Betty Wright - She's Got Papers On Me Lyrics

Five a.m. is the hour
And we just took a shower
Once again I'm headin' home
But I'm satisfied, mmm, to the bone

Like so many times before
You had me beggin' for more
Now I'm runnin' home to her
When it's you I prefer

She's got papers on me
She's got papers on me

And I'm gettin' tired of sneakin' in
Lyin' 'bout where I've been
How long can this go on
Pretendin' to love someone who just don't turn me on

And every time I taste your sweet, sweet lips
I make up my mind to abandon the ship
And man, oh, man, she's crampin' my style
I look in her face and see your sweet smile, but

She's got papers on me
She's got papers on me, oh

(She's got papers on me)
(She's got papers on me)

Oh, sometimes I wonder what she is getting out of it
You've taken every little bit
You're gettin' all my love and then some
Leavin' her just the crumbs

And life it isn't like it was
Doesn't she know it's you that I love
Girl, you're more than just some broad I wine and dine
You're the sweet little thing, the sweet little thing
The sweet little thing that's always on my mind

(She's got papers on me)
Always on my mind
Girl, you're always, always, always, always on my mind
(She's got papers on me)
But she's got these papers on me
And she won't set me free
I never should have kept the game
(She's got papers on me)
But I found out about you too late
What am I gonna do about that, baby
Oh, yeah, yeah, babe

Well, well, well, what have we here
I know you thought I was all the way on my job by now
Well, I forgot my sweater and I'm on my way back
And I started to thinkin'
You sure been actin' strange lately
And what is this I hear when I walk up to my bathroom door
You singin' 'bout some other woman
Let me tell you somethin', Mr. Look So Good
From now on this house is where you used to live
My, my, my
Don't we look pretty in that suit my money bought
You better come on downstairs and have a seat
But don't you get too comfortable now
'Cause you won't be here that long
Now I'm not even sure, I'm not exactly sure about what you're doin'
But I know you're doin' somethin'
And I gave you the best years of my life
Tryin' to be a good mother and a good wife
I made you what you are, you hear me
I paid the house notes, I put you through school
I paid for that pretty car you ridin' your woman or women 'round in
Now if I can't be number one, I will not be number two unless I wanna be
And right now I'm in no mood to be number two
That's right I got papers on you
And you do understand, my dear, that you must pay me to be free
That's what I said
You're gonna pay me for my years and my tears
And all my wasted years
And I know bein' with me hurts you
And I mean, you don't dig my anymore, but I'm hurtin' too
And you can tell that dizzy broad
You know, the one you singin' about
The Miss Sweet Little Thing that's always on your mind
That I'm not lettin' out of this unless you buy me out
I'm not goin' through no more hard times or bad times
'Cause I can do bad all by myself, all by myself
Yeah, but I got papers on you
But now I'm throwin' 'em in the trash can of my memory
Now take your little albums and your raggedy component set that never worked
And you can scat
You hear me
Hmm, just use my life up, use all my body up
Use all my time up
Boy, I don't know what to say about you

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Betty Wright She's Got Papers On Me Comments
  1. Isaiah King

    First time hearing him. I’m young and love old skool. I must say he sounds similar to Michael Jackson in certain places, vocally.

  2. Amber James

    Still love this.

  3. Roland Gillespir

    Lol this house we're u used to live amen

  4. Roland Gillespir

    Lord yes check him girl I can do bad by myself

  5. MariaDeLaLuzDeJesus

    Wow tell it like it tis Miss Betty

  6. Daniel Storm

    Get em girl!

  7. C Hill

    ... and you can scat! 😂😂😂

  8. Akeybra Sevier

    My mom love this song and my nana i will allways love yall❤💚💜💙💛❤💚💜💙💛

  9. Kimberly Crutcher


  10. Kathy Gaither

    "The trash can of my memory." I love that.🤨

  11. Lil Peaches Ali

    it's Betty Wright controlling the song

  12. Lulu Hoskins

    2019 and imma play this here foreva🥰

  13. MsB Cheet

    Ms. Betty Wright LAYING DOWN THE LAW!

  14. MrAntiSellOut

    One song the fellas don't wanna hear when they're getting put on blast by their ex-wives

  15. Mula Cox

    I always wonder why they called him Dimples he has some cute dimples

  16. Mula Cox

    His ass Free now

  17. Joseph Pop

    I want my shit back now you feel me right damn now

  18. Angela Brown

    I love old school

  19. Michael Skinner

    Old school nothing like it so glad i grew up to it

  20. Sanji Gist

    Yesssssss Betty READ!!!!!!!!

    jerome Jackson

    "YOU GON PAY ME"!!!

  21. Ladi Jae1

    1/13/2018 and old school still rules!!! Who agrees with me??? My bday in 2 days MLK day 2!

