Between The Buried And Me - Extremophile Elite Lyrics

To see one's self is hard to explain.
Last night was the first notion of this.
Once again, real life and dreams are whirling among one another.
Space flight navigator.
A walking mirror.
Galaxy drifter.
Entwined together.
To grasp the other hand.
To hear the other speak.
Space flight navigator.
A walking mirror.
Galaxy drifter.
Entwined together.
To grasp the other hand.
To hear the other speak.
Carve one's skin out of their own soil.
Sends chills throughout my body.
Carve one's skin out of their own soil.
Sends chills throughout my body.
Wake up, wake up to a dirt covered surrounding.
Machines, machines in the distance.
Wake up, wake up to a dirt covered surrounding.
Machines, machines in the distance.
Something far too familiar.
The world comes to a screeching halt when I cover my ears.
Lift off the hands and the claws work again.
Digging graves.
Deeper graves.
Digging graves.
Deeper graves.
The machines deafen my ears with such extremity.
Constant maze from digging graves.
I bury my head in the dirt.
It all stops.
This sends bliss throughout, throughout me.
Upside down dreaming.
The sound of Earth soothes my entire body.
Upside down dreaming.
The sound of Earth soothes my entire body.
Upside down dreaming.
The sound of Earth soothes my entire body.
Upside down dreaming.
The sound of Earth soothes my entire body.
Real life and dreams are whirling.
A hand lifts my head out of the dirt.
Pulling hairs from what seems to be my brain.
I see him... me... us?
The walking mirror.
Eyes slowly open as dust clouds surround me.
Surround me.
Surround me.
Speak to me freely.
I am listening.
Surround me.
Speak to me freely.
I am listening.
The clanking of machines scream in the distance.
I strain in order to get up.
Soon I stumble down a dirt hill and see a buried man.
Just his skull is underground.
Once again, real life and dreams are whirling among one another.
Walking into a certain state of...
Walking into a certain state of...
Walking into a certain state of desperation.
Walking into a certain state of...
Walking into a certain state of...
Walking into a certain state of desperation.
Carve one's skin out of their own soil.
Sends chills throughout my body.
Carve one's skin out of their own soil.
Sends chills throughout my body.
It is a corpse.
Something is buried where his head once lay.
A note... my note.
My hands shake and I fall to my knees.
Slowly read... "Please know, I love..."

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Between The Buried And Me Extremophile Elite Comments
  1. Trevor Brook-Allred

    Love the Leviathan shirt on the marimba guy!

  2. Massimo D'Ambrogio

    4:22 WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT 😲🤯

  3. cancer

    One of my favorite bands

  4. dokanyon

    This drummer man lol . Wouldn't want to get into a fight with him

  5. Coletta Hughes

    Awesome tune, until he started sounding like satan. :(

  6. Danny

    Screamo crap destroys so much good jam. FIND A SINGER!!!!!

  7. Grade Grayman

    It ain’t prog unless it has an orchestral interlude

  8. Homercon

    Blake Richardson looks like he could hang with the Bosa brothers.

  9. MotoJB


  10. Rex Holes

    Theyre hitting every note perfect ten minute song this is fucked

  11. Jay Kayrouz

    Blake is such a badass,

  12. William Scull

    I would hate to try to figure out the 2 million meter changes used in this, lol.

  13. Gerard Adri

    And there I was thinking this band would sound like Asking Alexandria... (?)

    Couldn't be more wrong.

    His cleans remind me of Serj Tankian. Nice stuff here.

  14. Meh Sugaaar

    5:49 titties are best

  15. Tristan Ford

    Ran into yalls bass player at the most recent show in ATL. one of the nicest people ive ever met. Im really glad i got to see yall live i really hope i get to again

  16. Samantha Austen


  17. Brian Dickey

    Saw these guys live one hell of a show \mm/

  18. Mitch Gondzur

    3:18, the most fire part. On the album, Tommy says "HEAHH!"

  19. wravoc75

    Woah, first time ever hearing anything like this! I kinda like it, sounds very different!

  20. Johannes T

    05:18 is when I realized there was another guitarist.

  21. Владимир Самуйлов

    Ебать, они как будто консерваторию закончили

  22. Sérgio

    The generic idea is similar to Opeth....but maybe overdone a litle. To much styles in just one song. Prog congrats to them.

  23. Kyle Garrity

    Q from impractical jokers can smash those skins!!!!

  24. Anthony Montini

    This is my go to video whenever I'm introducing someone to BTBAM.

