Big Kenny - Trip Lyrics

What if hell is just a place down below
Then tell me why should I go
When I could just go back to California
Just go back to California

And if heaven is just a place up in the sky
Then tell me why should I go
When I could drive my car to Colorado
Drive my car to Colorado

And if Dorothy and little Toto met the wizard because
Well they found a place called Oz
Well I could pack my bags and fly to Kansas
Pack my bags and fly to Kansas

And if paradise is just a place where I'm happy all the time
Frolicking in the sunshine oh and the peacefulness I find
Well it's sweeter than red wine
Then I might as well stay here and love you
Think I'll just stay here and love you

So let the ocean swallow California
Mountains fall in Colorado
Let tornadoes rip through Kansas
I'll just stay right here and love you

Who needs California
And it's way too cold in Colorado
And Kansas, well it's too flat
Yeah I think I'll just stay here and love you
And your amber waves
I think I'll just stay here and love you
What a trip that would be

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Big Kenny Trip Comments
  1. drablyannoy

    this wouldve made a cool ass windows media player visualizer

  2. john john

    Kenny rules

  3. Matthew Smith

    Wet dreams/hallucinations always end when the best part is about to start. 😡 HOW THE HELL IS THAT FAIR!!!!?

  4. daniel bartoli

    Dios que epocas gloriosas

  5. Max Ortiz

    I see you’re enticed by my daughter’s AWESOME ROCKIN TITS

  6. titsbeerbong420

    Well Kenny are you buzzed

  7. Angelo Johnson

    Now i wanna watch heavy metal and heavy metal 2000

  8. Pear ie

    Why is ev er everything shaped as boobz


    It mocks the double standard of seeing the real deal.

    Professor Professor

    Its making of the heavy metal movie. You should watch it

  9. It’s just a 6 _ fan

    Why didn’t they use the 53 corvette convertible

  10. ButtSaladNinja official

    "My daughter's rocking tits" lmfao

  11. Vibekilla

    Awesome reference to the film Heavy Metal.

    Angelo Johnson

    Yeah classic

  12. Tigerman1138

    “Awesome rocking tits!”

    Love it.

  13. Destruction Mayhem

    who else is here because of Game Grumps?

  14. S Stills

    Who’s here because their parents gave birth to them?

  15. SadieCat

    Who's here from grumps

  16. Paul Revolinsky

    My life would be 10 percent less rich if South Park and The Big Lebowski did not exist.

    S Stills

    Paul Revolinsky and unsolved mysteries

  17. strangewayshere

    The Breastirary in Nipopolis

    Ian Loeb

    strangewayshere The Fountain Of Varnoth

  18. daniel bartoli

    Que buenisimo la puta madre que buena epoca

  19. C Austin

    2:02 Eric Cartman: Kenny?! Kenny, wake up!

    Shnobbs Studios

    A rare moment when Cartman was concerned for someone other than himself.

  20. Russell McAfee

    Rockin titS


    Then bathe with my daughter in the fountain of Varnoth, appease the gods by lathering her boobs with soapy suds.

  21. Joseph Lindsey

    So funny😆

  22. Justin Pollock

    "Wake up Kenny you alright?!" 😂😂😂

  23. shnoop123 Jimbo

    heavy metal by Sammy hagar I thought


    Don Felder

    S Stills

    I remember which song you’re talking about by Hagar. It kind of goes like ‘it’s your one way ticket to midnight, call it....heavy metal’


    That was later in the episode

  24. SonOfDoge

    Kenny was jus getting to the good part

  25. Lost Ronin

    I was high and happy. Good memories.

  26. Gomez1915

    The second I heard this song play, I knew this episode was going to be epic

  27. Ben Towers

    Major Boobage

    John Locke

    To the Nipopolis.


    I see that you are enticed by my daughters awesome, rocking tits.


    @strangewayshere i wanna soap them, after she ride my european torch of germania