Between The Buried And Me - Lay Your Ghosts To Rest Lyrics

Under it all.
A new world.
Under it all.
A new world.
A new world made with the hands of madness.
These hands.
These hands.
These hands.
They will always do the cutting.
Piece by piece the pain gets worse, pain gets worse.
If only I could see myself right now.
The gathering of flesh.
Transforming my face into an unrecognizable state.
Smooth out the eyes.
Smooth out the lips.
Every mirror is a past idea smashed upon recognition.
Will it be found?
Will the right hands deliver?
The heartache I left.
Will it be found?
Will the right hands deliver?
The heartache I left.
Cut until all that is left is new material.
Day in, day out.
Deep down I know what I must do.
So much happens behind closed doors.
So much happens behind our closed doors.
This key will open them.
Expose us all.
Crusty-eyed symphony.
Awakened by my grunts and moans.
Why do I do this to myself?
I suppose the choice was all mine.
God felt so much better before the mirror glimpse.
On the surface, I know what I must do.
What I must do.
God felt so much better before the mirror glimpse.
On the surface, I know what I must do.
What I must do.
What I must do.
What I must do.
What I must do.
The precaution documents.
The fail safe way back "home".
Should I end it right here and now?
The precaution documents.
The fail safe way back "home".
Should I end it right here and now?
That would be far too selfish.
I shall end what I've begun.
The creation of more.
More of us.
The skin and bones of destruction.
An army of weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak minds.
Weak souls.
Weak life.
I wake to my own whimper.
Ship is counting down.
Must regroup myself.
I wake to my own whimper.
Ship is counting down.
The end starts now.
Cut until all that is left is new material.
Day in, day out.
Cut until all that is left is new material.
Day in, day out.

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Between The Buried And Me Lay Your Ghosts To Rest Comments

    Be known.

  2. frank v

    1:43 orgasm

  3. Anirudh R

    An absolute masterpiece of a song.... BTBAM deserves all the accolades and a place in the pantheon of the best progressive bands of this generation... The video brings the aura of the song down a little bit (Slo Mo)... A masterpiece nonetheless

  4. sven tutt

    I get less brutal Opeth vibes from this. I like it non the less


    Awful editing

  6. Eskapist

    2:33 .. suddenly, a wild keene appears..

  7. Dustin Hotz

    God felt much better before the mirror glimpse

  8. RealGamerManz

    Go to 4:44

  9. Adam S.

    Whoever did this should be executed

  10. SpaceManDawn

    Is it just me, or do the opening lyrics sound like "Why diarrhea, wont go away?"


    Listen to 1:40, then listen to 4:12 from The Primer.

    You're welcome :)

  12. IanRatke

    Trip on Mushrooms to BTBAM and close your eyes! The most surreal experience ever

  13. Chimaira1221

    i need that flag...

  14. InfinityPotato

    06:13 - 06:45 The best moment in the entire track!

  15. Vadim Vishnevskiy

    3:19 - 3:35 DAT LICK

  16. Hakuna Matata

    Saw them for the 5th time tonight. they played this and I nearly passed out from how intense the crowd was. Easily my favorite song

  17. danny ingersoll

    once youve seen them live then youll know how amazing these guys are

  18. TundraL5Z

    Ship is counting down... the section that made me love this band

  19. Fernando Trujillo


  20. Matthew DuPont

    seriously my fav btbam album and song. love this shit

  21. Beto Flores

    1:42 - 2:32 podría escuchar esa parte todo el día

  22. Graphic Vandalism

    Seeing the Saftey Fire in this video reminds me how much I miss that band

  23. Manuel

    Conner Green (Haken) and Dan Briggs, are some of the best bassists we have

  24. Lugal Ki En

    It took me a while to get into this band. There is just so much to take in when listening to their music.

