Betty Wright - I'll Be The Other Woman Lyrics

I'll be the other woman all your life
Just as long as I'm the only one other than your wife
Your wife, how would she feel if she caught us together?
The same way I would feel if I caught you with another

Home, I know, comes first
And second to that I'll be
But when you're not there with her
I want you right here with me

I'll be the other woman
Just as long as I know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

I'll be the other woman
But I've got to know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

The neighbors are whispering, saying you don't care
If you cheat on your wife for me, you'll on me for someone else
I'll be your part-time love, but that's as far as I'll go
To be your part-time fool would be stooping a little too low

Loving a married man
This I really don't mind
But a married Casanova
Is a little out of my line

I'll hold the doors for you baby
Long as I know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

I'll be your part-time love
But I've got to know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

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Betty Wright I'll Be The Other Woman Comments
  1. Kimmi kisses

    2020 still jamming to this right here,we live and learn lord knows I went through a rough patch and this song was so me once ,at first I thought I could handle loving a married man but it messed with me mentally 😢 I lost me and I can admit I was wrong, at the time no one could tell me nothing I was so blinded by letting him manipulate me,I was stupid plain foolish! Thinking he was my man I've cried and cried I asked God to forgive me for my sin I knew better I was just so in love with this man,then one day I woke up! I got tired of him having to leave me to go home, or I have to wait to see him when it was convenient for him,I got tired of getting the short end of the stick,I'll never allow myself to be 2nd to best to anyone ever again.. He still calls and text me but I ignore it all,I wish he just stop trying ,my heart can't take no more lies! I loved him enough to let him go💔,its been 7 months strong but I have my weak days when I just cru cry cry,I put 6 years in it and what did I get a broken heart! I'm so disappointed in myself,,😢😣😭

  2. P K

    Lawd this is real....🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    See this video was just recommended. I WILL NEVER EVER, NOT IN THIS LIFE! NEVER!.

    Your loss!

  4. Nf Nf

    The back in the day side chick anthem😂.. but it slap tho 💯

  5. Bbrown Lee

    2019 divorce rates higher than ever that other woman blowing your phone up for $15 Nowdays so you going to call me 3am for $15 they dont make em like this nomore smh

  6. Kristal Price

    There alot cheating song s in the 70!! S. I'm just saying 😂😉

  7. Lifetimes with Kath

    From the pit of hell

  8. ronnie horn

    Lol... funny not too many replies on this song... why? I think because it rubs deep and acknowledges things in our lives that are forbidden, especially for the ones who's been in this situation... This song was sent to me from a female i was involved with and it brought tears to my eyes. Then I ask myself why do we do have songs like this and why are we so familiar with the words she is saying. I cant speak for everyone, but for myself I seek love, true love and i might have went about it the wrong way. But I will say, the love I found "illicitly" was a love I've always dream about and might never experience again... I accept my consciences... only God can judge me.

  9. vivplum123

    Classic tune ...

  10. A. D. Jr

    October 2019

  11. Jessica Mahan

    October 3,2019 Dis forever My Jam

  12. thobeka skosana

    2019 and I'm still jamming to this. Good music has no expiry date 🤩😍

  13. M Cotman

    The side chick anthem!!

  14. Phillip S

    A relationship based on deception. This song pairs nicely with Cheaper To Keep Her by Johnny Taylor

  15. Tanya Wallis

    Who still listening in 2019

    Angie Johnson

    Tanya Wallis Me

    P K

    December 19

  16. Takashi Haynes

    2019 and still jamming this. This song provokes so much thought...

  17. Bbrown Lee

    They dont make women like this nomore .These women today will call your house for gas money

    Neoentle Mphafudi

    I'm still here 😁

    Pandora's Box

    Shiiiiid you've been tippin' and dippin' with the wrong ones...

  18. Ronald David

    A Top 10 R&B HIT

  19. Tasha Adams

    Ok this shit been going on sense the beginning of time no different than sidepiece just sound but remember karma a bitch no hater but when u no better u no bettet Finna hit this crown peach tho Happy 4th tho

  20. Peaches Wright

    This makes me have chilli's omg thinking of him and knowing k am the other woman and he knows it to love u always Felton.

  21. Peaches Wright

    Right for Felton

  22. Mr. Perseverance

    I love this song this was a hit song in my eyes

  23. Quanesha Thomas

    My shit!! I dont live by it, but it's a situation that goes on and on and on.. she sung it with such passion..

