Between The Buried And Me - Reaction Lyrics

Sleep insane
Dream (on) the inside, dream (on) my own.
Once escaped... star filled road.

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Between The Buried And Me Reaction Comments
  1. DistillMyHeart

    5:22 chills.

  2. Jason Varela

    crazy, i prefer tommys vocals live more than studio lol his screams are so nitty gritty and i love it

  3. Steve B

    It's alright man, let it out. Every grown man cries during this song.

    Show her White Walls!

  4. Akahoshi

    I get such hard Dream Theater vibes from this song.

  5. William Dixon

    Best band in the world!!!!

  6. Paul

    Ok. So i love the thought of prog metal but other that Btbam no other bands that i found do it for me. I need the speed also. But like tool and dream theatre do nothing for me. Like Opeth alittle but nothing has sucked me in like Btbam and suggestions?


  7. Jabroni686

    Maybe the greatest metal song of all time.

  8. Zodd 3224

    There was a time when BtBaM was my favorite band. But I dont listen to them as much and dont like past Parallax 2. Deftones and Opeth are my favorites now, with Gojira a close 3rd.

  9. Ryland Ford

    Do another Johnny Booth song!!!! Preferably either the song passages or beyond repair!!!!! Seriously Aaaahhhhh!!!


    I’m wayy too familiar with their work dude, they’re one of my AOTY contenders

    Ryland Ford

    @METALBIRB Ok but still If not them, then check out the band Botch and their song Framce. Like France but they spell it in a silly way purposefully

  10. Lala

    But how will my BF react if I make him listen to BTBAM...

    Oh right, I don't have one

  11. idly

    That solo T_T. The nostalgia :( That solo that got me into BTBAM.

  12. Robert B.

    I Love Btbams music, but the vocals are not my kind. For me he just screams/sings too monotonous. But loved everything else a song I only knew from concerts, but never listened to the album version. But simple clean design is bad for such a technical prog. Band ... right? ;-)

  13. Ange1maker

    Hey guys. If you want here great melodic proggy metal, you need check Surroundings - Hymn of a False King. Its very underrated band from Australia. I think you loved that

  14. Corey Mcnees

    All i could think of was the first time i listened to this song the whole time i was listening to this. Great choice guys!! You should check out Ideations by Make Way For Man!

  15. Durban Poison

    Fuck yeah, thank you!! I now know what this song means thanks to the show Disenchantment. This used to be my cell-phone ring lol.

  16. Doctor Doom

    React to backwards Marathon by them

  17. All Metal Everything

    TOOL is the Mayor again but BTBAM had me from 2007 to now.

  18. HeryAbbu

    Adam Lallana, is that you?

  19. Clashcor _

    Love all the btbam reacts, maybe try Lunar Wilderness next?

    Also what about some old school Dillinger Escape Plan, anything from Calculating Infinity?

  20. Lachigan

    their singer is really bad live lol even on their live dvds he doesnt know the lyrics and sounds terrible


    Lachigan kinda hard when this is fucking incredibly difficult

  21. Evan Meier

    Should check out some Ektomorf and react to any song by that band.

  22. ruben wilhelmsen

    Next up, "Lay Your Ghosts to Rest"! Metalbabe is gonna love it


    I don't know if you guys have done any Opeth vids, but you totally should! They're one of my favorite prog bands and they have such a cool sound! You should check out the song "Hessian Peel" off of their album, Watershed! Their songs really take you on a journey! So many ups and downs.


    AKMETALHEAD95 we do have Opeth on the channel you should check them out


    @METALBABE awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I checked both of the videos out! Glad you guys kinda liked the second song. I definitely think you guys would like Hessian Peel!! The whole album of Watershed is much different sounding than what you guys have heard from Opeth so far.

  24. Adam Castillo

    Everyone praises Colors rightfully so but Alaska is hands down the best BTBAM album for me! I can’t tell you how much I’ve listened to Autodidact!! I love the middle section of that song so much! Should check out another song from Rivers of Nihil and show metalbabe! The song Subtle Change by them is a prog masterpiece imo and makes me emotional like the solo in this song!

  25. ryan butler

    Finally some Love for btbam, and also one of their best songs!

  26. Moon Devoured

    not a huge fan of BTBAM buuuut I absolutely L O V E this song. this was actually the very first metal song (outside of nu metal stuff) that I ever heard. The intro and melodic second half really drew me in.

  27. Thomas Fuller

    Going to see them for my 6th time in portland or on 11/11. So fucking excited.

  28. B Well

    MY fav BTBAM song!

  29. Diarrhea Sunrise

    Still my favorite album by them closely followed by colors! Amazing song!

