Between The Buried And Me - (Shevanel Take 2) Lyrics

My head will not rest on this pillow
As it's gripped in my arms tonight
Like reality, too tight
If a dream could last forever
I would hold you here
Time need not freeze, I need not fear
This world inside
Is a world I have longed to find

And I will not be afraid to love
I won't be afraid to lose
What I once deprived myself of

My tear drops have salt-stained this pillow
As its loosened from my weakened cluth
Like the sun's light: too much
But there's a hope today
That I'll find a way
To make my dream reality

Sometimes I run and sometimes I crawl
Sometimes I fly and sometimes I fall
But this dream of mine won't change at all

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Between The Buried And Me (Shevanel Take 2) Comments
  1. Barry Adams

    i love this song. Between the Buried and Cambria

  2. Demanimoz Izmatinwitmahcabbage

    Makes me think of a girl...

  3. dylan parrott

    most of the album:crazy badness goodness metal this song:between the feels and me

  4. Alisha Ferrell

    2019 💓

    Divi Dee

    Alisha Ferrell for real. Used to fall asleep to this random gem in this album

    Divi Dee

    Glad others listen to this still too, it’s beautiful

  5. SONIA

    My all time favorite

  6. Gabriel Enriquez

    always hated this goddamn song .

  7. mxsxkxcrc

    god damn this is cringe

  8. hattorinarwhal

    Between the Pumpkins and Me

  9. Complete Gore

    makes me cry because i feel the same

  10. Alex Barnard

    Their dynamic range even back then was incredible. They're able to pull off literally any style with excellence, originality, cohesion, and authenticity. The Parallax II was a masterpiece, but I'm anxious to see whether it pales compared to what they have in store...

  11. 777Dubliner

    id like to see an album with just this music by them, with him just singing like this, i like the screaming but his voice is too damn good to not use it more


    His solo project is really good. Thomas Giles


    I'm nearly certain that that's Paul doing the vocals for this. I think Tommy only does the highs for this one.


    I think this is Paul too, gotta be him.

  12. valarie tarlton

    Such a beautiful song :)