Between The Buried And Me - Astral Body Lyrics

Analyze my own matter from above.
Blacked out eyes in an existence overgrown.
Never fall back down.
Trapped in myself.
Sold my hands.
Envy them.
Can't find the one.
I slowly start to cut pieces of flesh from my body.
Dig in and dissect.
Collecting examples of what the outside world sees.
Under it all.
I know the devastation I have caused.
Upon myself and this world.
Upon myself and this world.
Upon myself and this world.
Upon myself and this world.
Speak to me freely.
I am listening.
Speak to me freely.
I am listening.

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Between The Buried And Me Astral Body Comments

    ♎. Fix the f bcbccbp gangwars

  2. Jack the Riffer

    This is Dream Theater with Randy Blythe singing or screeching 🤘

  3. dickyp1

    sounds like 'cynic'

  4. Marcus Russell

    Is this a Joe Rogan DMT trip?

  5. Boobie Love

    Astralboobaby is the first to ever make a channel boldly sharing his many experiences with astral projection and out of body experiences 10 years ago and it opened the door for videos by people and videos like these! Astralboobaby is also the most censored, probably because he's black. Anyway, good video!

  6. Edward Chapman

    Keep coming back to this masterpiece

  7. Adam Anderson

    This sounds like 5 different songs (2 of them uptempo electronic Christmas songs) all played at the same time. I don't deny the talent of each individual in the band, especially the bassist(love trioscapes), but this just doesn't do it for me.. To each their own.

  8. Nallely Jiménez

    Qué melodioso, qué bello, sublime, hermoso, mi vida tiene sentido ahora :B

  9. himoong

    Just stumbled upon this...holy shit,this is really wicked

  10. jeff

    real dr.manhattan hours

  11. H Smells

    3:52 is so beautiful

  12. Cheerio maria

    Where have I been all this bands life 😭 such beauty

    Marcos. Ix

    I got to see them live when they came by my area not knowing most the bands music and now I’m finally giving them the time to listen to their music. I binge listened to automata 1-2

    Cheerio maria

    Marcos. Ix just saw them live tonight! It was unlike anything 😭 the engery the give is massive, I couldn't get enough

  13. Hugo Mundo

    That was one wild night of astral projection.

  14. Noah Price

    3:50 If this doesn't give you chills... I'm not sure anything will.

  15. daxen taylor

    After effects plugins on point

  16. Jonathan Santa Clara

    I don't even know how they memorize all the parts of this song... :o

  17. shah

    This is really something, thank you babe for the link.
    But not going into hypnosis while I'm high... love Butters

  18. Travon Jones

    The visuals are interesting

  19. 1mucocele

    Yoga music? Lol

  20. Van of the Damme

    Interesting. I don't think a single riff/part was repeated more than once. Varying moods from happy to menacing.

  21. DjentforJesus

    ................................... wow!

  22. Thanasis nos

    Joe rogan's first DMT trip

  23. Baptiste Watiez // XPol podcast

    Spirit of radio on steroids!

  24. Muezza Derran. K

    Perfect song

  25. Vasilije Pekovic

    I always tought they were metalcore bvs of name lol

  26. Rion Long

    I hate when bands post songs with no lyrics in the description.

  27. King Gojira

    I have a better band name for these guys: Dream Townsend. Waaaay too familiar...

  28. Punk Rocky

    Holy feck. Totally forgot about these guys! Awesome.

  29. Lateralus GT

    what is this shit?