  25. Nu T

    2:31 Michale lessnard in the middle and Robby baca also there. A wild Michael Keenan is also spotted

  26. Dan Pinkerton

    will it be foooound? will the right hands deliveeeer? the heartache I lefffft! my favorite part. sounds like a reggae style beat or at least how the beat is supposed to follow a heartbeat. fucking magic to my ears. eargasms for days with this album in general

  27. Dermacrosis

    Damn why did I nver here this on "The Rock Show" on the now defunct xFM. I loved that show and it introduced me to some good stuff I would never have listened to otherwise. Good job lads keep it up.

  28. Jeff Corbin

    Keep it up boys.. Making all the "no talents" jealous...Best progressive Heavy Metal band ever...if you dont have it you are not METAL.

    Jeff Corbin



    +Dermacrosis The Contortionist is better than any of the bands listed so far minus BTBAM. But if you like BTBAM chances are you'll love SikTh.

    Also more djent than Prog Metal but TesseracT and Periphery are great.

    As far as instrumental bands go Animals as Leaders are the best also Intervals, Plini, Angel Vivaldi, and Sithu Aye are all very good.


    This is why I keep a pen and paper by my PC just to write the names down. Analogue in the digital age is still useful :D

    What is better or worse is always down to personal taste. Funny thing is teenage me wouldn' have listend to this sort of thing. As I have aged my tastes have become more and more ecclectic. Once I became more confident in my musical choices I went to the attitude of I will listen to what I like and sod what others think of it.

    thnak you for the names I will check them out while I am ironing tomorrow.


    +Dermacrosis word. Sorry for "grading" the bands by using "better than"

    Bottom line is I tried to list bands that are considered Prog metal and somewhat similar to Between the Burried and Me.


    For which I am thankful I am sorry if that didn't come across in my reply as that will be down to me.

    It will keep me entertained while ironing thanks to a google play subscription.

    The funny thing the "age range" such music is seen as being for is when I would never have listened to this sort of thing. Sometimes I feel a bit like mutton dressed as lamb when listening to some of the music I currently like.

  29. Thomas Powers

    king crimson at 8:08

    Ben Dover

    +Thomas Powers 0:00 - 10:40 BTBAM   :D


    lol yeah now that you mention it it does kinda sound like Discipline

  30. Matteo Audano

    Best BTBEM song.... Ever!

    Vincent Lopez

    Between The Buried End Me

  31. Facundo Melillo

    2:35 Michael Keene

  32. Geoff Hirt

    I was at that nasvhille show it was the best concert I have ever been to hands down.

    Chris Porter

    @Geoff Hirt I was also there, cant find me in the video though. I dont remember there being a guy waving a flag around

    Geoff Hirt

    I think I saw my right hand but I can't confirm lol

    Chris Porter

    lol me too XD. I was wearing a thick ass rubber BTBAM bracelet so mine is a little more "Confirmed" haha

    Geoff Hirt

    @Chris Porter Well there you go man, the only evidence that its actually my hand is because of the watch I wear and the watch I saw in the video on the same hand I wear mine.

    Mr. McPoop

    That was me, lol

  33. DudeSteve

    I've listened to these guys since their first album came out back when I was in high school.... To witness the evolution of this band has truly been amazing....thank you for your music, you've been a big part of my life


    Same. First saw them at Chain Reaction with Terror, of all bands. lol

  34. Galvatron1117

    I love this band and this song and this label, but this video is gay as fuck.

  35. ~Sarah~

    man I would do anything to meet them, let alone see them live...

  36. garruksson

    I'm finally starting to like this takes so long to appreciate their stuff because of their song structures but turns out it was worth it! Kinda like how I was struggling to get into opeth at first but now opeth is my favorite band


    @garruksson i did that in reverse, i got way into BTBAM but it took me a year or so, and then i heard Opeth and was like meeehhh but now i fucking love both of them. god dammit they need to tour together again...

    JW Corcoran

    +harrison felice I was the same; got into Opeth pretty easily after a few listens but it took me way longer to get into BTBAM


    How cool would it be to have Opeth play Blackwater Park and BtBaM play Colors both in full, one concert, holy shit

    Joseph Bastidas

    TundraL5Z Holy shit is all I can say

    Strabby Crabby

    Opeth is just a boring band compared to BTBAM.

