Big K.R.I.T. - Bigger Picture Lyrics

I'll paint all the world for you baby
I'll paint all the world for you
(I'll paint all the world for you)
I'll paint all the world for you baby
(I'll paint all the world for you)

I wish you saw the bigger picture
I wish you saw the bigger picture
If I make it I'll come back to get you
Clear as day but you don't see the vision
I wish you saw the bigger picture
What we got deserves some patience
Cause this ain't no finger painting
I wish you saw the bigger picture
Beautiful and modern all the same
But what's a photo if it's out of frame
I wish you saw the bigger picture
(I'll paint all the world for you)
I pray you see the bigger picture

[Verse 1]
I call your phone,
You don't pick up, you text me
Too late to come back you say my art ain't even half the way it used to look
The colors that I chose to compose my last masterpiece wasn't worth the cover of a book
I listen as you rant on about Rembrandts and Van Goghs that I used show you with so pured heart.
Now all the pictures that I draw lately perfect my need to be basic and all the shading tears your world apart
Ha look I promise you say it’s scribble and scratch
I know you don’t mean it cause on your wall's where it sat
It's not my best I agree but I did what I could
With these sticks and these stones to get us out of the woods
I find my rhythm and and my stroke then you fall in love with my art like you did before
On that note I let go and tend to my canvas to paint a mural of us
I hope that you understand the bigger picture


[Verse 2]
Back to my roots
Channel my youth
You love the color of yellow but I'm working with blue
Like what's the use of doing art if I ain't breaking the rules
My graffiti wasn't Banksy but you thought it was cool
It used to be fun to watch me do what it do
But when the paint started drying I stopped running to you
I started walking away cause I could paint in a day
One line from being complete,
I'm sorry I made you wait to get a crown and some space
I thought you'd be a great painter
Cause you could see the good in me in all the angles
A radiant child that we could've had
And those clowns in your past you paint, just make you laugh
All because, that self portrait that I put on display should've been of us
I left you out and I was wrong,
I promise I'll start over if you come back home


I'll paint the sky blue
I'll paint the grass green
I'll paint the roses red
And everything in between

I'll paint the sky blue
I'll paint the grass green
I'll paint the roses red
And everything else in between


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Big K.R.I.T. Bigger Picture Comments
  1. Jammy Jay

    What comes to mind when y’all hear this art??

  2. UnpolishedPoet EightySeven

    If only those that are in turmoil relationships could see the bigger picture that what’s immediately on the surface, they’ll even able to understand that overcoming the status quo is a struggle in itself. Don’t lose sight of the greatest you can be trying to satisfy the masses... #2019

  3. Justin Pollock

    With the new album, krit here, i see the bigger picture.

  4. Amotai Scott-Kawana

    Keep coming back to this cause it ain't on spotify, such a mean song,love the vibe and soul Krit has in his raps.

  5. Khaaliq Harmon

    I was on the lowest you would go mentally and emotionally and KRIT music bring me back

  6. The Goat

    Beautiful timeless music

  7. Dennis Edwards

    Just realized he was talking about having sex and cheating painting with someone else DOPE

  8. Dennis Edwards

    Just realized he was talking about having sex and cheating painting with someone else DOPE

  9. kiaira rue

    Still here

  10. Stevie Dee 29

    As a man who did a lot of graffiti growing up this song is dope as hell

  11. Flames360 Beats

    Still here in 2019

  12. eluos peace


  13. D. L.

    I'll paint all the world for you... 🖤💙💜💚💖🧡💛❤

  14. Smokey Clovers

    Still see the bigger picture in 2019

  15. Thurgood Ross

    2019 and beyond 💯

  16. Ken Nunez

    This shit hittin so hard rn

  17. Blue Bear

    Still Ride In 2019, Fa Sho

  18. Hiltxn M'sannah

    2019 we still here 🔥🔥🔥


    2020 we’ll still be there✌️


    Hell yeah, timeless music mane!

