Between The Buried And Me - Ad A Dglgmut Lyrics

(You can't follow me)
I thought it was strange when all this shot into my mind driving.
It's weird how this enclosed space makes me think so clearly... so free!
I wish all hours were so relaxing.
Thinking of the next noise... making up the next noise.
Scream loud, loud, loud, loud.
Static intoxication, sing this lovely violin song.
Beat this bottle on a wall.
Scream, scream, scream.
The baby cries.
Record the noise.
It all makes sense... we're capable of beauty.
Through sounds which make one cringe.
The dogs only hear us now.
For the first time tears came to my eyes while I was listening.
Noise brings so many things... make my tingling skin freeze.

Turn me on, make me laugh, shoot the can, shut the door, pour your glass,
Rape scene scream, car crash bash, black cat splat.

A silent death, a silent scream...
You can't follow me, you sing along to nothing.

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Between The Buried And Me Ad A Dglgmut Comments
  1. John Robinson

    This song makes me sad that I will never contribute anything this powerful and this beautiful to the world.

  2. Jesse Lavon

    This song gives me chills the entire time it plays. I Fucking love it

  3. Jesse Lavon

    God damn those drums

  4. Blut Royale

    Am I the only one who struggles to say this song's name?

    Brady Ward

    Add A Digulmut

    Just say it like that

    Billy Perry

    @Brady Ward That leaves out a whole G!

    Brady Ward

    @Billy Perry Hey, that's just how they pronounce it live

    Ryan Savage

    Wasn't it a drunk text one of the dudes got?

    Ryan Savage

    I've awy said it ad a digi mut

  5. ZeRealityHD

    15 years later and i will keep on listening to it. "It All Makes Sense , Were Capable Of Beauty..." still get those chills

  6. Steven Andaloro

    The perfect song doesn't exi-

  7. Matt Lampo

    greatest song of all time.

    Justin Nicolosi

    Greatest song ever fucking made

  8. Cédric P

    they dont make core like they used to ._.

    Herpy McDerpface

    Naw, Meshuggah ruined it through no fault of their own.

    Brady Ward

    @Herpy McDerpface Hey! Meshuggah apologized for djent, so it's all good with me

  9. Aaron Vasquez

    7:00 to the end is fuckin brutal

  10. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    *Yung Lean* Add a diggle g'mutt

  11. Jonathon White


  12. Johnny B

    Just incredible.

  13. unraisedpig

    god my nipples are sore

  14. NjvsValhalla

    the most beautiful guitar solo ever written.


    One of them. Selkies is great also.

    Yd C

    Joe agreed

  15. ASAP Flash

    B*tw**n Th* B*r**d *nd M*e

  16. Elmo Green

    This song just does things! Awesome things.

  17. william h

    @ the batman, actually blake shits all over mark and you would know that if you had any knowledge lol. blake could absolutely play that with practice and probably different pedals, as he still uses a rather outdated iron cobra. Mark however will never be able to write on the level that blake can, lets hear mark play ants of the sky all the way through lmfao

    clark can't

    i saw emmure with mark castillo and he's actually a pretty great musician these days but i think blake is worlds more steady and stylistic with the genre

    Nigel Proctor

    Their both good in their own ways. Of course mark could learn ants of the sky, and of course Blake could learn this. Stop judging people when you don’t even know them at all

    Brady Ward

    Mark's decent but Blake is on another level, man

  18. thomastidewater

    GEEZ! SPENCER! You updated your photo! Man, you are going bald at an incredible rate! Hit the Rogaine, young man, before it's too late!

  19. riqee

    Have you even listened to Alaska?


    Through sounds that make one cringe.

  21. moonlitreverie1

    we're capable of beauty.

  22. Dustin Fraser

    It all makes sense.

  23. sShimpy

    You can't follow me, you sing along to nothing.

  24. destined2sleep


  25. destined2sleep

    i9 reckon blake would say STOMP on ur tiny fucking head

  26. Zeta9966

    Haha, I hope this is good natured...

  27. AcidLifeform

    The contrast at 3:05 is pure win.

  28. Lorenzo

    Couldn't agree more.

  29. CommunalRhythm


  30. XzyconX

    I just shit myself out of pure enjoyment of this song.

  31. Kyle Norwell

    pure genius