  30. Preston Loeb

    sienna skies - divided

  31. Giant Mushroom Tree

    Tommy's scream is so weird lol its gotten so much better in the newer albums. I wish they'd reproduce this album

  32. Cole Jordan

    "Alaska", "All Bodies", "Backwards Marathon", "Croakies And Boatshoes" NEXT PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  33. Christopher Urban

    Now the only logical progression here is a Mega Episode of reacting to Colors

    Jordan Pisacreta

    there is no logical progression with btbam lol

  34. Ayari Kiyo

    That eye shadow color really suits you.

  35. Louisortiz013

    DESPISED ICON - PURGATORY 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bryan T

    This my first song as well. It came on one of the music choice channels on TV. The outro to this song is among the best ever written.

  37. Alec Martin

    Texas in July - Nooses

  38. Austin Plummer

    YAY more BTBAM

  39. Logan McCauley

    you guys should react to more TDWP!! The Act is an amazing album!! I personally like The Thread and Spiderhead because of how heavy they are but there are some other amazing songs too like Numb and Wave of Youth. ;)

  40. Zombies of Midwinter ZoM

    My intro to BTBAM. What a track! You guys should check out a band from Australia called Psycroptic. I recommend reacting to Carriers of the Plague. So many awesome riffs. Enjoy!

  41. Mace

    This song was one of the first that put me into prog metal. Great choice. Iconic!

    Check out Right Now by Fire from the Gods.

  42. The Levitator

    Not even one song off the new Refused album???


    Blocked but so far their new album is okay imo

  43. Salty Kraken

    Dope! I've heard some of their early stuff and remember not liking it much but this shit right here nigga is choice, they threw in a little bit of everything.

    I know you'll love Scale The Summit. They're an instrumental prog metal band out of Texas and they were even asked to tour with Dream Theater a while back. Their song Odyssey will slay you, amongst many other songs please check um!

  44. Joseph Bastidas

    Please do The Contortionist - Oscillator

  45. Non_Symmetry

    PLEASE react to The Color Black by Dayseeker. One of the best songs off their new album. I think you guys would like it!!!!

  46. Christopher Kokotajlo


  47. Isaias esssa e a realidade Batista

    Ice nine kills=it is the opiniom

  48. Tyler Chapman

    Warforged- nightfell came

  49. Timothy Baird

    Awesome. So glad she liked it.

  50. Daniel Strathdee

    Please, Rolo Tomassi!

  51. Stars Die

    I'm glad you checked this one out. Nobody ever does despite that guitar solo being ESSENTIAL LISTENING.

  52. ali

    slice the cake - stone and silver part i - the mountains of man

  53. Nympo

    I absolutely loved that riff in 7/8 it reminded me of a Dream Theater motive. And the clean part was so climactic and beautiful.
    Like, you can never really go wrong with BTBAM.

  54. Jose Cepeda

    Like moths to flames - Smoke and mirrors

  55. Billy Pasquariello

    Know you did Survivor's Guilt already but check out Pangaea - Gaia Reconciliation

  56. Conor Mccready

    React to we butter the bread with butter- exorzist

  57. Hayden Saul

    Check out VOLA-Stray the Skies!!

  58. Hating me is conforming

    Fuck yeah Btbam!!!!!

  59. BoomJam

    Henker - Slave of My Art

  60. Ben Morgan

    Love this album

  61. The Leviathan

    Selkies is a way of passage for someone listening to BTBAM for the first time. At least it was the first song I heard by them. Great stuff!

    Jacqui Penar

    Gotta go deeper than that my man. "more of myself to kill" would be my recommendation first😎

  62. Honey Badger

    As a couple Canadians I can’t believe you don’t have anything from The Northern on your channel. Check them out, they’re a Canadian metalcore/prog-metal band. Terra, or Nauticus are probably my favorite songs.

  63. Dean Stavrides

    You guys should react to the new Counterparts song, Seperate Wounds!

  64. Zach Campbell

    Born of Osiris- Recreate

  65. Kyle Bouchard

    React to Berried Alive Catalina Beach please!!! I think yall would love it

  66. Syx Dagoth

    React to "In Reach (Out of Touch)" by The Wise Man's Fear. One of the greatest songs I have ever heard.

    Cory Moore

    That’s not even there best song but it’s good

  67. Jason

    Honeslty, you guys dont react to any thing really cool latley. Please react to Hunt The Dinosaur Get up on my Level

    kirby TFTV.

    That's just subjective, my guy. I love btbam.


    Hunt the dinosaur sucks lol.