  25. TGYTS

    wtf why did it take me so long to appreciate this

  26. Mike Mamers

    Podcast Ocio y Metal -->>

  27. Bill J

    rollo on drums

  28. Wendigo Designs

    This song has 77 3/4 bridges. The best ever.

  29. Your Father

    Will cry if I see them live.I wanna see them live before I die!

  30. Justin Kiehlmeier

    Soooo good

  31. Golden Big B

    Me cague pa dentro mijo

  32. Teed Epefanio

    Insane... just... wow! 😱 mind officially blown.

  33. kyle durkee

    His mustache gives him 500 attack speed.

  34. Alec Newman

    If you're having trouble getting into this band because maybe they feel "overcomposed" or they never really sit on a groove like other prog bands, go see them live. Even if you have to drive a couple hours. I once thought these guys were just arbitrarily playing hard shit, but after I saw them go on after TesseracT (incredible performers as well) it all made sense. Dan Briggs isn't a human lol

  35. Joshua Ciardelli

    LA BEAST/Eric Bugenhagen on drums, sick.

  36. Dr Pancake Face

    Where are the rest of them?

  37. jcrm05

    Not enough like opportunities for this. It's just phenomenal music!

  38. Coak -

    I love drummer

  39. Kevin M

    Can I just have the cam on Blake? BTW the album versions deserve this much bass guitar.

  40. Abyss Walker

    Guitarist with glass its mega true metallmaster...

  41. Fancyturdhat

    Cookie monster ruins another one. I can't take a song seriously when Cookie monster is singing

  42. bakedspade

    What the fuck happened to the Silent Parliament and Bloom videos?

  43. Faisal Lee

    Sick music

  44. Kawa Kami

    took 1792 days/256 weeks/4yr, 10mo, & 28days to reach 1M

  45. Popabuddy1

    Best part of the song "SPEAK TOOO ME FREEELY, I AMM LISTENING"

  46. Wesley Hitchcock

    I am 62 and play many instruments. My son was 27 when he turned me on to them because he said ",your master" is in this band. He was correct and i love it!!

  47. James Clauson

    How is it that these guys have both an Opeth & Rush vibe going at the same time? Freaking awesome!

  48. Ruben Aguilar

    Dan Briggs > John Myung. There i said it.

  49. El Yogito

    I used to be very selective of how hardcore death metal prog music should be, this is basically like corelia, cynic, with some phsycsdelic influence. Very awesome band keeping the grooves endless heavy! Took me awhile to get into this band but they're so interesting. This song was fantastic even after I was skeptical about the style and clean vocals :)

  50. Your Father

    These guys are my favorite

  51. Gabriel Becerra

    Just saw these guys in Regina, SK. I've been listening to the their music for a few years now, but never had the opportunity to see them performing live. What an amazing performance. Great musicians!

  52. stalin1666

    To anyone who complains about the growls: Leave, we don't need you. You can't truly appreciate the clean vocals without the growls. It's that contrast between them that makes each better. There is no light without the darkness.

  53. HayHay Plays

    They blocked the rest of the fucking videos

  54. Helder Vilhena

    Fucking Awesome!!!!!!!

  55. Angel Estrella

    We'll be right back 4:22 to 4:55

  56. Wayne Hanvey

    I should be working, but I'm so mesmerized by this performance I cannot look away!

  57. RedLaserFox

    Echos of my past 🖤

  58. Somnambulist

    By far my favorite performance. Bar none. For me.

  59. Vedesh Kungebeharry

    What just happened? I have no idea how to feel. Is this the afterlife?

  60. Thanasis nos

    I had this on 1.50 speed by mistake, holy fuck i loved it

  61. Oh its Mike

    As a vocalist myself, seeing Tommy do 5:20 live....holy fuck that's impressive.

  62. Ingala Sacha

    That high larynx hurts me, all the rest is fucking amazing

  63. Kletus Heironimus

    Where the fuck is the bass?