  37. Fudginsean

    Knew I saw some of the faceless band members. Read the description and there it was.

  38. tuna rage

    Would rather watch shitty handheld cam live footage than this video. What were you thinking?

  39. Nicola Giacomazzi

    one of my favourite band

  40. mmurph59

    Why do people worship these guys as some musical geniuses, they don't do anything special, all they do is wank to their instruments, for good prog go listen to 70s prog rock like King Crimson, Yes, Camel, Rush, Genesis, Jethro Tull, etc. that were actually revolutionary and pushed a shit load of boundaries, and far more original and creative than this band could ever be.

    Joe Johnson

    you sound like a prog elitist man no offense. people love btbam because they have a unique style if you dont like them fine but dont insult their fans

    Meshuggah Fan8675

    Shut up


    Youre telling me, just this song, pushes no boundaries, gtfo sir

  41. lex rad

    The thing about BTBAM for me is that I find myself waiting for certain parts of the song, and evetything else is kind of leading up to thise parts. Kind of nice, but kind of annoying sometimes to, especially when there's 10 minutes of death/folk/jazz in between the peaks.
    For example "will it be found, will the right hands deliver" - love that part, while some parts are pretty much, "get it done with already". Same goes for Ants of the sky, Always find myself waiting for "THE WALKING DEAAD" and than the awesome guitar harmony part.

    Christian Karcher

    I understand what you're talking about. Basically you only enjoy the climax of their songs which are usually some epic clean harmonies. I had the same problem with Ants of the Sky at first but if you listen to a song enough you begin to really appreciate the thing as a whole and find that btbam are geniuses when it comes to building up into those parts.

    Luke R.

    The inbetween parts build up to, and make you appreciate the peaks more.

  42. Guillaume Lavigne

    What's with the gratuitous slo mo? THERE'S WAY TOO MUCH! It detracts from the energy and the music. Absolutely phenomenal band and music though.

  43. Michael pk85

    video drives me crazy...none of the music matches up and the slow mo's are annoying.

    that being said, awesome song by awesome band.  just gonna listen to it on my ipod from now on

  44. Uriah Graves

    I don't think everyone freaking out about how much they think this video sucks takes into consideration that Metal Blade may have the ability to put out content representing BTBAM without their "ok". BTBAM or Metal Blade, or both, probably put this video out to start building/maintain hype for the coming media (notice the reddit AMA, studio blu ray, and new album coming). It doesn't suck near as much as other bands videos. Just go search.

  45. Ryan Duty

    Love this song. Especially the break down with normal singing. Moves me like Chopin

  46. David McGee

    Why isn't there a song called Don't Cut The Dust? Queue the hits

  47. thebaconflapsable

    Just found Thomas Giles solo work and wondered why it was related to vastly heavier and intense bands. I see why now. 

  48. Sanious

    I would love the see this band again, the last and only time I saw this band was only after the release of their very first album. And they were something to see then. I'd imagine that would be ten fold now.

  49. Brent Elliott

    How are people falling out of their love for this band, or dissing the screams? This is what BTBAM has always been, and it is a formula that has worked. If you don't like it, then that is fine. But where do you people get that they have declined? If anything, they have never found their peak.

    And to the gentleman who used 'Fall Out Boy' as a comparison to BTBAM, please find your nearest cliff and drive off of it.


    Saw them for the first time on tour with Terror back in '02 and I still love them!

    They've only gotten better. Especially the screams. Miles better than back in the day. Go listen to Aspirations then come back and listen to this.

    Fu q

    And Thomas' screams are pretty easy to understand the lyrics.
    I used to hate screams and never thought I would get into death/prog, so I guess it's just how it develops... I started with maiden and metallica, then I wanted to listen to more complicated stuff.
    As far as sound and technical skills go, Paul, Dustie, Dan, Thomas and blake are some of the most talented musicians. They never over do anything, it all blends well. Whereas bands like haken or dream theater, they can be really cheesy sometimes.
    Thomas has one of the best screams in metal and he's just as good at singing...