    Beverly Caldwell

    Let the church say Amen

  22. Winfred Brown

    Real black music old days was so rooted

  23. Charlene Mason

    I love this song

  24. Kathy Gaither

    In the trash can of my memory. Love that.

  25. james benson

    Betty made the song lol

  26. derrick barber

    I heard this in the laundromat I thought this featured that lady that sings She's Got Papers But I Got The Man!!! Not Betty Wright!

    Let Me See Your Transcript

    derrick barber that was Barbra mason

    Kimberlee Houston-Realtor White

    Ann Peebles?

  27. Joy Tow

    don't go there my I'm still given my daughter a b.d gift an it's off the chain

  28. AJ Writer

    IIIII made you!!!

  29. 90sKhidd

    Betty got receipts👏🏽👏🏽I really believe I was born in the wrong era y'all because music like this is sooo good!

    Tye pretty girl

    90sKhidd yesssss girl same lol

  30. A Harris

    I just want to say that I am honored to hear this legends music because this type of music reminds me of the days with my grandfather on the porch steps cleaning chitlings, southern days. RIP "Sweet Daddy Moe" U and Grandma can love each other for eternity in peace!!!!!!!!! love yall, miss y'all and wouldn't change how you brought me up as a kid. Thank ​you, 25yrs of love coming from grandparents; it was the most loving experience of my life!!!!!!!!!!! Be respectful to our elders and know that youth is not the factor, the way you present yourself in a conductive manner, being respectful and or being open minded to people opinions is really the factor. God bless everyone

  31. Elicia Jones

    you not going no where dam it

  32. Kenneth Grant

    I have  all 4 CD of Richard "Dimples" Fields..

  33. Lawrence Malloy

    this is what great music is about

  34. Lawrence Malloy

    she got papers on me awesome music great duet rip Richard Dimples

  35. heluvsme55 Hall

    Betty be clowning!

  36. heluvsme55 Hall

    This is my cut! A fan 4 life from E St Louis, IL! I dont see how someone can cheat on their spouse. IF i ever get married i dont want someone thats been married before or have children i crushed on a guy one time that was divorced and had children never again.

  37. Amirah Outlaw

    love my oldies but goodies....

  38. Willie Gregory


  39. Symentress Bell

    tell that dizzy broad the little miss sweet thing you signing bout

  40. Symentress Bell

    this house is where you used to live...smdh

  41. Donnie Dixon

    she went hard as fuck

  42. Big Chill

    Real music

  43. Mrs BK

    love it!!!!!!

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    Ms Wise...I love it too!!

  44. Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    +SoulvilleCounty....Thanks for posting!! This is real music. This takes me way back. I was in the car when this song came on yesterday & I had to hear it again & again & again etc...Love this song!!

  45. PriscillaiLOVEsonic Jarrod the

    use my life up ,use my body up. Go head betty, great song I love it.

  46. Ruth Walton

    this song never gets old

  47. sweetmsroslyn

    What about the car? I would've dropped him off at the corner in it .

  48. Carolan Atkinson

    Yesssss Tell Him Honey Buy Me Out!

  49. Ruben Gutierrez

    Classic liquor house music.

  50. Clint Capers

    This is all. I listen to 24 hours aday old school, I live in the past

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    Me too...I love it!! There's no music, like old school music.

  51. Monica Hayes

    I love this song I will not be number two unless I want to be but right now I am in no mood to be

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    That's telling it!!

    Amirah Outlaw


  52. Manuela Fischer

    Richard Dimples 💕💋🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵Top

  53. Willie Gregory

    looking for the complete version of this song

    Kenneth Grant

    go to amozone

    Deitra Criswell

    I got the complete version on CD still is the best but didn't know he past on RIP

  54. Wendy Fuentes

    Pretty messed up for a man to do this to his wife,pretty
    Messed up that's there's so many hoes out there too,like sweet lil thang.

  55. Barbara Thornton

    Still sounds great

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    I agree!!

  56. Priscilla Clanton

    well, well, what do we have here!!!

  57. Denise Jones

    This is the bomb sounds so good that old school I love it

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris


  58. Kevin Brooks

    Tazz Brooks Love Richard Dimples ''Fields. Betty Wright-She Got Papers On Me Music!

  59. Maureen Allen

    Brilliant song, this married man is singing so sweet to his girlfriend and then Betty just steps in with the truth! Fantastic lines like " I gave you the best years of my life" and "Use my life up, use my body up" put a whole different slant on this soft tune.


    U had me begging for more, now I know that's right !!! :-) :-) :-)

  61. yahfancy huh


  62. gregory roberts

    Listening to the words of this song I will say brotherman be careful what you ask for

  63. Michele Gilchrist



    +Michele Gilchrist She surely DID!!! Ahahahahah!