  64. Noneedforeyes Itsnouse

    I honestly haven’t listened to BTBAM in a matter of fact it’s funny I went from idolizing this band, to eventually becoming aquatinted with them all to the point of making guest list at every show I made it to in the Los Ángeles area...Basically i use to talk to dan briggz on aim pretty frequently because I was part of their msg board and I caught his attn somehow...well when ,”Alaska” was about to come out I had gotten a leaked copy and learned the solo for selfies the endless obsession..I then recorded two rhythm, as well as two lead tracks on a pretty cheap tascam 4 track recorder..however, despite the lack of studio was pretty flawless, and Dan definitely thought music brought our conversation to an even higher lvl...dans a pretty cool guy, we shared our then current gf problems and all that, and as I said when shows came up in my area I was always on the guest list..idk i suppose I got into them during an entirely different one here even seems to acknowledge the silent circus or the s/t...i saw someone mention prayer for cleansing, that’s good trivia knowledge at best and even Paul will tell u that...the s/t is a little premature if you’re set on how they sound now but it’s still a good album...the silent circus to me showcased btbam as a heavy technical melodic outfit, but minus all the proggy me that album was innovative, it’s an album that changed the way I play guitar forever..Alaska was a good album but something was missing, and to this day I can not figure out what it is...colors was the last album I actually checked out by them, when I saw them play colors live I nearly fell really bored me...I
    Get the whole play with no breaks thing which is only really mildly impressive considering that in my opinion , they took Alaska...and rewrote it without breaks...and threw in a couple weird off putting almost Tom
    Waits type sections..I didn’t pay any attn to anything after that UNTIL I just now clicked on this videos link....

    Wow, btbam is fuckin killin it again...and Blake destroys through this whole song...I looked at the time for this vid and thought,”I’m definitely gonna get bored” and before I knew it the song was over and I was left wanting more...that’s the way it should be...Paul and dusty are trying new things and I’m lovin’ it ...tommy has gotten a lot cleaner with his vocals all around, Dan is rippin as always...keep up the good work my old friends.


    People change, it's the nature of life, you can go from loving something to thinking the same thing is not so good within a moment, cool to hear your story and glad you like this song, the album Coma Ecliptic is more a fusion of their usual style and some old school prog elements, maybe you would like that one

  65. Adrian Plaza


  66. Night Owl

    Wait, the xylophone player is the firts drummer of btbam?

  67. Daniel Schoeberlein

    Could be the best musical performance ever. I can't believe how flawless it is.

  68. Sam Potter

    Ugh, why does all progressive metal these days have to have that lame growling...

  69. Officialzitro

    Have a video on the main riff
    Gonna do a video of a full cover of this song soon
    If anyone is interested please check it out

  70. Night Owl

    I don't lost the hope that one day they launch the great misdirect live

  71. insafbe

    They're all incredibly talented but it doesn't change the fact that the singer looks like he's just left a boy band to join them...

  72. maddie parker

    Fuck yeah

  73. Orion Wilson

    Got to see them play this album live at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. AMAZING SHOW!

  74. Bernard Sabag

    I'm torn between "oh this is pretty good" and "actually it's pretty generic"

  75. Isaac Y.

    Dream Theater's my favorite band!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

  76. Rex Holes

    I keep coming back to this the first half of this is engaging and then the second half is holy fuck

  77. Robert Cullen

    These guys are what dream theater wish they were

  78. volts- ѧ

    Paul looks like he's ready to hand down a record shop to Kelso.

    Ruben Aguilar

    volts- ѧ I thought it was a photo hut

  79. Joe Stew

    2:52 start Ghost of Perdition interlude.... Opeth cover

  80. MetrafK

    Intro sounds like Portal 3

  81. Andrew Larkins

    Still the greatest thing on youtube....

  82. E L S E W H E R E

    The feck

  83. Brandon Shiados

    Btw, anyone else have a huge crush on that beautiful AF violinist girl? 😍

  84. Brandon Shiados

    BTBAM will never NOT be my favorite band of all time. 🤘

  85. Lands End

    theyre getting older but their music stays the same

  86. David Alan

    If i must stay~Taking away from my body i hope to Astral Project into a liform and Travel with BTBAM!

  87. mettalx1

    The drummer should slow down on those steroids..

  88. Alessio Caporossi


  89. CommonClayoftheNewWest

    7:07 well that Paul Waggoner fella sure knows how to make thematical grooves

  90. Mooseboy08

    Stayed for 48 seconds, really liked what I heard. Then Cookie Monster grabbed the mike, and it was bye-bye Mooseboy! Obviously I'm not the target market, I'm too old.


    See you Aunty

  91. Josh Drums

    I wish they showed more close ups of the bassist shredding.

  92. Seth Thompson

    This is the result of Dream Theater and lamb of God having unprotected sex. Simply amazing.

  93. Hrishabh Singh

    They're all technical beasts, but Waggoner just brings such a diverse mix of styles in one single song that it's hard not to start fawning over everything they do.

  94. Beta Cuck Alpha

    The music is good, but the vocals as a whole are unfortunately pretty pointless.

    Ralphie Golstein

    What's pointless is your comment. Tommy is an integral member of the band to say the least. Try prog rock if you don't like the vocals, cupcake.

  95. Camilo Medina