  24. Eugene Reed

    It doesn't get no better. For A Brother. And If He Makes Her Happy With The Time He Spends With Her And The Things He Does For Her. Which No Other Single Man Is Doing For Her.

  25. dtillery147

    This song has so much truth to it

    Pandora's Box

    I have to agree

  26. kevin shuler

    Wow....She don't mind being the other woman as long as she's the only other woman...

    Cortez Bailey

    Straight playa shit


    Me too.

  27. barrys

    While everyone here is being so judgmental - if you hate cheating, don't cheat - they're ignoring the way this sister is throwing down. This song and "I was checking out, she was checking in" are the two best cheating' songs ever written.


    Lets not forget, "If Loving You Is Wrong, I don't want to be right "

  28. Henry Washington

    I waa a kid in 80"s, and pop's would be playing his oldies. This was so pure to me cause of the soul in it. As a grown man this a terrible song. That boy Satan can paint perty pictures!

  29. Tammy Crutchfield

    2019 I love it .....

  30. Rosie Brown

    Compton finest 2019

    Eugene Reed

    Tell me more about Compton's finest. Other groups R&B soul music came out of Compton doing the 70s

  31. SlickEarl123

    New music still has nothing on the oldies Still here 2019!!!!!!!

  32. Jeffery Lewis

    So everyone is going to ignore how trifling this woman is?

    Yashijishin Hawkins

    She's just being real something men will never do.

    Pandora's Box

    @Yashijishin Hawkins facts

    Peaches Wright

    she not she just singing about how she feel about the man she fell in love with n u young men will never understand hw a woman feels when you really be in love i mean i am young and all but i am old fashion and my guy is older and sometimes i be wanna tell my man this to i am the only woman good music you wont understand

    Crystal Clear Travel Channel

    @Moses Jackson 😂

  33. Pandora's Box

    "If You Cheat On Your Wife For Me You'll Cheat On Me For Someone Else"

    Kimmi kisses

    Say it Loud for the dummies in the back

    Eugene Reed

    Where Are ALL The Single Me In Her Life. This Married Man Will To Do For her.
    she's so appreciative she says I'll be The Other Woman just as long as you know

    Pandora's Box

    @Eugene Reed Some of us have been where they're singing about

  34. Devonte

    this is my shit I'm young but I love old school music

  35. Johannes Jonty

    The best of rnb music this reminds me of my uncles weddings

  36. pattifanalwayz

    Why would you wanna be the side hoe ?

    Pandora's Box

    Shit happens I guess 🤷🏾

    Yashijishin Hawkins

    The same way men are complete hoes. Women always think their the only one.

  37. D G

    Song alot of women can relate to. But in reality,if he is married don't give him the time of day. 99 percent of the time he will do the side chick the same way he is doing the wife. See when folks are out there trying to get their selfish needs met, the side chick is just one in the number. Either play the role or pushed to the side. Beautiful song but being the other woman ain't worth it.

  38. Stephanie Bolden

    Want mean no good,relationship like that is nothing but lies he's telling,to justified to get what he want.

    Eugene Reed

    She's so pretty shirt if she agrees to being the other woman no one else is doing anything for her putting groceries in the fridge paying light bills

  39. Gregory Gordon

    She'll be only other woman. Love is song

  40. Retigia Humphrey

    So, the song basically about being the other woman while in love with a married man. "I think not" stay woke!

  41. Real Talk

    Don't ever think a woman is a partime fool! You'll be fooling yourself!

    Pandora's Box

    That part and it was explained best on Equal Opportunity By Willie Clayton

    Kimmi kisses

    I'll 👏👏 clap for that !

  42. acrucker

    Another Masterpiece for future generations to enjoy! Thank you, Soul Children!

  43. Shamesha Lenoir

    I felt this ❤️ 2018

    Krystal Dunn

    Shamesha Lenoir I swear

    Johannes Jonty

    Best sisters with perfect voices

    Pandora's Box

    Dead ass

  44. Symphony Capri


    Jeffery Lewis

    Even though the meaning is trifling lmao

  45. Sheryl Warren

    Make me miss my mom real bab but happy times

  46. Miss KrazyKat

    I love this song. I wish there were a karaoke version of it.