    Michele Gilchrist

    I just love her "out of the subservient"  character way of addressing issues!

    Priscilla Clanton

    +Michele Gilchrist
    Yes, yes, she did that

    Kathy Gaither

    I will NOT be number 2!!

    MZ.J TheLaceMoneCollection

    Michele Gilchrist yesss I’m trying to find the follow up song where it was made to sound like he was singing about a man 🤣

  64. Pamelia Seymore

    Ole music..Always soothes my soul.


    +Pamelia Seymore Mine too!

  65. catherine henry

    Playing this again and again and again. What can I say I will always love this song.

    Tommy Cooper

    this a classic, love this type of music!

  66. catherine henry

    Sitting in my bedroom listening to Richard dimples fields she's got papers on me. Ohh my goodness this song still sounds so good. I really miss those tomes the good ole 70's and 80's at least I've got the memories to hang on to amen....

    Mr. Avery

    That's it!

  67. Jacqueline Taylor

    Greg, my School Teacher, Preacher, Bobby, married, father of five, just found out this year "2015" what the saying " you got papers on someone" means, so don't feel bad.  You was young.

  68. Danny Mack

    Betty Wright, Shirley Brown, Barbara Mason..Playah, Playah, Playah!!!

    Lee Williams

    Don't 4 get about Minnie Jackson

  69. Big Chill

    real music


    lookout for remy fields dimples sons coming out soon .... like father like son but better then his pops


    Is the mum called Sadie?

  71. NawfsideHtown

    Man I remember being drug to my mama's friends house to watch them drink and play cards and talk shit and smoke cigarettes,and Imma tell u this.When this song came on ...OMG they turned all the way up ....waiting on Betty.Cussing back at the radio talking bout. TELL HIS ASS BETTY. U WANNA PLAY YA GOTSTA PAY.I was young and green then, now I get it like a motherfucker

  72. Edgar Lee

    hell of a song

  73. Xotigo Music Ent

    This was never under rated, it went number one in the entire industry when it was released in 1981. I know  because this was  my close friend for 20 years and producing partner for various artist. Roni Clark---Xotigo Music

    Danny Mack

    @Roni Marcel Do you know what his real relationship w/B. Mason was?

  74. BryonB2000

    thank god there,s none on me!!

  75. Xotigo Music Ent

    To my long time Buddy and producing partner. Can't believe you are gone. The spirit aspect of the music speaks to me all the time. Maybe that's you contacting me from Gods spiritual universe. Dimples the first one to show me the bible in its true form. You about to be proud of me  Dimps--real talk .  As I said "God has Papers on you now ". Roni C   Xotigo Music

  76. lee king

    Just imagine if this was you. You could either be the one singing about his/her sweet thing or you could be the unfortunate spouse that over hears your lover singing about someone else. If you are the one that over hears, you are surprised and hurt, you know things have not been great between the two of you, but you had no idea that things had gotten this bad. I understand the hurt one's feelings in this.

    vevo maxx


  77. Wifiyah Hakim

    betty comes in right on time too.. go head girl...

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    She's cold!!

  78. Michael Lipps

    Oh My God, that sound so freaking Good!!!  Brings back memories of the early 80's.

  79. Elaine Perkins


  80. Betty Tanner

    love it when my babydaddy's wife pays his child support payment thank goodness for white women

    Les A. R

    @LaFaye Leclaire NONETHELESS.  

    Richard Robinson

    @Betty Tanner that is soooooo !!!!!! WRONG

    Theodore Huxtable

    @Betty Tanner AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Oh, yeah? Get that money, baby! (Where you live at?)

    Betty Tanner

    Texas Baby 

    Lois Weiss

    yeah! not that funny

  81. Betty Tanner

    Swear i wait for Betty everytime at the end

    Marcela Buggin'

    +Betty Tanner Done. I am just DONE. Howling, girl. Ya got me HOWLING. X-D

  82. Lou Lowery

    Love this song,It Was and still is the Shit,Go Rich and Betty,Rest in Peace Richard "Dimples" Fields,Your music She Got Papers will Live on,Love It.

  83. Theresa Okon

    This is a classic. 

  84. Denise Jennings

    Always love this song

  85. lee king

    RIP Richard Dimples Fields. Thanks for this great song.

  86. Danny Mack

    was he married to betty wright?

    Xotigo Music Ent

    No he was not. Ron Clark

    Danny Mack

    @Roni Marcel K

    Xotigo Music Ent

    No he was not married to Betty Wright

  87. Marjorie Harry

    I like Betty wright song!

  88. Tara Jo

    Love this song!!

  89. Music 101

    Underrated classic slow jam!!

  90. Ernst Canche

    i like this song .