Betty Wright - Old Songs Lyrics

Old songs, old songs
Old records, and old memories
8 tracks, takin' it back
to, them old songs, olllld strong songs

[Verse 1: Betty Wright]
When you're 35 or 40
and you chillin wit yo' shawty
Whatchu gon' listen to? Whatchu gon' listen to
if you ain't making nothin new?
If ya wanna just sample
Well I’m tellin you, ya gamble
You ain't even writing one strong song
You ain’t even writing nothing to hold on
Late at night you wanna watch TV
Lean back and play a lil' Stevie (Stevie)
Play the music, play the music
Then you'll know why I'm talkin 'bout the


[Verse 2: Betty Wright]
When you get a little older
and your nights get a little bit colder
Whatcha gon' cuddle to? Whatcha gon' cuddle to?
Well it must be misty blue
Tell me what you got on yo' menu
Serve it up, I know that it's in you
Serve it up, serve it up
Serve it up serve it up serve it up
Listen to the music that made you
Tune in to what yo' mama played ya
Time to celebrate, time to create before, it's too late
Oh, go to your favorite place (Go to your favorite place)
Speakers bumpin, bumpin that bass (Speakers bumpin that bass)
Slow dance and what do they play?
Betty and Teddy all up in yo' face!


[Rap verse: Betty Wright]
I must admit yo' beats got fatter
But add subject matter on subjects that matter...
Cause it matters, yeah it matters...

[Outro: Betty Wright]
[The chorus is sung in background until the end of the song]
Patti, Gladys, Chaka Khan, Prince
And Kelly, and Kelly, and Kelly, and Kelly...
Mary Mary, you blossom like cherries, I've seen your garden grow
Hey, Erykah, little sista
I'm feelin ya, Badu, Badu Badu and..
Angie, C'MON Stone! Keep on writin and singin dem strong songs, ohh
India.Arie, keep singin and playin for me
Talk about that sweet tea and your sweetie
Just, keep singing those songs
Raheem and Jaheim and The-Dream and the whole team
Just take me on back to those STRONG songs
Joe and Mario and Ne-Yo and ohhh
Keep on writing and singing them strong songs
Just keep on listenin to Marvin, Aretha, The Isleys and them O'Jays
So you'll know what to say and you'll know what to play

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Betty Wright Old Songs Comments
  1. Bennith Voigt

    Heard this today in a cafe,had to shazam it....awsome groovee

  2. Dj Pretty Black

    I think , if not i can be corrected . Anderson Paak , flipped this sample .. just dont know the name of track right now ..

  3. Brandon Brooks

    Some basslines just MAKE the song. The entire groove is extra-funky, but I never thought I'd ever hear a bassline outdo Louis Johnson's on "Stomp" (Brothers Johnson) for now I'm putting this one right on par with that one.

  4. Vanessa Brown

    I love anything you do. This song bring back the great "70s".

  5. D. loves

    Love this!! Good music. My 1 yr old twins started dancing as soon as the beat dropped. Music that transcends generations

  6. Patric Leonhed

    Heard this in a hotel lounge yesterday. Impossible to not headbob.

  7. Mario P.

    Dat bass line tho.

  8. Smooth T

    Old songs

  9. mtume

    il déchire cet album

  10. Lou Kaye

    So fine and so true!

  11. Alexandre Eloi

    Moro na zona sul de SP Betty whirght estrAla

    Mari Gabriel

    Verdade! Aqui ela reina 👑
    salve de Diadema

  12. Santana Brown

    Been loving this song, put alot of my friends on it. Groovvvveeeyyyg

  13. James Kim

    Wow, took me 7 years to discover this...

    shulamite Diggs

    Don’t feel bad.... I’m just now hearing and I’m embarrassed!!!

  14. Amanda W

    tanks 4 the good. music

  15. Danilo Contreras Cruz

    I heard this in a starbucks in san jose during fanime and I've been obsessed with it ever since.


    Lol is this a staple at Starbucks?

  16. Stephannie Senegal

    This is hot! Just heard it this morning.

  17. dshizzle17

    10 people dislike this masterpiece, shame on you!

  18. Raw Fats

    Great Vibes!!

  19. Shatara Rolle

    I was in Starbucks when I heard this and started dancing while adding cream to my coffee.

    Reza Pahlevi

    This moovie is now avаilаblе to waatcсcch herе => Bettу Wright And Theе Roots Old Sооngs

    Snezhana K

    The sameeee

    Bomee Hwang

    I heard this in Starbucks as well a couple days ago and now I can't stop listening to this.

    kimberly x.

    Shatara Rolle ayyyyyyyeeee yes 7 8...123...456...ayyyee

    I am Nobody

    That's cool and all, but it makes me kind of sad that Betty Wright was being featured at Starbucks!

  20. Eddie Bradley


  21. King Hussein

    She was always WRIGHT on point!!!!! Heavy bassline! Love it!

  22. Leroy D. Gibson, Jr.

    That bass line and guitar are on point!!! Love this song.

    Diogo Cruz

    looks like Tim Maia bass line

  23. ItzEdBo1

    Gonna sample the fuck out of this just cause of that one line.

  24. Rob


  25. Valerie Gaillard


  26. Fresh Sly

    Mark Kelley's bassline is so dope


    @Fresh Sly That IS some funky bass!

  27. chardelli


  28. nathar40

    This song is a bad mutha. It`s like the 70`s reincarnated.

  29. Girlshine

    I heard this track for the first time yesterday and I'm addicted. After all this time, Betty still has her groove going on. Awesome!!!

    MusicLover P

    You need to get the album it's off the chain she has Joss Stone and Lenny Williams on it you won't be disappointed.


    @Lamont Pearson Thank you. I will definitely purchase it. 

    MusicLover P


    MusicLover P

    @***** AMEN Greg

  30. Bart Hermsen

    So Good! So 100% Soul!

  31. Alberto Maracheski

    Totally agreed!

  32. Alain Petry

    How I love Betty !!!!!

  33. Sunmi Kim


  34. andre gomes

    GRande...Andre-Sao Paulo-Brasil

  35. RAMLIA1


  36. xyxyee

    groovy indeed! :-))

  37. Wladyslas

    All my body is shaking when i listen to this groovy bass riff ...

  38. AbsoluteFunkFan

    Niiiiiice !

  39. Hugo Carayon


  40. Pedro Campos

    oh man, Questlove... you've outdone yourself with this one.