  68. Wayne Mros

    He looks like he just got caught off guard by a flood of memories when the solo started at 6:30

    Joseph R

    Wouldn't surprise me, every time that solo kicks in I get nostalgic of some of my younger years.

    Jose Lopez

    Same here

    Adam Castillo

    When it hits you deep in the soul.. 😭

    Jake Bergen

    I've teared up to the later half of this song more than I care to admit lol


    He could of fucked at that very moment

  69. Emmet McNamee

    Cattle Decapitation - Prophets of loss, please ❤️❤️❤️

  70. TundraL5Z

    You should show a song from either Automata or Coma next, I would like to see Blot or Proverbial Bellow, I think Metalbabe would like these ones, especially with the higher abundance of cleaner vocals throughout the songs

  71. Allispie

    I never listen to older BTBAM any more... Not really sure why honestly. But in high school I literally listened to this song every day.

  72. LessOfMyselfToKill

    You have to listen to the whole album to get the whole feeling of Alaska! BTBAM FOREVER!


    Colours is like that as well.

  73. Daniel Johnstone

    Should do Disease, injury, Madness next

  74. Ethan Garrison

    Hollow Prophet(Ben Duerr's side project from Shadow of Intent) just dropped a new song called Disembodied Phenomena, y'all should totally check it

  75. VIPA

    react to: dying fetus - your treachery will die with you

  76. G3Lee

    Backwards marathon also off Alaska is epic.

  77. richard


  78. Daniel Marlow

    “The Way It Ends” - Prototype.

    I don’t know what it is about the song but it’s been stuck in my head for weeks and I think you’d enjoy it. Cheers

  79. Rob Durfee

    First off, great song choice! Secondly, Colors is a goddamn masterpiece. This album is the first with Blake, Dustie, and Dan in the band, so this is the start of their modern sound. Don’t get me wrong, their debut and The Silent Circus are killer. Silent Circus and the song Mordecai are what got me into this band, but Alaska is the album that made me fall in love with them. Excellent job as always you two.

    Suggestions as always:
    Elwood Stray - Exile
    Ocean Sleeper - Light In My Dark
    Thousand Below - Disassociate
    Astronoid - I Dream In Lines
    Uneven Structure - Innocent
    Unprocessed - Fear

  80. Jen G.

    Don’t know if I said this on the Extremophile video or not, and I’m totally being “that person” in saying this. I like a lot of their music...but I cannot stand them live. I’ve walked out on their set twice. This is sit and listen music to me, which doesn’t lend itself well to a live performance. Glad to see Metalbabe enjoyed this one. 😊


    They sound as good live as they do on record imo. I wasn’t that familiar with them until I saw them supporting another band. I was blown away and they are now one of my favourite bands.


    This is interesting, what is the main reason in why you dislike them live, is it the vocals like it is for Metalbabe? (for the record, I havent seen BTBAM live before so I have generally no say in the matter)

    nick haas

    I can see your point I first saw them live when they played parallax 2 in its entirety and I have seen them 4 times since then. Although I would never walk out on their set I agree the vocals have been getting worse and the samples they use on their keyboards sound cheesy to me compared to the ones on the albums but that 1st concert at the metro in chicago will stick with me forever

  81. Brady Bigbear

    I think a band both of you would totally dig, if you haven’t heard them before, is Reflections! I would suggest Actius Luna, Good Push, Pseudo, or An Artifact as solid first listen songs!


    I second this!

  82. Peyton Meyer

    TheCityIsOurs - Low. They are incredible and I believe y’all would love it

  83. Adrian M

    The Contortionist or Protest The Hero!

    Jen G.

    Adrian M PTH! PTH!

  84. Kampfknusperli

    Plz do "The Sorrow"-"Knights of Doom" or "Where is the Sun?" greetings from Austria!

  85. Yelapa Yelapa

    The song that took me down the BTBAM rabbit hole around 2006. Haven't looked back since. I was in awe the first time hearing this song; I still feel that way!

  86. Calamitous

    You should do Alaska by BTBAM as well

  87. Joshua Coe

    🎵And the burps just keep on coming🎵

  88. EGSDirtyMike

    I love between the buried and me fuck yeah

  89. De Waal Van Der Colff

    React to "Dealer - Pretty Stupid". My favorite song and band of 2019.


    That song is insane and the EP to

    Derek D

    Dealer is awesome

  90. Brombit

    The Dillinger (...) - Widower. You know it ;)
    Pain of Salvation - On a Tuesday ;)

  91. Chuck Rudin

    Fit for an Autopsy- Shepherd

  92. Nathan S

    Let’s get it