    I dunno, I find early BTBAM stuff hard to listen to because, as Blake (I think) said in an interview, they sort of used to just write a bunch of stuff and put it all in, whereas now they write it all, and see if something fits, otherwise just cutting it out. Colours, Alaska, The Great Misdirect - I like the albums, but damn they are hard to listen to sometimes.

    Parallax 2 and Coma Ecliptic are their two best albums in my opinion, but that's probably because I like a good amount of melody thrown in.

    Strabby Crabby

    Fall Out Boy? what?

    Stephen Daire

    exactly, it anything each album is a new peak, hence automata

  50. LeftDown RightUpGaming

    good gawd.

  51. Wayland Strickland

    Way too much Growling, Screamo vocals... old, and overused.
    Get a 'singer', and I think think this band would work out.


    You don't think this guy can sing? Are you crazy!?

    Joe Johnson

    he honestly has one of the more unique vocal styles ever. i love his voice


    you say that like this band doesn´t already work out lol. Just because it isn´t your style doesn´t mean it isn´t good, or extremely good, in this case

  52. Volkan Tek

    04:16 kurt cobain is still alive

  53. Benjamin Anderson

    fucking love the song, mates. what's with the slow-mo? I feel like part of the purpose of seeing a music video with such proficient instrumentalists is to watch them play. at least i got to watch a bunch of concert goers wave their hands around

  54. Rodrigo Pérez

    Man, I think I would like this band better if the fans weren't such dicks overrating faggots claiming this band as the best thing ever without actually listening to more prog metal bands (prog, not metalcore/djent/angst-teen shit).
    Yeah, BTBAM have a sound of their own, they are really good, but there are a lot of bands at the very same level of proficiency creating high-quality Prog music, that you fanboys would know if you weren't suckin' Tommy and Paul's cock in every single BTBAM video.

    With that said, this song fuckin' rocks.


    @Roderick Peterson So you don't like the band as much because of the fans? That's stupid. The band doesn't control the fans opinion of them.

    Rodrigo Pérez

    @kspec00 That's a common issue.
    Retarded fanbases are some of the worst things to ever happen to anything.

    Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Wow, way to just unfairly generalize a large number of people. 


    @Roderick Peterson I listen to many prog bands as well as some jazz, classical, some pop and most types of metal/rock and other stuff too. Do I have your permission to call BTBAM the best band I've ever heard? Oh master of opinions.

    Tyler Barber

    God damn dude, there's always someone who needs to make something positive, negative. Who gives a turds ass that there are fanboys who are all crazy over this band, Just accept it and enjoy the music. Paranoid, skitsofrenic, dueches need to find reasons to be pissed off and insulted when someone is openly happy and outspoken about something as simple as a band. lol you must be the god of prog. Go find something better to do before you blow a gasket reading YouTube comments. Play with your ham or something. P.s. if I were sucking someone's dick it would def be blakes.

  55. Zach Dilley

    I love the 7/4 part @8:30

    Adam Antivm



    I guess you would count it as 8/8 + 6/8, still my favourite part too though!

  56. Lieutenant Dude

    OMG I love this song!!!!

  57. icketypickety

    please make an album with clean vocals that would be amazing imo the interesting part was when the clean vocals comes in with the groovy circus music,the rest is just pointless da da da da growl growl da da da ja ja ja

    Christian Karcher

    Then you wouldn't insult such a genius, multilayered and multi instrumental masterpiece simply because you don't enjoy his screaming? His cleans are phenomenal but the wanky catchy circus music is just an element they incorporate but most of their music is fast guitar and drums with a varied harsh vocal pattern. Which is metal.


    @Christian Karcher
    hey it was just my opinion and i completely respect yours too.. are we cool?

