Between The Buried And Me - Alaska Lyrics

The road is dry... I'm fucking delirious right now...
Life goes on... glorious evening of nodding and jump starts...
I need to make a personal dance party.
The brain works very weird at this hour...
Not the best time for lyrics I suppose...

Keep writing... keep dreaming...
Keep writing... keep dreaming...
Keep writing... keep dreaming.

Nope, can't be awake and dream, drift in and out, in and out...
Nope, can't be awake and dream, drift in and out

Eye motions... in out... heat lightning,
Scares us both... the only two people awake at this fucking hour...
I won't remember this in the morning...
At least I wrote this all down... please pick the right song...
The one that keeps the eyes wide...
Creepy... creepy... creepy...
Yes, creepy...
The idea of control...
Controlling death with alertness...
When is the fucking sun coming up.
The idea of control...
Yes, creepy...
Controlling death with alertness...
Controlling death with alertness.

Then it all changes, same scenery but sun involved...
Shouldn't be much different...
Alaska, Alaska.
Then it all changes, same scenery but sun involved...
Shouldn't be much different...
Alaska, Alaska...
the brain works very weird at this hour...
The brain works very weird at this hour...
The brain works very weird at this hour.

Tick tock tick tock... the rain is pouring now...
Wide-awake... at least for now... nature can be the death of me...
A thing we'll never overcome... in out in out.

Nature can be the death of me...
A thing we’ll never overcome...
Nature can be the death of me...
A thing we’ll never overcome...
Nature can be the death of me...
A thing we’ll never overcome...

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Between The Buried And Me Alaska Comments
  1. Jason Briggs

    That Astellia is f*%#@ awesome.

  2. Jason Briggs

    the Rock Hits is ok, , i wish they played the electronica channel. so I cound be lazy.

  3. Jason Briggs

    Music Choice Metal is so lame.

  4. Jason Briggs

    Human Waste Project, Pig, Meat Beat Manifesto. Eyeami, Magenta Shallow,.Stardown.

  5. Jason Briggs

    Suffocate, isolation song, 2004. i was drinking vodka in red wood california.

  6. Jason Briggs

    ????????????????? when Prince died.

  7. Jason Briggs

    After Opeth ghost reveries, I was supose to buy something.

  8. Jason Briggs

    before judas christ and prey.

  9. Jason Briggs

    Colors Night Eternal Anamolies.

  10. Jason Briggs

    After I beat Metroid Prime, somethings' been missing.

  11. Jason Briggs

    Things have been strange ever since Zao Awake, and Living Sacrifice Infinite order, Things were great when Living Sacrifice just Made the Hammering Process.

  12. Jason Briggs

    Lamb of God has made some weird technical moves in there band.

  13. Jason Briggs

    Crest Of Darkness, Sinergy, Into Eternity, Moonsorrow.

  14. Jason Briggs

    I am playing Neon Ball room on bass, I am bored.

  15. Jason Briggs

    I was playing Necronomicon. sightveiler,

  16. Jason Briggs

    I like Chaostar. fucking cool band.

  17. Jason Briggs

    Anata is suppose to be a good metal band.

  18. Jason Briggs

    Why don't black people play guitar, because they're stupid.

  19. Tori_Towely

    These were the days ❤️

  20. khoirus sobri

    This sounds like alaska

  21. Anthony Policastro

    Love you guys ❤️

  22. M B

    i the foreign man okay here goe : WHO OF THE 2020S STILL THE VIEW give thumbs ??

  23. locomotion

    Anyone know the name of the song that says : "hello little kitty it's time to be naughty hopscotch to the closet defrianchi" ?

    yesak adly

    No but I kinda wish I did

  24. Digital_Aum

    Lol, I wish there was a laugh emoji here for a lot of these comments. Great band, great song. Technical as fuck but that isn't what makes it great.

  25. MY N0 z

    Watch on youtube 'Gocc ' blessing

  26. Rex Holes

    I bought a CD of Atreyu got some extras with it on a disc like the video of this song blew me away still does love BTBAM

  27. Music lover

    Album in my collection, best regards!

  28. Ayamalach

    Their competition is Nile Anihlliation they have pretty good stuff too.

  29. Ayamalach

    I first got this by mistake in a apple store and I was like 😱
    This genre is considered Death Metal whoah.

  30. EJCTV

    2019 here

  31. Your Father

    Thank you,btbam.These guys have help me survive the world.

  32. BubbaSteve Garcia

    The GOATS

  33. Bartimus Trashwalker

    I use this song to make people leave my house when the party's over

    not BANGERTV

    This is why you never invite me to parties.

    PrettyOdd BagOfBones

    The best plan


    1:00 sounds like a boss fight theme in a videogame

  35. onlinefriends

    *ECK ECK*

  36. Tdbrptgmr

    Here because Alaska won the civil war

  37. hard hat

    I wish I had 1/2 the skills of any of these guys

  38. Kelly Mcgrath

    still know the lyriks so many years later... BTBAM is in my top 5 of all bands. white walls is a masterpiece

  39. Kelly Mcgrath


  40. Phil Herman

    What an intro . . .

  41. Julien Vernetti

    I got this videoclip on DVD purchasing a Victory records album in 2006 and that's how I discovered BTBAM, best day of my 16 years old tall

  42. Carascoroscovaldo


  43. Libertário Minarquista Ancap Conservador Liberal

    intro 9/10 , music 5/10

  44. Brian Rudess

    Alaska, same sound as Iowa by Slipknot. States tend to be heavy songs

  45. Charlie Muñoz

    Look tumblr posted goose

  46. Doctor Doom

    Love this song. Took sometime to get used to it. A lot of people don’t really like his singing on this album, but for me I love it.

  47. Samuel Rexroat

    Some of the single most talented musically people. The structure and complexity of theyre songs are insane!

