Big K.R.I.T. - Believe Me Freestyle Lyrics

All I need is God, couple mil' and a porterhouse
All these niggas' paper soldiers cardboard, cut 'em out
I remember when I ain't had shit
Mama said don't touch nothing, now I'm on some grab shit
Murder everything on some stab shit
Bystanders, getting head and power up
Motherfucking highlander
Been a while, since I let these niggas ramble
All I hear is Mt. Olympus banging out the band door

You ain't said shit 'til you said it to me
You payin' for the pussy shawty said it was free
Now I ain't got time for the fake ones
All I talk about cake motherfucker go and bake one
We was on some shit back in nine-nine
You was suckin' on ya' mama's titties hollering bout the toy mine
Bottom line, I was on the grind all around town
Country bumpkin southern motherfucker in surround sound, Yes!
I flexed and I paid dues
Kicked a couple doors that they said I couldn't break through
I remember starving on the real, nigga
Now I got steak on the grill, nigga
Saute shrimp, lemon peel let it chill, nigga
Nah, you can't eat cause it's keep what you kill, nigga
Rolling down the strip like I never made it
Peepin' all the broke motherfuckers keep me motivated
Pop that ass for a player, don't be scared of the dick
Find a drink and some gators for a pimp
I ain't playin' with these hoes
Bad bitches super fly, super [?] with these hoes like a pimp

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Big K.R.I.T. Believe Me Freestyle Comments
  1. Marie White


  2. Tim Griffin

    whoa nah... base like beating the brakes off the car

  3. Professor Dominic

    This was dope! But why does his voice sound a little bit like Ace Hood on this?

  4. Matthew Miles

    I flexed and I paid dues
    kicked a couple doors that they said I couldn't break through
    I remember starving on the real nigga
    now I got steak on the grill nigga!!

  5. John Smith

    most underrated nigga in the rap industry

  6. Rinnegan Sensei

    Momma said don't touch nothing NOW IM ON SOME GRAB SHIT.

  7. Che Dawg

    "Peepin all the broke muthafukas keep me motivated"

  8. Brandon Grear

    my nigga k.r.i.t. best in da game rite now bar fa bar

  9. Micah Grigsby

    Krit remind me of pimp c


    i remember when i aint have shit

  11. Aram Martin

    Does anyone know where he sampled that first song? :00-:02? Forgot the name


    Aram Martin Mary Jane Girls "All Night Long"

  12. aswjr92

    "getting head and power up mofo highlander"lol

  13. Nigbean

    rollin down the strip like i never made it peepin all the broke mothafuckers keep it motivated bih!!!

  14. Tru Finesse

    Krit and Kendrick killing the game. .. they on another level...

  15. YoungCal 614

    everyone check out my freestyle to this track

  16. Murtaugh

    "Getting head and power up, mutha fuckin highlander"  My nigga so cold on this one.

  17. Nathan Perez

    "Murder everytang on some stab shit" oooooooooo this shit cold

  18. Colby Peyton

    Super dope!!!

  19. MR HUIE

    omg!!! on repeat my truck speakers are very happy

  20. Matthew Wells

    killin' it

  21. hpensive

    K.I.N.G is back with a VENGEANCE!

  22. Anthony Klatt

    Lol i remember my mom always telling me dont touch anything

  23. Anthony Klatt fuckin true artist right there

  24. JemyJam

    Ooohhhhh weeee and got damn krit went off on this one

  25. Jaquan Daye

    I remember when I ain't have shit
    Mama said dnt touch nothin
    Now I'm on some grab shit

  26. Jaquan Daye

    All I hear is MT. OLYMPIC bangin out Da bando.

    Daddy Long Leg

    @Justis Isajevas I'm 99% sure he sound mt. olympus considering he has a song named exactly that... If you listen to mt olympus he talked about how everyone was sleeping on him now they hop on the bandwagon. so it would make sense if he said all i hear is mt olympus. 


    @Daddy long leg I understand what you mean, but he still said Olympic. Rewind it a few times.


    @Justis Isajevas No he said Olympus, it's like his ad-lib "bitch", he increases the pitch at the last syllable.


    Jaquan Daye

    +Justis Isajevas You are 💯% correct bro it is Mt. Olympic not Olympus

    ž đ

    He did say mt olympic but we know he meant Olympus.

  27. Joel Hamlin

    Laaaaawwwddd krit killed it! Lol rappers need to take notes on how to rap from krit

  28. Tino Mganga

    That was way too smooth. Big K.R.I.T. definitely one of my favorite rappers.

  29. godspeed


  30. Ryan W

    Like a pimpppp

  31. surevids4all

    Always holding it down...

  32. UpScale Records

    KRIT killed it

  33. Tre

    Like a piiiimp