    Christian Karcher

    Of course we're cool, im not trying to start a youtube fight with someone I don't even know haha. I just wish you could enjoy this fine tune as much as me; but to each his own


    cool but i love those clean parts...the chord progression is just beautiful

    Joe Johnson

    +icketypickety well theres always bands like tesseract who only do clean vocals

  58. Playthrough & Review

    Love the song, hate the video- what's with all the slow motion? It makes it feel very out of sync and just irritates the mind.

  59. Eric Froelicher

    BTBAM is one of the most talented metal bands ever for sure they put on the best show for sure and live there are insane 

  60. HammersmashedTaco

    UH- i think it just happened. i've tried for so long to get into this band and I think I just did. WOO WOO

    Graphic Vandalism

    Welcome to the club. The first time I ever heard them was live it was right after they put out Alaska  they were playing the pound in san francisco with into the moat and black dahlia murder.I thought they were just going to be some lame victory records scremo band I would have to sit through to get to BDM and they changed every thing I knew about alive show and just what metal is needless to say they were the highlight of the evening and have been my favorite band ever since. 

    Corbin Hohnstreiter

    And now you're profile picture is the flag

  61. Cheryl Abhold

    My favorite BTBAM song so far. Not that I know many.

  62. Farthest Outpost

    8:08 the fucking allmighty power of BTBAM

  63. Bernsong

    Great music as always but the singing always kills it for me.

  64. Felix Mollberger

    I love the song but the slow-mo is annoying as shit. Seriously, why did they abuse it so much?

  65. Pablo Moysés

    The song is amazing, but the video looks more like those poor "fan made" stuff people upload on YT. Whoever edited this has no idea what editing is.

  66. Theopolise Charlesworth

    So fricken good! Colors and the parallax part 2 are masterpieces!

  67. alevd14

    Pefect song!!

  68. Grzegorz Cierzniakowski

    coming back to the video after some time and my thought is the slow mo is lame.

  69. Greg Lou

    IMO. Greatest band ever. I never get tired of listening to any album from Colors to the present.

    William Dixon

    Still true to this day!

  70. FutureSequence

    Kinda tired of Tommy's vocals, especially in Colors and TGM, does anybody else feel the same way? Can I overcome this somehow?

    Dominick Fabian

    Excellent rock song is like pizza, everybody likes it!
    Like it! 
    Visit the youtube URL, you'll think it’s great!!!

    Harrison Felice

    What don't you like about his vocals? 

    Kevin Kelly

    I'm with you @FutureSequence , I have felt like this for a some time now, but BTBAM will remain my favorite band anyway. Pretty sure it's due to lack of extreme highs and lows in Tommy's vocals. Tommy tends to stay strong in the mid range in their newer stuff. Whatever, that's his style. You can and I have overcome this by listening to their older stuff like Self-Titled, Silent Circus, and Alaska.\ where there is a lot more variation in his vocals.


    Listen to a shit vocalist for a while then come back and you'll appreciate him more


    @FutureSequence just check out their new songs :)

  71. Return to Life

    Oh, and this song is officially in second place behind Octavarium on my "Greatest Songs of All Time" list


    +KyleJPie10 Don't try to argue with the elitists. They'll always try to find a way to circumvent your statements.


    @cooliocaptin517 Someones gotta call out their arrogance or they'll never learn.

    Return to Life

    Don't worry guys, OP is here to save the day. Dream Theater fucking rocks by the way, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It feels weird moderating a comment from 2 years ago.


    @Alkalilee Thanks OP. And sorry for all the notifications.

    Joe Tanzi

    Alkalilee Dream Theater yeah? Obsolete now stop living in the past

  72. gilbert the red

    Can you make the slow motion slower? Thanks

  73. Return to Life

    If sex could ever be sound-to-ear this would be it right here.

  74. Bryan T

    This "official video" would be 10x better if you hadn't done any editing and just showed is normally.

  75. Divine less

    i like part: 1:45-3:35 minutes

    Nave Amitay

    I don't know about you but I loved the whole song.

