Between The Buried And Me - Destructo Spin Lyrics

King Kong illusion... destruction!
Crumble this place of existence.
Let's bow down to the king of the masculine, the macho redneck lord.
Killing innocent for the revenge of the innocent...
Turning this country into shit.
Just another rich white game.
Bomb the world...
Ice for my cramped hands.
This controller is designed poorly and the blood keeps staining my suit.
The plasma screen shows me stutter but technology will prove everyone wrong.
Ego trip headfuck.
I've been hired for destruction.
The King Kong of the century has been molded by me.
Leading them blindly into brainwashed blood lands.
My world expands with your destruction.
I have to prove my strength.
Peer pressure of a nation, selfish action spreads.
Kidding myself.
Do I really care or worry about any of this?
My conscious controls me, but deep down I don't think any of this makes me lose sleep.
Once again I prove my confusion.
Mordecai flies once again.

Will he ever truly stay gone?

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Between The Buried And Me Destructo Spin Comments
  1. Jdcie

    3:15 has remained one of my favorite riffs in the decade and a half I've been listening to metal.

    Brady Ward

    It is legit so fucking hard to play

  2. JuanDoesNotSimply

    At the end they totally went for a trve cvlt grim sound lol

  3. destructospin90

    I really like this song

  4. arandomcrackerguy

    between the black metal and me

    Alessio Glorioso

    please don't compare black metal with this. this is quality, bm is stupidity. no match.


    the end literally sounds like black metal tho lol

    the epitome of all living things

    @Alessio Glorioso moron

  5. Josh Jones

    even their new shit from Parallax 2 is dank...
    i wanna have a new progwave band of my own:D

  6. Djentle Russ

    BTBAM > Opeth

    Reptilian Viking

    Haha nah

  7. ender

    I can immitate his voice pretty well I think, and from what I can tell he exhaled since the first album, but he does it in a weird way using the front and back of the upper throat.

  8. Jimmy Van Cleaf

    @lookmanobrakes Pretty sure he's doing exhales. His sound did change, but probably due to production or technique improvement.

  9. Stern J

    half way they start to sound like a BM Opeth, shows some veriety

  10. TheCr0wing

    @Hellsadvocate omg i thought the same thing!!!

  11. marco tejada

    this is one of their most technical songs. not once do they go back to a riff after leavving it. i love it

  12. Chainsaw Bunny

    @xScuzzleButtx I thumbed up. I love BTBAM...

  13. SemiMobilLampShade

    @hellsadvocate it sounds exactly like opeth, however this is the real sound from the album as I own the disc, but the same part at 3:38 has been played by both bands, or at least a piece very very similar.

  14. Beenyad

    fucking awesome tone

  15. anton chipurrh

    @Hellsadvocate lol. you should look up all bodies, at 1:45 manowar's like whats up we're playing now!

  16. xScuzzleButtx

    Thumbs up if you love every song by btbam

  17. jake111z

    The ending is EPIC

  18. Alexander Topliffe

    3:12 - 3 what ever is the most epic TITS EVERRR

  19. Hellsadvocate

    @murphyec88 Haha amirite?

  20. Hellsadvocate

    Wtf. 3:38 all of a sudden Opeth started playing. lol

  21. Red Fox

    @HeavyDeath13 Do it, get the hoodie! There's no going back now!

  22. Red Fox

    @HeavyDeath13 1. You sir are bad ass. 2: I agree with you on the Breathe In thing, coulda been longer, but i figured at the time, they didn't have much more places to go with the tune, so I also disagree a bit. 3 - Naruto is bad ass, and the fact you identified my name like that makes YOU a bad ass. 4 - Pain is a hardcore metal head. You know it, I know it, so do all the other naruto fans. 5. I feel like the samurai will probably play a part later. 6. BTBAM is the most amazing band ever. Simple

  23. Red Fox

    @HeavyDeath13 I can see where you'd think that, but I find that the album TGM is a lot more...Metaphorical maybe? But I do think the Silent Circus is quite metalcore, and is a big leap in terms of skill, and general sound. But, I personally believe it was a good change for the band. Blake is pretty awesome as a drummer and Dusty is a great guitar player. But! I think Alaska is probably the better of both albums. =O And so do the rest of their albums. ;D

  24. Red Fox

    @HeavyDeath13 I dunno man...The Great Misdirect was pretty god damn awesome.

  25. thefeedinghand

    man, this song rocks