  30. vlad is rad

    it’s beautiful

  31. The Gr8Black

    Man... Feb 7 2018. I Astral traveled and was in complete astral form. Apparently what I did was equivalent to 13 drops of acid. The last part of this video where his hands are disenegrating into blue mist starting from his fingertips to his wrist. That's was when my body was leaving earth. I remember that and when I seen that on this video I got crazy chills cause I Astral traveled on acid. Into a whole nother world exactly like this fucking video. The crazy thing is I've always loved this band. But never watched any of there videos ever but I remember how I went to spirit world on acid because I often dwell on it and I thought about the name of this song so I played it and everything in this video is true. This type of shit happend to me. I don't know all the lyrics but this video happend to me. this is a video that feels 1,000 years old as far as being familiar to my reality of physical and spirtually memory. I think it's what they call experienced. I tripped 12hrs legit. I'm not a druggy or nothing like that at all. I could go on and on. It just feels good to know as alone as I feel with this experience. I'm actually not. They're many more like me. And I think that's so cool. Because eventually everyone will experience it ♡

  32. Paranoidude

    Rush - spirit of the radio anyone? (Intro)

  33. Vioid Drivo

    God wearing a pyjama


    If between the buried and me made a song with dreamtheater it would bring the apocalypse

  35. not BANGERTV

    Blake's family is talented.

  36. Sam Lowe

    Oh look its everything Breaking Benjamin wishes he was. Its like watching a Dragonball Z fight scene crossed with a Tool video. Likewise the music is Tool with odd times and licks...freestyle drumming...this is good shit I cant believe I didnt know this band was around

    Jagger 0718

    Been around for a long ass time now. The only metal band i listen to anymore. They are top tier

  37. ameanasaurus rex

    This song has so much of that old BTBAM energy with some new phrasing...for that time...

  38. Arielle Caroline

    This video brings me chill and conciseness about me being part of the universe

  39. Galaxy Drift3r

    thank god for dan briggs

  40. Filthy Music Entertainment

    Heavy metal & hardcore reviews 🤘🤘 👈

  41. Caleb Bains

    It's upsetting that this band doesn't get the recognition they deserve ...let alone people that have been listening to them for years never truly realizing their artistry for syncing every music video with their incredible music concepts...

  42. Joe Cee

    These guys are fucking awesome, and that's all I have to say about that

  43. Carlos Martinez

    If you like BTBAM you MUST checkout Dyzynus

  44. wako

    this video is amazing

  45. Caleb Bains

    LSD was invented for this video

  46. killtime351

    BLAH BLAH BLAHHHHHHHH BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I love the meaningful lyrics!! <3


    You're kidding right? I guess you couldn't bother listening. The lyrics in this are not supposed to mean much to you directly since its telling a story. Maybe look it up if you don't understand growling vocals, it's a pretty cool story.

  47. Code Khalil

    Masterpiece of a video. Many won't get by Tommy's growling in his first verse of this song and that's a real shame. But with the lyrical content, it is such a rewarding experience.

  48. Rodrigo

    I see clearly the influence of Bob Marley, James Brown and Frank Sinatra in this band.

  49. Michael the Fish


  50. idle heretic

    Analyze my own matter from above
    Blacked out eyes in an existence overgrown

    Never fall back
    Trapped in myself

    Sold my hands
    Envy them
    Can't find
    The one

    I slowly start to cut pieces of flesh from my body
    Dig in and dissect
    Collecting examples of what the outside world sees
    Under it all
    I know the devastation I have caused

    Upon myself and this world [x3]
    Upon myself

    Speak to me freely
    I am listening
    Speak to me freely
    I am listening

  51. Naldo Menezes

    HAAAAA! 00:40

  52. tempe tahu212

    2019 as trial body

  53. Selarz

    guitar hero xD

  54. Carlos Lopez

    Thumbs ☝

  55. Noctem Aeternam

    1:38 happy death metal

  56. Trent Cropp

    genius status

  57. InfinityPotato

    The Spirit of Radio - Part II!

  58. Scooter The Mage

    Always thought an animated video of the Parallax series would be amazing.... something along the lines of Heavy Metal~

  59. Christian Crowder

    Speak to me, Frito Lays

  60. Carlos Bermudez

    Me vine por mis orejas!

