimuspr9me

    Damn these Dungeoneze joints just don't stop! So cool

  9. LaneyPenn

    fire fire

  10. Sophia Victoria

    It's aiiiiiggghhttttttt.

  11. TrillTandon

    The original song is called "Big Boi - Gossip ft. UGK, K.R.I.T". Its from big boi's new album

    ZayJuice Jenk

    nah this is from week of krit

  12. Gunner Gabel SoFly

    Is that Bun B? 2:48 

  13. SwiftC

    i dont think pimp c would approve of this song

    Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I

    Who gives a fuck. Respect to pimp c but that nigga ain't here no more.

  14. Tae Steez33

    that was dope

  15. Ashok Raju

    Big Booiiiiiii!!!!! All day an' day!

  16. TimeNow AndThen

    so dope

  17. jankie55

    These are super classic versus and am stoked to see them on top again

  18. likenem

    Reminds me of the 90's CGI show reboot

  19. Troy Burditt

    Uhm amazing yes of course

  20. John Adrian aka: Captain Klein became Dodge

    History shows again and again how nature points out the many errors of man!
    The Zilla ;-)

  21. Jamal Greenfield

    This song alright not what I atleast expect it. I was expecting him to make classic bangers like sorry ms jackson but this will do.

    Eli Bishop

    True, but Ms. Jackson was an Outkast song, so input from more people. I like this though. 


    Yeah this is big boi as fuq. I love it. Not to mention I love blue oyster cult too. Great song

  22. Marcos

    Big Boi needs no introduction.

  23. OoMysterious1oO

    give us a download link dammit lol

    Big Boi

    Download the record on SoundCloud


    @bigboi will you marry me? lol thx

  24. Dwight hurd

    Cool visuals

  25. PearlTRAY

    Long live the Pimp

  26. Dmack MasterIce


    Donald Aikens

    His Soundcloud acct. free download.

  27. FunkyWhitePimp

    I shoulda prepared some cush for this video.

  28. IchFTW

    the only one who is missing is 3k. then the song would be perfect

  29. IchFTW

    holy moly