  48. MadHatter7787


  49. Aaron Mooneyham

    Man seeing this live in 7th grade was so awesome.

  50. Mike Hockhurts

    The math behind this hurts my brainnnn

  51. Omni Optometrist


  52. Orion Wilson

    I just had me 2yo watch this... He was glued to it. Lol #mylittlemetalhead



  54. Anok Stone

    When will it stop!

  55. Rex Holes

    I had a bad acid trip like this once but this is actually enjoyable to me

  56. 1ssuez

    Damn this song still goes hard

  57. Will C.

    This song is like a prequel to Coma Ecliptic...........

  58. Umut yıldırım

    Why this guy is so mad about alaska ?

  59. Cadaverdog

    I've allways wanna'd to see Alaska. But aparently I've been there a couple times hahahe. Fucking one of me fav tracks!!! x

  60. Cadaverdog

    Man I blow every time I hear this fucken track.

  61. Dandiam


  62. HoldMeCloserTonyDanza

    This intro remains one of my favorites to this day.

  63. BucketsAMF

    this shit is too smart for my brain, and it confuses me...

  64. Shallan Brightness

    That intro is amazing!!

  65. OxycodoneHelpsMyBack

    3:13 - finish = INSANE

  66. Tyler Arndt

    how did btbam get james blundt to be in a music video for them?

  67. Jeff Bruntmyer

    Totally fucking awesome

  68. Night Owl

    Iaaaaaajajaja 1:28

  69. SassmanGaming

    212 people obviously don't understand the genius behind BTBAM's music

  70. Nate Caliber

    How the hell does this not have more views? Especially since it's been out for a while.

    Roy Rodgers McFreely

    This songs like 15 years old man. This has been uploaded so many times

  71. Daniel Bergonzoni

    One of BtBam's greatest songs ever!

  72. Kamikaze Chivalry


  73. bom bo


    Macatony N Cheese

    2019. Still true.

  74. Bruce Keller, Jr.

    I saw these guys perform twice witin two years a few years ago. They all are sticklers with every guitar riff, every note, and sick drum beats. The use of the cymbals are so sweet.

  75. Ryan Robertson

    Probably the 5th or 6th best song on the album behind selkies, autodidact, all bodies, backwards marathon and laser speed.

    Liam Peters

    Ryan Robertson i would have wanted all bodies as a single instead just for the ALL BODIES CONTORTION breakdown near the end

  76. stephen powell

    I just noticed the on tempo metronome even after several times watching this.

    Daniel Baranowski

    Say What?!?! You are a freaking genius? Kappa Kappa

    stephen powell

    lol you would comment me that

  77. Cristian Andrade

    If only they still played this song live, damn shame

    Dalian Moya

    they opened with this when i saw them!

    Mat Lirette

    They may this tour. They're doin a set of career spanning material- plus a full set of the great misdirect in its entirety.

  78. BillyOftenWilliamPalmer

    I will link this next time writer's block is mentioned

  79. Ryan Kelley

    this song reminds me a lot of Glass Casket

  80. TundraL5Z

    Who else thinks it would be sick if BTBAM rerecorded Alaska on the Metal Blade label

  81. Kankri Vantas

    Omj Christ

  82. Samuel Joyner

    still listening to this in 2017

    Sean Adler

    2019 and will be listening in 2119.


    Get on my 2020 level.

  83. Atvena

    2:22 vocal passage reminds me of Dead to fall...this song was Btbams TDEP "panasonic youth" moment...math/prog forever \m/

    kuva zero

    Atvena good ear

    Artie McFly

    dead to fall? TDEP?

  84. John Strika

    My god those vocals are horrible

    Tyler Jackson

    John Strika that's what I said when I heard your album that doesn't exist

    I Am Scratcher

    Tyler Jackson holy shit no wonder he didn't respond


    Clean your ears, see them live, and if that doesn't work, I recommend bleach.

  85. Freak Scene

    The Intro is my ringtone.

    Alex Knight

    Lol my ringtone and my alarm is the intro of Telos.

    Smiley Killer

    Freak Scene same!!

  86. misfire0027

    That intro.

  87. Simon Frances

    it was good for the first minute and then got way too deathcore-ish

    Simon Frances

    Damn i've been coming back to this song recently, and i just love the whole thing

    randy morris

    Yeah this is a pretty shit song

    Jason Au

    Simon Frances oh my god i liked your comment a year ago and now i love the song


    So you were good for 1.5 minutes and then became too much of a pussy to handle it. Gotcha

    Doctor Doom

    Simon Frances it’s kinda the opposite for me.

  88. VolitionX

    let us throw puppies to this song cuz it gud

  89. Dylan Beaty

    Batmetal is now a genre of music

  90. Kelvin

    the idea of control: its grapey!!!!

  91. Jinxx and Ava

    This vocalist is a fucking beast. This is what I aspire to be my god

  92. Josesanz

    wtf man, WTF. Ok, too much for me, im returning to avenged sevenfold.


    Progressive Metalcore**


    @Gfps110400 Oh I thought it was, I'm pretty sure it is death metal. Although you're probably right

    Horror and Halloween 101

    I guess you're not a metalhead.

    Ishmael Seneca

    There is no metalcore present in this unless you want to count that first breakdown. This is technical death metal.

    Stian Aristad

    You wont be missed

  93. DOOM MASTER 2.0

    More songs similar to this by BTBAM?


    nice :) 1 of the best manga


    +Nearev Definitely. You should check out Hunter x Hunter


    Aspirations, Selkies, and Obfuscation


    More of myself to kill

  94. liminalexpression

    i am the person in this video :(


    @***** precisely


    i know........ :(

    chonch burger

    Pictures or it didn't happen.


    you ever get those pictures?