    Mrtopnotch Smith

    Right on

  19. Jeffrey Coleman

    2019 still praying you see the bigger picture

  20. Sheikh Davis

    Still jammin in 2019

  21. Dream or Die Music Group

    Best rapper from the south since 3000 His lyrics are so deep its crazy stupid

  22. darian Alexander

    Who here in 2018 🐐🔥💯⛽

  23. DeSo X

    Glad I came back to this song🔥 2018

  24. donovan wilkerson

    One of the best rapper of our time but people don’t know crazy😵😵😷

  25. Noe Degollado

    that beat tho the melody big krit does it again

    Desmond Murry

    "Stormy" by the Meters

  26. unknown ghostbody

    I fuking miss my ex maaaaaaaan 😖. Wishing she see someday..the bigger picture

  27. Marquis Toliver

    Classic !!!

  28. Danny Childs

    Very underrated 💎 it's a shame.

    Dan Cyan

    Maybe it's best this way...

  29. Alejandro Davis

    K.A you never saw the bigger picture, that self portrait should of been of us but I left you out and I was wrong even though you saw the good in me from every angle a radiant child we could of had but unlike this song ain't no home to come back too.

  30. Stevie Dee 29

    When my homie died we was deep in Graff together growing up and i heard this song the week after he died and i felt like this thing was sent from him to me for comfort. It's deep as fuck and one of my favorite songs ever #daf #ripberskone

    Fleks The Scientist

    Rip to the fam BERSK1. Have love for everone. Extra love for all my writers. Song is too deep speaking life thru words of art. Crazy dope. 🙏✌❤

  31. My Natty Roots

    Forever a favorite of mine. I will never forget this song

    Akua Salaam

    Me too 🌙❤😏

  32. wijnb zvfq

    Still wondering

  33. Micaiah Howard

    Man krit on point with these real soulful southernlystics tunes...

  34. Tyshell Washington

    why did this song make me cry??


    Listening to this im 2018.still love it

  36. Danny Q

    Still listen to this masterpiece

  37. James grant

    This is real music and I truly appreciate it.

  38. Kennard Thomas

    John 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

    Sarah Smith Sargent

    Kennard Thomas thats beautiful

    Gloria Moyer


    Dusty Parker

    Excellent excerpt.

  39. Mike Bergeron

    this is poetry

  40. Reese NineEightNine

    Really really deep song. This is not no bullshit rap right here this is that everlasting shit

  41. James Smith

    Truly Underrated and most slept on. Poetry in motion

  42. Jervoris Hewey

    KRIT makes music that cause you to stay up all night and just think.


    4am doing just that

    Terrence Sharp

    I swear doin that shit right now

    xele fonte

    KRIT makes terrible music

    Justin Pollock

    @xele fonte if krits music is terrible, then who out there is doing it for you?

  43. Earline Richmond

    Diz my guy I'm from da M n he da hardest out diz bitch Ive neva Hurd more beautiful music bt I am sayn diz 4 yearz he ain't gne make it wit no label long az he doin everything


    Wish we all can just see the bigger picture...too caught up in the now smh we too deep 🙏🙏🙍💯💯

  45. Stevie Dee 29

    if your into Graff and got a girl? this song is the shit

  46. Imani Taylor

    Love this song so beautiful lol

  47. Robert Brinkman

    Gotta love Krit and his music. Great song, great music

  48. Todd Lowe

    Gr8 song

  49. Jarred Anderson

    this one moves me

  50. Duwaani Nelson

    This is really dope

  51. terrancefalls

    The Meters - Stormy

  52. Dustin Finley

    My favorite Krit song.

  53. carlos gregory

    this music sound like mother terysa with a black phantom in her driveway

    For Your Soul

    Love this comment haha

    Earline Richmond

    carlos gregory I lke brah brah

  54. Tree Man

    I wish you saw the bigger picture.

  55. Kevin McCurdy

    whats the sample instrumental??

    Christian Garcia

    Clear blue skies by the juggaknots


    The Meters - Stormy

    James Keith

    Yup Meters. Art Neville on organ and Leo Nocentelli on guitar. It doesn't get better

  56. Latara Williams

    We see the Biigger Picture i love you and always praying for you BIG KRIT please stay YOU no matter who produce your music God bless you and all your listeners :) inbetween

    Amotai Scott-Kawana

    Beautifully said

  57. Sean Simpson

    This deserves to play on the radio everywhere. Beautifully

  58. Amir Louis-Charles

    Love big krit

  59. nesup

    tears wiped away feelin from this one!!! hip hop is in a good STATE right now!!!