  76. Luuk Roijmans

    Dis band its facking amzing

  77. WeHaveBeenDiscussing AndPlanningThisForDecades

    I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU!!!...  I wanna party with you .. *gets removed by security

  78. brothercartman

    I just can't get into new BTBAM... everything after Colors fell short for me.


    @Ashvin Jugnarain
    I believe so... I've tried to listen to those albums all the way through but they just feel so bloated.


    lol dumb ass.


    Youre deaf man

    Joe Tanzi

    Dont worry he is trolling

    Joe Tanzi

    Bloated you on your period?

  79. Andrew Morrissey

    Cool song, but holy poop its long as hell.

    Joe Johnson

    you should listen to swim to the moon. that song is 17 minutes long

    Ryan Sadauskis

    Listen to Sleeping in Traffic by Beardfish. 36 minutes....yup....

  80. Dekdi Bali

    Metal Reggae ??

  81. slickstriker45

    8:12 on is just magical. The whole song is but that bass line though :,)

  82. Tony

    Well trey stine is an idiot, we have established that much

  83. Michael Sheridan

    Definitely not a fan of this video, or Telos. The live clips and the recordings never really mix that well. Prefer something like Recreate by Born of Osiris.

  84. Dave Russell

    Why so much slo mo? Really hard to concentrate on

    Dave Russell

    Amazing song though


    @Dave Russell
    yeah i felt the same way! Slo mo was cool at some points but too much is too mcuh


    How is it "really hard to concentrate on"? The weird way that so much is slow-mo despite the tempo of the song is what makes it a little different and not totally irrelevant. Who the hell wants to see yet another stock standard footage of a band playing in a gig environment...

  85. Justin Powers

    I love the song an all just like the rest of the album but this slow-motion shit just does not work here.

  86. Trey Stine

    God I just cannot get into BTBAM. Seen them live and everything. Extremely talented individuals no doubt. I just think their sound is crap.

    Christian Karides

    It's funny, I felt the same about this band for a while after I first saw them. I've always kinda enjoyed them as a "live act" but could never really get into anything in particular. Then they released "The Future Sequence". Then Everything really fell into place. I listened to everything, and I can't get enough of them nowadays. Weird. But I know where you are coming from with the opinion. Loved the cleans, thought there was too much of the growls/screams. I've come to appreciate them in a different manner nowadays.

    Joe Johnson

    i think tommy has the most unique growling voice ever. if i hear him randomly i know its him and not somebody else. and yes his clean singing is incredible. hes up there with mikael from opeth as my favorite vocalist in metal

    Héricles França

    I find very funny these people that call a band generic but never ask themselves if there is any other band with the same sound as it. I'm very very very into metal, but I don't know any other band like BTBAM. Their sound is extremely original and complex, surely not for everyone, only for people that can like polyrithmic music (and that's my case), other people will think that they are like "hey, let's throw random melodies and rythms", but to be honest, if you know at least a little about composing, you will see that composing anything such as this song is really difficult.
    This song is amazing and genial, that's a fact; if you like it or not, it goes with your opinion.

    danny ingersoll

    cunty much

    Strabby Crabby

    I just think you are a troll and all you say is crap.

  87. Can Yıldız

    this is the worst possible idea for a BTBAM video. Anyone out there actually enjoyed this?

  88. DefineLogan

    Great song but pretty disappointing video. Slo-mo is lame.

  89. SunnyHeartsCloudyMinds

    Between the Buried and Me "Lay Your Slow-Mos to Rest"

  90. Bob Dobalina

    Hope you're proud, Raymond.

  91. John Stanton

    best song on the album and theres a music video!  FUCK YES!

  92. Spirit Breath

    I couldn't dig the slo-mo either. Just doesn't work. 

  93. Pete Napper

    This was a very cool video but I agree that they should cut down in the slow-mo a bit. At certain places it was sweet but a little too much. Also certain parts weren't synced right. But overall I liked it.