Between The Buried And Me - Lunar Wilderness Lyrics

[Prospect #1]

Many days and fewer nights... so I'm told.
I've lost my time years ago... so I'm told.
The explaining. The whispered words.
This will be the hardest part... so I'm told.
I wish my mind would work... unfold.
The explaining. The whispered words.

The front door opened to the look of death. Will this make sense? Will this be comforting at all?
The questions dive in day and night. Nothing we can do. Nothing I can do.
Twists and turns must be answered.
I hit land... so it seems
The dirt chokes up my legs... strong air then shoots down my throat.
Sensory overload in an instant of sense.
Charting through old water that I pushed away to drown.
Into another.
To find and be found.
This is what I've set out to do. Where is this door?

[Prospect #2]

The constant movement of my eyes. I can feel, but I can't open the lids. The back of my skin is scarred, torn and broken.
A reflection of what I've seen. (What have I become?)
They let these people recreate. Maybe I should have ended it all.
Too, too late?
Too, too late?
Moving forward is a must.
Dig deep.
Commence sleep.
Dig deep.
Commence sleep inside sleep.
Dig deep.
Commence sleep inside sleep.

(An out of focus picture brings up a familiar scenario: Three people fill the room.
There seems to be a fourth, but very small. We are speaking about some sort of
mission. My mouth won't stop moving... talking way too much. Even through the
blur I can feel their stares. This one sided discussion seems to be about what I am
preventing. Is this a sign? Too late... I've said it before. The people then disappear.
I look about and the western sky seems to be red... alone. I can smell burning
flesh... scorched life. I turn around and the face of death stares so grim that the
lids finally open...)

I come to.

I'm close... Very close. But something isn't right.
A horrifying realization is swept over me.
The empty space of home.
All I've known is gone.
All I've loved is lost.
The empty space of home.
All I've known is gone.
All I've loved is lost.
The empty space of home.
All I've known is gone.
All I've loved is lost.

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Between The Buried And Me Lunar Wilderness Comments
  1. Jeremy Kosko

    By far one of my most favorite chorus's from btbam, right here.
    one of my most favorite chorus's from any band ever.

  2. Jason Hunter

    The most over looked music they have made.

  3. misfire0027

    Amazing song. It has beautiful sadness in places

  4. Cursed Chris

    Btbam is love. Stoked for automata

  5. Cole Allen

    As much as I love their old crashy stuff, it's not touching this.

    Jared Hoeft

    Their new stuff, while still great, doesn't touch this either imo

  6. Jon Von Anthon

    That fuckin' part 5:03!!!

  7. destined2sleep

    Masterpiece by a very talented group both individually and collectively. Love BTBAM.

  8. TundraL5Z

    Dig deep.
    Commence sleep.
    Dig deep.
    Commence sleep inside sleep.

  9. Creek da sneak

    These guys are so FUCKIN sick live. Wowzers

  10. Melvin Crabsocks

    i seen blackl sabbath, tool, and btam and i hav3e to say btbam wins in live reproduction

    Samuel Soucy

    I have seen Gojira and Meshuggah and they were both awesome. I know and love Cynic but unfortunately I never seen them live


    Opeth are pretty hard to beat


    TundraL5Z Opeth is the best I've seen live. Between the Buried and Me was amazing as well.


    Tool in their prime was definitely superior, but Btbam back from 2007-2011 was fucking insane live, they played a 15 minute medley of tracks from their debut to Alaska and it was one of the greatest things I've ever heard in a live context.

    Somu Basumatary

    Jordan Holy shit. Is there any video of that. I would love to hear it.

  11. Melvin Crabsocks

    best band i ever seen live. They nail every note

  12. Melvin Crabsocks


  13. Melvin Crabsocks

    I'm seeing thewm for a 3rd time!

  14. Melvin Crabsocks

    I demand to know who disliked this masterpiece? I demand its head on a spike!

    Trevor Ammons

    Melvin Crabsocks I just scrolled down to the comments to find out this very same question

    Jeremy Kosko

    what kind of sick bastard disliked this?
    my only guess is crazy ex girlfriends from the band and or dudes they stole girlfriends from.

    Marco Tejada

    Bruh I know it's a joke but chill the fuck out...

  15. Prowlerintruder

    Good lord

  16. Isaac Keel

    Gotta love that looney tune metal at 4:29

  17. Eduardo Jara

    Home, the Empty Space of Home
    All i've Known is Gone
    All I've Loved is Lost

    when shit really hit the fan for Prospect 2

  18. Andrés Cano

    lol you're so right!

  19. FutureSequence

    BTBAM's take on djent.

  20. equaldigits

    I cry every single time. RIP IN PEACE MY LOVE

  21. Mac

    If everyone in the world was forced to listen to that solo at the same time, it would be a better place thereafter.

  22. Alex Walinga

    best bass line ever


    duuuude, Melting City bass line is enough to say

  23. krich451

    the beginning of this song should be called "dan briggs and paul waggoner make sweet sweet love to your ear holes"

    Cursed Chris

    krich451 literally always gives me goosebumps. Btbam is love

  24. Buena Patria


  25. andrew Last

    Thanks for uploading this man