Betty Wright - My Love Is Lyrics

Love is giving
When there is no more to give
Love is caring so much about someone
Till it makes it make we wanna live

And when every (every) everything passes away
Oh... whoa... (well) and you can't tell night from day (just one thing)
There is one thing you can say, oh, baby

My love is, ho... yeah
Love is... crying when you know you share your share of tears, yes, you have (oh, yeah)
Love is forgiving over and over (over and over)
Over and over (over and over) all through the years

And when every (every) everything right seems wrong
And all of your false friends (no good friends), ho, they're long gone
Check it out (check it out), baby
My love will still be strong, you know why, you know why

My love is, yeah, oh, oh, oh... ho...

I heard a song not too long ago
Let's see
You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, huh
Ah, but look around you and you see these [?]
You see, personally I think that the world could always use just a little more love
The greatest commandment ever laid down by god was his commandment of love
But we ladies, we get so wrapped up sometimes in the thing that we're doing
We forgot to tell our man just how we feel and let him know that we know he feels the same
And you know his love is for real, huh
We forget to do it so much and so we're so slow
Sometimes we got to catch him before he's walking out the door
Aw, but I'm not gonna get caught in a trap
You see 'cause I will only take out just a little bit of time each day
And whisper in his ear and say, "honey"

My love is, oh, oh, hey... sing
Love is giving, woo... woo... woo...
Love is caring, woo... woo... woo...

There is one thing (there's one thing) you can say, yeah...
Oh, baby, hey, baby

My love is, whoa... yeah...
Oh, yeah, yeah

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