  61. Cesar Sandoval

    Analyze my own matter from above.
    Blacked out eyes in an existence overgrown.
    Never fall back down.
    Trapped in myself.
    Sold my hands.
    Envy them.
    Can't find the one.
    I slowly start to cut pieces of flesh from my body.
    Dig in and dissect.
    Collecting examples of what the outside world sees.
    Under it all.
    I know the devastation I have caused.
    Upon myself and this world.
    Upon myself and this world.
    Upon myself and this world.
    Upon myself and this world.
    Speak to me freely.
    I am listening.
    Speak to me freely.
    I am listening.

  62. Amerika Peacher

    Loooooove it so much Can play on repeat n I will enjoy it

  63. Stuardo

    so at first I was like, let's hear this band (since i like prog rock) and it's been like 3months now and every day i just love listening to the last two albums, n now with this videos mixing astronomy, which is the other topic I'm into to the point that i spent all night n morning outside exploring the skies with my telescope... is just beautiful, I hope to get Messier's 110 catalog objects this year and in the attend im gonna add BTBM's music!

  64. Alpha Geminorum

    What did I just see? This is unbelievably brilliant. I don't even like this genre of music but could totally tell that it's GENIUS.

  65. Bruno Herbert

    Que vídeo fantástico!!!!

  66. JP 2099

    Joe Rogan on DMT???

  67. YaWeedMan

    Still love this album, so soooo much! Doubt I'll ever get over BTBAM!

  68. Ibrahim Martinez

    The progression it’s strong in this one.

  69. Brady Ward

    Like Dream Theater with harsh vocals

  70. SadMonk7


  71. Rich Music's

    I love the chorus!!!

  72. Wil Tejada

    Great song and video. The only part that I change is at the end, earth is not that big compared to the sun. The size of the planet they show it's more like jupiter.

  73. Shelby Lamp

    I miss listening to this every day. Ready for a new album 💕


    Preferí ver a un buda asiatico real que un blanquito en este video jijijijijjiji

  75. Dominic Gutierrez

    I remember discovering this when it came out and being a crabcore kid I was at the time it was like I took took a strip of musical progressive lsd (music video) aside

  76. Mark Wakefield

    I can't stand the vocals till 2:44, everything afterwards is gold.

  77. DMG

    I'm just going to say this again because I've been listening to prog bands for some time BUT just got into this band IMO they're a blend of Umphreys Mcgee & Opeth. Now I'm sure most people have heard of Opeth but you should give Umphreys Mcgee a listen especially their MANTIS album.

  78. spore bubu

    What is up with that production? It sounds like the instruments were recorded in a vacuum, makes everything sound lifeless and stale

  79. Jason Au

    I think they should have made a music video for Lay Your Ghosts to Rest or Telos instead of this song.

  80. Xx ItzJoho xX

    Damn powerful

  81. Micah Young

    Homage to "Towards Loss" by Wolverine?

  82. Kryllic R.

    Next time somebody asks me what super power I would have if I could choose any, I'll just show them this video

  83. charlie von arawn

    First riff and i like

  84. Canadian Atheist

    Btbam - rush 2.0

  85. Youssef Youssef

    Good God I thought I found my new favorite band until the singing started!

  86. Shoksta

    I don't like this song and the band name is stupid.

  87. g skittlez

    Great album overall but nothing will top The Great Misdirect for me.

  88. Beanie Sandals

    the song really starts at 2:29

  89. Micah Young

    Towards loss - wolverine?

  90. crshnbrn09

    glad to be growing with btbam

  91. Elkin Jones

    except it's flat... not woke enough

  92. Scotty J.

    Fantastic track from _BTBAM!!_

  93. von Ungern-sternberg

    brain expansion meme origins

  94. Kyle Smedley

    This song is incredible!

  95. pauloing1 pauloing1

    These video effects are beautiful! :o

  96. Dexter J

    good ol' DMT

  97. Paulo Sampaio

    amazing in all aspects! musically and visually! congrats for the song and for the video direction... and for de vfx team!