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At the end of the day it's a blessing and I'm still here, I'm still creative and I still can come up with content, subject matter that people really can't touch on nowadays. And at the same time to know that I built my foundation from the ground up. That it wasn't overnight, that it wasn't a gang of vouchers, it wasn't a lot of money that went into marketing me, no. You know what I'm saying, it was music, it was people that had ear to the street, it was people that wanted to spread the word about what I was rapping about, about the content. And at the end of the day, I was always gonna keep it one hundred and I did that with Live At The Underground. Cadillactica, I had to create a planet in order to really help people understand what I'm trying to to do as far as my music is concerned, and that's not be part of a box, not be put in a box, not be put in a genre, but create music that stands on its own, that's what was always about for me

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